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Before ORAS came out, I spent an absurd amount of time in Pokemon X breeding a shiny team to transfer into the new game.  Now, tons of adventures later, they’re all grown up and champions of Hoenn.  

Also, I love playing with Pokemon scale.  Cause seriously, if a Pokemon is going to learn Fly and carry me all over the world, it had better darn well be big enough for me to realistically ride on its back.  

FFXV/Pokemon AU

So, for now this is just the Chocobros and their Pokemon (with nicknames and where they got it).I’ll post individual and more detailed stuff later. These are my own headcanons and if you have anything against them, make your own. Thank you to @lhugbereth who inspired me to continue this with their own Pokemon Au!

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Carbuncle (Espeon {Male}): One of the two Shiny twins that “appeared out of nowhere”, named after his mystical buddy.

Nocturne (Umbreon {Male}): One of the two Shiny twins that “appeared out of nowhere”, almost named after him, but decided not to.

Arapaima (Gyarados {Female}): Magikarp he caught at the slough, named after the legendary fish.

Engine (Aegislash {Male}): Honedge he was given at 16, named after the blade he received on the same day.

Regis (Haxorus {Male}): Shiny Axew he stumbled upon when traveling back to the citadel, named in memory of his dad.

Lucis (Luxray {Female}): Lucian royal Pokemon, Shinx was given to him at ten (Starter), named by tradition.

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Quicksilver (Raichu {Female}): Pichu caught right outside Insomnia, named after his trusty gun.

Ray Jack (Sylveon {Male}): An abandoned Eevee he rescued. Named after his favorite King’s Knight character.

Starshell (Mimikyu {Female}): Caught during Episode Prompto. Named after one of his techniques.

Gooey (Goodra {Male}): Gift from Cor for his tenth birthday (starter). Named because its gooey.

Chocobo (Altaria {Male}): Shiny Swablu hatched from the egg Wiz gave them. Named after chocobos.

Tiny (Midday Lycanroc {Female}): Named after what he named Pryna, Rockruff caught by the disc.

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Visus (Alolan Ninetales {Female}): After going blind, Ingis gets followed by a Vulpix, he names it sight

Tonberry (Bisharp {Female}): Caught inside Steyliff Grove, named after the demons inside

Geminus (Delphox {Male}): Cindy found Fennekin abandoned near the Hammerhead station, since it likes to copy him, he named it twin

Aequitas (Gallade {Male}): Given to him by his uncle (who named it Justice), for his ninth birthday (starter)

Sage (Leafeon {Male}): A gift from Prompto, named by Prompto after he evolved it.

Bellitudo (Milotic {Female}): A shiny Noctis fished up at Galdin Quay, he claimed it immediately, named it beauty. 

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Nasturium (Flareon {Male}): Given to him by Iris, named after flowers that represents battle and strength

Champion (Aggron {Female}): Shiny given to him by his dad (Starter), named because she looked like a champion!

Yen (Pangoro {Female}): Caught in an alleyway in Insomnia as a Pancham, named because ‘yen’ is similar to ‘friendship’

Altair (Staraptor {Female}): Caught by the adamantoise, named after the protagonist in the book he was reading

Behemoth (Nidoking): Caught in the forest by the slough, named after the beast

Leviathan (Swampert {Female}): Caught by the Forgotten Pond, named after the God

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