luxury ignorance

  • them: if we have communism then no one will ever be able to enjoy luxuries again no matter how hard they work
  • me: luxury is a social construct, what i mean by that is, we only consider things luxuries if they are exclusionary
  • me: we could all experience the same joy and items that today are considered luxuries
  • me: the only difference is, they would no longer be called luxuries, but simply living.

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Why has far-left politics, for lack of a better word, shifted its focus from class onto race, gender and sexuality in recent decades?

well, partly because “far left politics” had been so bad on those things previously, and people had to fight a considerable section of the existing worker’s movement to have these struggles taken seriously… also because Marx’s prediction that an emerging class consciousness would affirm working class identity over all others just didn’t happen…the ‘classic’ model held that non-class identities would fall by the wayside as a natural side effect of the development of the capitalist mode of production, so we didn’t have to address them specifically -  no doubt, from the 19th century perspective it was hard to predict the ways in which capitalism would modernize and weaponize difference over time, but now it should be obvious that it confronts us as a complex whole, that you can’t neatly separate “class” as an issue and ignore, defer or postpone struggles around race, gender etc, not without making the movement self-defeating - the majority of working class people are not white, straight, cis men who have the luxury of postponing or ignoring gendered and racial oppression. 

Of course the opposite is also true, that you can’t adequately address racial, gender and sexual politics without also addressing class - and at the other end of the leftist spectrum you have the liberal move to channel those struggles into forms of expression which are safe for capitalism and reinforce the global economic and imperialist order - they’ve been very successful… so yeah I’d say that throughout the full spectrum of mainstream leftism there has been a failure to properly analyse and address the whole picture, it’s kind of moved from one shitty, inadequate model to another, and both are dead ends for communists.

2 Tech or not 2 Tech?

Had an interesting discussion today. I’m volunteering with an intensive 13-week program that teaches teens the skills they need for tech and entrepreneurship, and has them actually have assembled their own startup business using robotics and maker tech by the end of the program. They all had to write an application stating why they wanted to be there, so in theory, they’re all here because they want to be and competed for a spot in the program (there are, like, twenty people on the waiting list).

Af first, we wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt that they were old enough and wanted to be here enough to self-determine when to put their devices away and pay attention, but unfortunately, that’s not happening. We’ve been having a problem that got worse today that when the instructors are teaching the skills they’ll need for the challenges (today was HTML and CSS), they’re on their phones in ways that have nothing to do with learning, texting or browsing reddit despite requests to put devices away, and then they can’t do the challenge because they missed the actual explanation of how to do it and they’re totally lost. The skillsets keep building until the final challenge that they’re presenting in front of a panel at Ryerson University, so they really don’t have the luxury of ignoring one of the instructional days.

In teaching, I’m opposed to making digital natives put their tech away full stop, especially in a program like this one. I’m advocating for having a group discussion to have the teens come up with their own guidelines for tech usage for learning during class, and if they don’t follow the guidelines, only then do they lose their tech privileges. Other mentors think that having the screen there is just too much temptation, and they should leave their devices in their bags in the bag check area for the duration of the 3 hour workshop.

Any thoughts, teachers or teens?

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🌈 Colors of the Sky 🌈

Red-Orange; attraction, authority, change, courage, faith, harvest, ignorance, motivation, pleasure, power, self control, strength, stubbornness

Red-Orange-Yellow;  attraction, clarity, confidence, control, creativity, dishonestly, energy, excitement, happiness, insanity, inspiration, sensuality, opportunity, vanity, warmth

Red-Orange- Purple; calming, confidence, control, creativity, drama, enhancement, healing, independence, ignorance, luxury, moodiness, mystery, passion, protection, sickness, understanding, wisdom

Red-Yellow; change, clarity, comfort, courage, energy, enthusiasm, excitement, inspire, leisure, motivation, pleasure, vibrancy

Red-Yellow-Pink; attention, desire, emotions, energy, extremes, hatred, jealousy, love, lust, memory, physical, rage, revenge, romance, ugliness, vibrancy, vitality, wildness, wit

Orange-Yellow; carefree, clarity, comfort, happiness, health, education, enthusiasm, irresponsibility, intellect, joy, leisure, pleasure, mental clarity, rebellion, visions

Orange-Yellow-Pink; attraction, beauty, caution, caring, friendship, goals, inspiration, lighthearted, opportunity, protection

Orange-Blue-Purple; anxiety, change, coldness, control, depression, dreams, energy, focus, healing, independent, judgement, knowledge, loneliness, mystery, planning, sadness, spirituality, thought, tranquility

