luxury log cabin


 Ssooo, everyone is writing Olicity HEA fics, which is awesome. Good job, everyone! Everyone is grooving to the same beat these days…

I wasn’t planning on writing a one shot myself, because I’m still trying to finish my big Olicity story, but I don’t know, the muse kind of whispered to me, and I thought, sure, why not? I don’t know if this is an original idea or not. I haven’t read any other Olicity hiatus stories based around this, but they are undoubtedly out there. So, apologies if I’m repeating someone else’s idea… it’s completely unintentionally, I promise. 

So, going with scu11y22‘s idea of giffing stories, and doing a much poorer job of it than her, I’m just going to throw this out there. Hope you enjoy… 

‘Oliver frowned. “Felicity, what’s going on?”

“Nothing is going on,” said Felicity defensively. “Why would something be going on?”’ 


By Louise Blue

Felicity backed slowly out of the bathroom, gnawing anxiously on her thumbnail. She was alone in the luxurious log cabin Oliver had rented for them, high in the Rocky Mountains. Canada was beautiful. Nothing but rolling hills of green, clean air and nature in all of its glory. There was a town twenty minutes drive away, where they picked up supplies every couple of days, but otherwise she and Oliver were completely alone. Just the two of them in a lover’s paradise. No maniacal madmen trying to level a city. No Leagues of Assassins head honcho marrying you off to the most inappropriate person on the planet. Just the quiet chirp of birds, the gurgle of crystal clear mountain streams, and endless hours to while away in each other’s company. It was literally the happiest time of her life. The last three months had been perfect. Oliver had been perfect. Everything was just perfect. The gnawing on her thumbnail increased in ferocity as she stared into the bathroom, her anxiety levels rising.

“How do you feel about eggs for breakfast?”

Felicity started violently, and swung around at the sound of the casual question. Her heart leapt into her throat at seeing Oliver standing there. “What are you doing here?” she practically yelled at him. Felicity hadn’t meant to say that quite so loudly, but her adrenalin was pumping at his unexpected appearance.

Oliver arched a mildly surprised eyebrow at her tone, but then gave a lop-sided smile as he picked up a slice of toast from the table. “Well, you see, a few months back, I drove off into the sunset with this gorgeous blond I happen to be crazy in love with, and the next thing you know—“ Oliver waved his hand around the room. “Canada.” He took a mouthful of the buttered toast, munching happily.

That was cute, but Felicity was too distracted for cute right then. “I thought you were going for a run.” And Oliver was indeed in his sweatpants and grey hoodie, but there was a decided lack of running going with that ensemble. He should have been halfway up the mountain by now. Not standing there, interrupting private things.

He shrugged. “It started to rain, so I turned back.”

This was bad, he wasn’t meant to be here right now. Felicity scowled at him fiercely. “It’s only a little water. Didn’t you survive years on hell island? Toughen up, princess.”

Oliver paused in bringing the toast up to his lips, looking at her quizzically over the top of the slice.

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