Decided I ought to upload some photos of us Building TOM THE ANGER FORGE. This is the coal fired forge in our shop. He was built entirely out of spare parts we had laying around the shop for the whopping price of $0. We’re going to be redoing the fire pot relatively soon as I forgot that you can’t arc weld to cast iron and we’re getting some cracking in the welds now that we’ve fired the forge a few times. Thinking I’ll go for a break drum instead of a disc this time and mount it flush instead of setting it in. The idea with setting it in like we have it is that the whole forge could break down to it’s component parts to be moved. I’ll throw up some working photos next. 


Finished a contract and got paid today so we decided to put the money back into the shop. Made out like bandits with two new tool chests for 380 bucks. Ones a rolling cart for our metal tools and the welder (seen left here) the other is an upright for hand tools. We've decided we need another 4 drawer set for the red one for the remaining hand tools that are still being stored in a tool box. Started raining so we couldn't fire the forge. Decided to work on tool maintenance instead. Clean and sharpen all the things!