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Eco Meets Luxury In $12.5M Las Vegas Mansion

This $12.5 million dollar contemporary is a Mojave Desert oasis that mirrors its sienna surroundings in both its construction and its majesty. Walk through the 13-foot-tall solid teak front door, however, and you’ll see that it’s much more than that.

It’s a 13,255-square-foot bowling alley and lounge, spa and swim retreat, chef’s utopia, and introvert’s haven, all tucked safe and sound under a solar-power-generating zinc wing.

anonymous asked:

Can you please post mbti as husbands ?

I did some very very stereotypical pros and cons to each type as a husband. Meant for amusement. 

ISTJ: The husband that always does the dishes before you ask, but also wants to watch jeopardy and go to sleep at 8 every night. 

ISFJ: The husband that will make you freshly baked cookies everyday, but will also pout about feeling taking advantage of when you eat them. 

INFJ: The husband that will listen to you vent about all your emotional problems, but will probably try to psychoanalyze you every time you do so. 

INTJ: The husband that has an incredible intellect, but has no idea what you mean by a romantic gesture. 

ISTP: The husband that knows how to fix all of your appliances for you, but spends all day at the bar with his friends. 

ISFP: The husband that will paint a picture of you, but will then sulk about how you don’t really understand their artwork. 

INFP: The husband that will let you watch the Notebook with him, but ends up crying more than you. 

INTP: The husband that will actually let you know how you look in that dress, but will probably be more honest than you wanted them to be. 

ESTP: The husband that will take you to on some athletic adventure, but will spend more time checking out his own muscles than paying attention to you. 

ESFP: The husband that is more attractive and charming than any of the other husbands, but also flirts with everyone he meets. 

ENFP: The husband that is basically a giant, lovable teddy bear, but forgets your anniversary every year, along with the grocery list and even your address. 

ENTP: The husband that you always have a bunch of stimulating conversations with, but they also shoot down your opinion on anything. 

ESTJ: The husband that can do every classic heteronormative husband duty from grilling to killing spiders, but can’t for the life of him talk about his feelings.

ESFJ: The husband that will go shopping with you and your girlfriends, but will end up gossiping with them more than you do. 

ENFJ: The husband that will go out and buy you chocolate when you’re on your period, but will cry if you go off to have alone time for five minutes. 

ENTJ: The husband that pays for you to go to a luxurious spa retreat every month, but works until nine every night at his corporate job.