Yellow-Pink-Magenta; compassion, dependent, desperation, dominating, healing, heat, intensity, lively, love, passion, playfulness, seduction, sensitivity, outgoing, overbearing, weak, wildness, vulgar

Yellow-Blue; anxiety, awareness, discord, fear, insanity, justice, mixed signals, sickness, timidity, truth, unbalanced, unstable, weakness

Yellow-Blue-Grey; conservative, doubt, heartache, hopelessness, illness, isolation, logic, regret, restrained, quietness, sickness, sadness, sorrow

Yellow-White; bright, cleansing, creativity, freedom, harmony, innocence, learning, originality, peace, purity

Blue; calmness, communication, confidence, consistency, distance, healing, insight, knowledge, loyalty, patience, security, serene, solutions, wisdom

Blue-Purple; adventures, dept, faith, forgiveness, healing, intelligence, intuition, judgement, mediation, power, progress, protection, royalty, safety, sincerity, spirituality

Blue-Purple-White; calmness, cleansing, intuition, nostalgia, peace, perfection, safety, soothing, spirituality, understanding

Blue-Pink; affection, balance, caring, contentment, emotional healing, harmony, honor, nurturing, partnership, relationship, selflessness, sympathetic, thoughtfulness, unity

Blue-Black; banishment, beginnings, change, cleansing, endings, knowledge, learning, patience, power, protection, rebirth, telepathy, tolerance, unknown

Blue-White; calmness, cleansing, constancy, hope, guidance, patience, peace, protection, tranquility, trust, truth

Purple-Pink; attention, cool headed, enchantment, friendships, harmony, humble, luxury, optimism, relationships, sociable

Purple-Pink-White; aggressive, envious, extravagant, fear, immaturity, innocence, naive, weakness, wildness

Purple-Black; development, forgiveness, intelligence, justice, logic, mystery, pride, rebirth, releasing, safety, unknown

Purple-Grey; balance, clairvoyance, growth, healing, horrors, influence, neutrality, power, progress, security, spirituality

Black; closure, curses, death, destruction, endings, grounding, protection, repelling, reversing, transformation

Black-Grey; change, chaos, doubt, endurance, grounding, intelligence, knowledge, restrained, safety, solidness

**My personal correspondences

I’ve taken some time to think over and process recent criticisms that people have made of me. Thank you to everyone for being patient while I took this time to reflect–I think that a brief review of my behaviour in the past has shown that I often respond poorly and clumsily in the heat of the moment, and these conversations benefit when I give them the thought and effort they deserve.

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Badly written romances are one thing, but when the badly written romance is the moving force of the plot you don’t even give me the luxury of trying to ignore it.


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i searched up the top definition for 'cis' in urban dictionary and it came up, it reminded me of how you treat others! Short for cis-gendered, meaning someone who identifies with the sex they were born as. Typically used by whiny tumblr users who complain about not being accepted for who they are and yet bash these "cis" people for being born and being okay with the sex they were born with.

lmao, okay cis isn’t a special term for people who identify with their birth gender, and it isn’t even a negative term, it’s simply just a term to make it easier to differentiate between cis people, trans people, and nb people. and it isn’t “being okay” with your birth gender, so much as you are your birth gender and trans people just aren’t, they aren’t their birth gender. trans people didn’t wake up one day and go “ya know what i’ve decided that i don’t like this gender”

and seriously, if my blog is making any of you cis people feel bad then i suggest to feel more accepted that you go literally anywhere else in the world. i’m sorry that a trans person on some small blog online not having the patience to always be sunshiny and kind with every cis person makes you feel unimportant, but between the way cis people dominate pretty much every aspect of every industry and the way y'all push down almost every trans person who tries to change that, then i think you can handle me occasionally complaining about the portion of you that are ignorant and silly

cis people aren’t being treated badly, they aren’t being attacked or hurt or erased. what’s happening is that trans people have to deal with cis bullshit all the time, whether that be ignorance like this, or much much worse, and then we go online and try to escape from it for a little bit. but then cis people like you can’t even let that happen and essentially become “im uncomfortable when we aren’t about me?”

here’s the facts. you are cis. simple as that, it isn’t a bad thing. you are also transphobic. that isn’t an insult, that is just a fact about you. you feel like cis people are being treated poorly, despite having an abundance of representation, and despite the fact that cis people verbally and physically abuse trans people daily simply for being trans. and the worst “abuse” cis people face is occasionally seeing some tired and depressed trans kid online saying “cis people suck” to blow off steam after a long day of being called slurs and being misgendered. seriously, be happy you’re cis, be happy that you have the luxury of being as ignorant as you are

Always surprised when I get a message from a racist on Tumblr. Because Tumblr is for people who are opposed to racism. And those who think they have the luxury of ignoring it.

