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I had a dream where Snape teleported me into the midst of an oceanic feud between mermaids, kelpies and frogs, all coz i was being a greedy lil shit


YB: “It’s always the happiest moment when the five of us are together.”

TAEYANG: Ahh… This happened recently when we were having a tour in China. Due to restrictions, we were not allowed to leave the hotel when we were in China. Hence, we can only stay inside the hotel. However, it was too boring so we gathered together and played everything that we could play in the hotel. Fans who saw our SNS should know that.. We’ve played Chinese Checkers.. Actually we don’t really feel like playing it but we are honestly too bored… We played all sorts of games together, from Chinese checkers to Gomoku, and games like buying houses/properties… We’ve also played games where many will think that “Oh even this game too?” and games we’ve played during childhood. As compared to luxurious things and stuffs like that, I prefer subtle things like spending time together. It’s always the happiest moment when the five of us are together.

Credit: aboutbigbang