luxury hair products

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Note: to break up long, thick strands, Delevingne has layers at regular 2-inch intervals starting at her chin.

Random OoT Zelink and Zelda/Malon hc

-Zelda and Link visiting the Kokiri and doing impromptu concerts with them
-Zelda gushing over Malon’s hair and gifting her with luxury hair products just because they’re friends and she can
-Link torn between pride and a little bit of jealousy when Epona finally allows Zelda to touch her
-Link bringing Zelda books and tomes back from places he travels and listens to her go on and on about what she read which is kind of boring but he listens anyway because it makes her happy
-Zelda asking Malon about her brooch and it touches Malon because it belonged to her mom and no one really notices it
-once Malon is finally comfortable being around royalty she gives Zelda a nickname too and Zelda is absolutely delighted by this
-Zelda thinks Link’s eye scar is really hot and she calls him sexy whenever she can. Link rolls his eyes and chastises her about it but he secretly loves the ego boosts
-Link usually falls asleep with his head on her stomach. Zelda takes longer to fall asleep so she rests her book on top of his head so she can keep reading.
-Zelda LOVES it when Link puts his hair in a high ponytail
-Malon teaches Zelda how to catch grasshoppers and fireflies. Impa has a fit when Zelda lets them loose in the castle

Kylo Ren probably has a secret personal shipment delivered to the base each month, and everyone just assumes it’s boxes of weapons of mass destruction or other tools for galactic domination but really it’s just luxury hair care products.