For Royai Week (Day 4 - Promise.)

Warnings: Character death and boundless angst.

When Riza finally arrived at the hospital, it was too late.

It all happened so fast. She wanted to feel guilty for being in Ishval when Roy had been shot, but she’d been there on a mission, on his orders. Roy had been the one who drove home alone, even as he knew the Ishvalan separatists wanted him dead.

Roy was gone. Gone.

The first time she’d faced the thought of losing Roy, rage and grief had cursed through her veins. And now, when he was really gone, there was nothing. Not a single tear. Not even when she held the weeping Madame Christmas as she told her the news. Not when she saw Roy lying in his coffin, deceitfully serene. Not even we she released a press statement as the interim leader of the East. Not at the funeral either, where she led the preparations and arranged the military ceremony, even though it was held in Central City. She didn’t feel anything, not even as the men in her unit carried the coffin and shoveled sand on top of it. Riza couldn’t wrap her mind around it. It was as if she were watching a film, reading a story, one that had a clear end, before returning to normal.

Time was skipping her in its wake and she was frozen. Even the reception, which was an overwhelming affair, did nothing to move her. Fuhrer Grumman had been the one to oversee the preparations, and the end result was something more lavish and crowded than she was comfortable with.

He would have considered this inappropriate, she told herself in an effort to make herself feel something, anything. To make herself believe it. Sir, I didn’t even get to say goodbye.


“Major Hawkeye.”

She turned around, only to find one of the last people she would have expected to see in such a place.

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If you are surprised then you’re not paying attention. The recent election of the french president, the rise of protests in america and around the world, the “risk” of Jeremy Corbyn being prime minister… none of it is a coincidence and if you’re still surprised by it, then you aren’t paying attention. You aren’t paying attention to the growing dissatisfaction or the thinning patience felt by billions of people around the world.

We are at a threshold. The youth demand better and the elderly demand rest. With people of colour dying in the streets and people applauding the dirty cop who shot them and yet still you are surprised when we demand better. Women are raped violently and endlessly and shut down when they try to speak out, the boys who raped them garnering pity and sad words ‘oh his life is ruined now’ and still you are surprised when we demand better. LGBT people are told they are sick or twisted or need medical help and 'I can make you straight’, running away from home and driven to suicide and still you are surprised when we demand better?

Are you not seeing this? Are you not paying attention? When towns in America - a supposedly developed country - are left without clean water for years and the people there are being poisoned by the water in which they bathe. When we are told to sit down and shut up and be happy with what we have which is poverty and melting ice caps and felled forests all in the name of profit for the richest few. When the world is burning up and becoming uninhabitable and you sit there on your throne made of oil and gas and tell us climate change is a myth and that those 'filthy immigrants should go back home’. Nevermind that 'home’ was probably always here and if it wasnt then who the hell are you to tell them where to live? You, with your 3 homes and 6 holiday homes.
And still you are surprised when we demand better?

Why are you surprised? There are people dying because they cant afford their medicine. People who work more hours a day than you do in a month cannot afford to live. Is it not their right as it is yours?
There are people living in the streets without shelter and stability. They are laughed at and pissed on and called tramps and hobos and all the while they wish for a home. Is it not their right to have a place to sleep and be treated as human? 
There are parents starving to give their children meals and a bed and an education. Children who depend on their free school lunches to get through the day. Would you take that away from them? Would you say that it is the parents responsibility to feed them when the parents will be getting by on a slice of bread a day? Is it not the right of them and their children to eat?

And you sit there in your caverns of gold and jewels, and still you are surprised when we demand better.

Is it really surprise or is it fear? Are you threatened by us? We are gaining awareness quicker than you can hoard your money. We see these injustices and we see the root of the problem and it is in you.

Is it really surprising then, that when people like Jeremy Corbyn stand up and say “I see these issues. I see them and I care and I want to help”, we immediately rally to their side? You said he was unelectable and yet he was voted twice as labour leader. You said he would never become prime minister and yet he is set to take over Theresa May in the polls. You said he was a risk, a clown, a terrorist sympathiser and yet people are seeing through your pathetic attempts at slander and realising that he is our best hope. You said he has no presence, he won’t get us the best deal for brexit and yet he has enough of a presence to frighten you.

