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The Forest of Ash || Ch. 9

Fandom: Servamp
Characters: Mahiru, Kuro, Licht, Hyde
Pairings: KuroMahi (main), LawLicht (side)

Summary: To stop the never ending winter the gods created, Mahiru entered the Forest of Ash to steal fire and gift it to the humans. When he was caught, he thought that he would be put to death. But Kuro was far from the God of the Dead that he heard stories about. He decided to stay in the Forest of Ash with him. {KuroMahi//Greek Mythology AU}

FFNet || AO3

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Mahiru sighed contently and let the warm water relax his muscles. He was covered in dirt so he decided to take a bath himself. The cave had a small, private pool and it was surprisingly luxurious and calming. Black Cat didn’t seem to agree and hesitated to enter the pool with him. He made a small cloud for the cat to sit on as he washed him so he would be comfortable. Mahiru cupped water in his hand and warmed it with his fire before facing Black Cat.

“Close your eyes.” Mahiru instructed and then poured the water over the cat. Immediately, Black Cat tried to shake off the water and he laughed at how silly it looked. He massaged soap into its fur and spoke to it softly. “I know you don’t like water but we need to get this dirt out of your fur. You did a great job helping us in the garden so I’ll make you something special today. Do you know what Kuro would like to eat too?”

The cat purred and Mahiru wished that he could understand the cat like Kuro could. He playfully tapped its nose and brushed its fur out of its eyes. Black Cat’s eyes were red like Kuro’s. He easily pictured Kuro’s unique eyes and the bored expression he usually had. Mahiru found himself smiling when he thought of him. “I’m going to list some dishes. Meow twice if I name something Kuro likes.”

“You know, you can just ask me.” Mahiru turned sharply and saw the curtain beginning to lift. Before he could call out to Kuro and stop him, he had already stepped into the cavern. Kuro froze when he saw Mahiru in the pool and the curtain slipped from his hand. He knew that it was rude to stare but he couldn’t help himself. His skin was smooth and his lean body was more well built than he thought he would be.

“Stop staring, Kuro!” At Mahiru’s outburst, they both hastily turned away from each other. Mahiru sank further into the water and created a mist around him. The pool suddenly felt too hot but he couldn’t leave the water. Behind him, he heard Kuro apologize.

“Sorry. You were taking a while and I thought you were having trouble with Black Cat. I know how hard it is to give him a bath. So, I came to check if you needed help. I didn’t realize you were taking a bath in here too.” Kuro shifted awkwardly from foot to foot.

“It’s okay, Kuro. I was just about to get out.” He said nervously and looked back at him. His back was facing him so he couldn’t see his expression. He wondered if he was the only one embarrassed with the situation. Mahiru leaned against the rocks and asked, “Can you pass me my towel? I placed it with my clothes on that rock over there. Just be careful because my ring is on it.”

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