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DanversSistersWeek: Day 3 - Nerd Sisters

Hey folks, I’m late, I know. But hey, nobody’s perfect, eh? This thing’s weird and it’s mainly written for my beloved @ohhellothereworld-blog (this story was her idea in the first place). I hope y’all enjoy it!

Flame Con

They still weren’t quite sure how they had managed to convince J’onn to give them all off. It might have been the argument that now that Supergirl had come out as bisexual, she was a queer icon and had to be there. It might have been the fact that this would be an important experience for Alex and her journey of embracing her own sexuality fully. It might have been the Danvers sisters’ puppy eyes and the feared Sawyer pout that made J’onn’s resistance crumble into itself. In the end, he gave them all off and labelled it as a team-building-exercise for anyone stupid enough to question his decision. How wouldn’t lend them the jet, though.

On Thursday night, chaos reigned in the Danvers/Sawyer household as Alex desperately tried to bring order to her fiancée’s catastrophic packing system and Maggie made a game of throwing down said system. When the LCorp vehicle to the airport arrived, Alex snapped at the driver and Maggie couldn’t get rid of a shit-eating grin. They made up on their way to the airfield, though, to the very displeasure of their poor driver.

Lena’s jet was awaiting them and judging by the silhouettes behind the aircraft’s windows, they were the last ones to arrive. And indeed, Kara, Lena, Winn, and James had already made themselves comfortable in the luxurious seats, their luggage stowed away in the back of the cabin. Alex brought their bags to the others’ before flopping down on the seat next to Kara. Maggie curled up on a seat across the aisle.

Just as they had all fastened their seat belts, Lena returned from the cockpit and within minutes they were up in the air and heading towards New York City.

“I’m so excited!” Kara squealed as soon as they could take off their seat belts. A brilliant smile lit up her face and Alex could see her floating a fraction of an inch above her seat.
“It’s gonna be so amazing!” She frantically flailed her arms, causing Alex to burst into a throaty laughter at her adorableness. The rest of the group soon joined in, endeared by Kara’s childlike outburst.

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