And who are you really? You hide behind your money and the things you own. You hide and feel smug because you are rich. You live comfortably, luxuriously, ignoring the poor in favour of watching your bank account swell and bloat. And you tell the things you own to tell us that we should be thankful and that the man who would be our voice is a “risk”, hopeful that we would believe you.

Well pay attention now because I’m about to say something important.

We demand better. And that really shouldn’t surprise you.

Jyn Week - Day 2 Luxury

In her early years, on Coruscant and even Lah’mu, Jyn had every comfort she could need - had never thought to want.

Her own bed sat warm and cozy within her own room. Her favorite toy was always within reach. Food was delicious and fresh and ready when she was hungry.

Most importantly, Mama and Papa were there, alive and with her.

With the shot from a blaster and the departing of a ship, she soon learned what it meant to want, to need. Luxury is only understood with the absence of it.

From that day, she is taught a new definition of the word.

Luxury is the bottom of a bunk with a thin, rough sheet. A blaster that fits into the palm of her hand. Training that teaches her to duck, tackle, claw and fight. It’s understanding that she comes second to the only person she has left in the world. She takes comfort in believing so fiercely in the cause herself that she does not have time to know who she is - to question, to ache, to fear, to miss.

When she is sixteen, the definition shifts again. A cavern closes on her once more, this time by hands that are not hers, by the hands that had first freed her, that were supposed to take care of her. They’re the last hands she’ll ever trust besides her own. She discovers then that luxury is tears that have already learned to fall silently in the dark. It’s the bruises on her knuckles - the comfort that her own fists must always be by her side.

She keeps her head low, in an attempt to support the weight crushing down on her shoulders. The position is uncomfortable, but still she refuses to look up. Seeing what hung there would bring her more discomfort still. Luxury is surviving.

The galaxy continues to shatter, but she pretends it doesn’t matter. She cannot fix something when she herself is struggling to stay intact. Her hands are full with her own pieces. The Empire passes her, but she looks away. She’s not compliant. Stormtroopers are downed by her hands, moffs misplace money into her pockets and informants lose voices and lives in street fights. You don’t get sentenced to Wobani without a little resistance. But luxury is ignoring the small nagging voice saying she could do more, be more.

Luxury is never being called out for it. Until a man who has fought every time she hasn’t spits the word into her face. Until the man who can truly understand her loss and pain shows her there’s another way. A man whose yielding eyes don’t match the judgement in the statement. His words are ones of defense as he faces his own luxury of being able to justify anything for the cause. But she sees the truth in them reflected back in the mirror of his face.

At the age of 21, it is this same man who shows her the true meaning of luxury. Because luxury is having someone who always comes back for you. Luxury is a home and a family. And Cassian is hers.

I was checking Google Street View for work and I stumbled across this moment from 2013. 

This is post-Superstorm Sandy. Many were left homeless and the National Guard was deployed to help hand out food and water and necessary supplies. I remember going to a family friend’s house which had had its foundation cracked, and wading chest deep into freezing January sea water to rescue jewelry, heirlooms, photo albums, any piece of her life that we could salvage for her. 

Many still can’t go home. Many businesses are still shuttered. And most people who don’t live on the coasts have forgotten. We haven’t. New Yorkers are islanders, though many don’t realize that about us. We live on a series of islands. Climate change is threatening us. We do not have the luxury of ignoring this, we do not have thousands of miles of coast to spare. I beg you to consider this. 

Today is Earth Day. New York city, one of the wealthiest cities in the world, has not yet recovered from this. How can smaller island nations stand against this? How can poor communities globally cope? How many lives do we have to lose before people take notice? Please, please don’t relegate your environmentalism to one day. Take today to commit yourself or re-commit yourself to fighting climate change. There are billions of people, and billions more not yet born who are relying on you. 

Why your claims of "reverse racism" are a logical fallacy.

