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Modern Thedas

Airline Headcanons:

Air Ferelden lets mabari travel in the cabins, treating them like children. Lap pup? No extra ticket required. After a certain size, they need their own seat booked.

AerOrlais advertises using this fact to remind its customers that their planes don’t smell like dog. “Fly in Fresh Air, Fly AerOrlais.”

TevintAir ignores the rivalry and focuses on luxury. “Why Fly anything less than First Class?”

We don’t talk about the Nevarran Airline after it came out that they were hiring undead pilots.

If I was gonna make a guess wrt trends; presidencies affect architecture a ton I think we’ll see a rise in gaudy formal romanticism in government decoration and infrastructure (the construction of big impressive government buildings to spark nationalism) just based off trumps taste/ prerogative/ priorities on what he conveys to the public/ historic use of architecture in fascism/ background in profiting off veneered luxury- less (no) Obama era “smart” buildings, no focus on light or sustainability (“green and clean”) - brutalism’s comeback will fully boom either post any military involvement the us gets into for its practicality (slants in place of windows / bulkheads/ etc) or as a tool of the resistance that refuses to be sentimental or pretty. In both cases the language of brutalism is resilience.

anonymous asked:

Wow! You did a phenomenal job on that remodel! It's so stellar. My wife and I have been talking about buying one and living more simplistic. I'm going to show her the pictures and let you know. That wine barrel shower is epic! Thank you for sending the details so readily. I hope you all find an excellent place. I live in Long Beach. I highly recommend it for the vibe if it's close enough to your wife's company.

I think you accidentally sent this on anonymous, but thank you for the kind compliments! I’m glad you like the remodel. Thanks for checking it out! We’ve loved living in the trailer, and it’s definitely a more simplistic lifestyle but not without its luxuries. We spend way, way less on bills, buy less because we have significantly less space (so we aren’t eating up our income with material things we don’t need), and have greatly decreased our carbon footprint. Oh, and we love Long Beach. We’ve been several times. Great vibe. It’s quite a bit out of our way, though. We still like to head down from time to time, especially to take Zola to the dog beach. :) Take care, XO.

practice sketches for an upcoming thing with @pridetothefall

omg I drew solas with hair, what’s wrong with me? Child Solas, Soldier Solas, and a spirit that will play an important role in his future identity. 


UNHOLY ALLIANCE: Every 100 years, when the planets align just right, the readers of the Sun, Daily Mail, Sunday Express and Daily Telegraph can come together to complain about the same thing.

Introducing our concept

Hotels Under 100 came about as a result of wanting to discover quality hotels of character which could be enjoyed within the budget of the salary of a travel consultant who, during work trips, stays in the best that money can buy. So, we set off and trawled the cities, cultural hotspots, jungles, deserts and beaches and did indeed discover that, in order to have an authentic and often magical experience, one didn’t need to spend a fortune. Our initial destinations are India, Sri Lanka and Nepal but in the New Year we will be launching the Africa portfolio and beyond… We hope that you enjoy looking through these wonderful collections and will have the opportunity to travel and enjoy them first hand – after all, they make discovering these destinations an affordable experience.  We travel and review and will update the blog with all of the new special places we find - enjoy! 


Subtle Luxury

Because Sometimes Less Is More

I’m all about an elevated streetwear look but nowadays with all these brand’s logos emblazoned across their clothing, things can start to get ugly pretty quick. Rather than falling victim to streetwear label-whoring, why not keep it simple with a minimal approach. For this outfit I stuck to an all-white palette. Paneled jeans and a long line tank are simple enough, but their stylized details prove that you still have an ear to the streets. All you need is one standout piece, in this case it’s my gray suede biker jacket, to add an extra element of luxury to your look without taking it overboard.


WeSC (Similar) Hat // H&M Jacket // H&M (Similar) Tanktop // H&M (Similar) Jeans // Kenneth Cole Shoes