Racism is a social construct, not the way an individual treats you. That is prejudice. If you’re hated, disdained, insulted, bullied, etc., for your race, that is prejudice. Why isn’t it racism? Because there are no societal implications. That bullying doesn’t give you less access to education, health care, representation in media, doesn’t make you a “profile” that is threatening inherently to the world, doesn’t get you aggressively targeted by police, doesn’t get you harsher punishments through the justice system, and on and on and on. Racism isn’t about an individual’s ill intentions or beliefs about another race. Racism is a social construct, a systemic form of oppression that unless you are the target of, you are complicit in and guilty of perpetuating and condoning. It wouldn’t be farfetched to say every single white person in America is racist. Does that mean they are all prejudice? No. Does that mean they all consciously make efforts to disenfranchise people of color or harm us? No. Does that mean they harbor ill will or hate? Absolutely not. However, do they benefit from the privileges of said social construct? Yes. Willingly or not. They do. Period, point blank. And don’t confuse privilege with earned material goods or status. What you worked for, you worked for. Privilege describes unearned means. Privilege would be the slap on the wrist for something that would land a black person in prison for life. Privilege would be walking into a job interview, seeing that all the other candidates were black and the interviewer was white, and having a sudden feeling of relief and confidence. Privilege is what allows someone to not have to know the difference between racism and prejudice. It’s what allows them to dismiss a person of color’s experiences, or try and impose their own as relative, without any true comparison. Privilege is the luxury of being wilfully ignorant with impunity because you are not harmed by the status quo in any way - in fact, it is designed for you, it caters to you, it provides for you, and it shelters you.


Series Summary: You and Castiel have been falling for each other for a while now but avoiding entering into an actual relationship. That all changes one night when you and the angel finally sleep together, resulting in much more than a purely physical bond.
Part 8 Summary: You thought you and Castiel were on the same page about working together as a team to defeat the angels. After he teams up with Dean behind your back, you realize you thought wrong. 
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 5,367
Tags: canon verse (canon divergent), lots of important plot development, angst like whoa, i promise this fic has a happy ending

part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part six | part seven | part eight | part nine coming soon!

tagging: @jensennjared, @galaxystiel, @the-chick-with-the-best-fandom,@abaddonwithyall,@novaevelenekim, @hqwcll, @just-a-touch-of-crowley, @whoopxd,@bogganheart,@mywant3dnightmar3, @soab1967, @shamvictoria11, @castielspahdehrah, @bkwrm523,@watchfuldivine, @aproufoundbondwithdean 

Dean gave Castiel a worried look. “So, what’s this plan of yours and why can’t we tell Y/N?”

“Because it involves keeping her confined to the walls of the bunker, which she would never agree to willingly.”

Dean’s eyebrows shot up. “No kidding she would never agree. What the hell, Cas?”

“Dean, she is going to die.” Castiel implored. “If we don’t protect her, the angels will find her and she will die.”

“Cas, buddy, I get that you’re stressed. We all are.” Dean gave his friend a concerned look. “We’re gonna work through this thing and no one is gonna die.”

Castiel shook his head. “No, Dean, you don’t understand.” Castiel hurriedly explained. “I saw it. Delphi – the prophet – she showed me. She has the power of sight and she showed me Y/N’s future. An angel stabs her and she…” Castiel trailed off, unable to finish.

Dean’s posture stiffened. “Well, maybe her visions are wrong. She’s like a million years old. Maybe she’s off her game.”

“She is the original prophet, Dean.” Castiel grimaced. “She’s never wrong.”


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NALU prostitute/client au (Can Natsu be the prostitue?) I understand if your too busy to write this with all your other requests so please don't feel rushed! I don't mind if you don't get it done or not :)

Going to be honest, I had a rough time with this one as trying to make Natsu act serious was a challenge! I hope you enjoy it and sorry for the wait :D

#31 prostitute/client au

Pairing: Natsu x Lucy

Word Count: 1916

Natsu laid with his arms resting behind his head, an ever-present scowl plastered to his face as he waited for a new client to request his “services”. He sighed deeply and ran calloused fingertips over his skin, massaging his eyes.

He wasn’t sure how he managed to sink into such a low point in his life—hell, he wasn’t even sure how he got started in this particular line of work. Memories of happier days filled with scorching summer nights and unadulterated laughter danced behind his eyelids. Days long since forgotten.

He felt the light vibration of his phone buzzing beside his leg atop the mattress resting on the dirty floor of his rundown apartment. He hated that cursed phone, only ever alerting him to a new client—a new job he’d have to fulfill with a smile on his face and a condom in his pocket.

The people who requested him all wanted the same thing—an escape from their overwhelmingly mundane lives filled with nine-to-five office jobs and taking the kids to soccer practice after school. But there was no escape for him. He didn’t have the pleasure of returning to a normal life once the job was done.

He groaned and threw his hand over the phone, bringing it close to his dark irises to read his new assignment. The escort organization he worked for sent him texts with locations each time he was requested—the current words on the screen instructed him to travel to a rather luxurious part of town, something he wasn’t completely unfamiliar with.

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