I’ll confess, I don’t  even like cats. However, this fall’s feline fashion affinity continues to influence my wardrobe and the fashion world in general. I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of clothes with large prints of cute animals faces.

This lovely dress was sent to me from the sweet ladies at plus-size online boutique:
They have a have a great selection of really cute, on-trend plus-size fashion at great prices! 

Clearly animal motifs are huge this fall. Go feed you fashion animal! 

Link to Dress: Here

Dress Courtesy of Luxe Vain Boutique. All opinions are my own.

OKAY! So if you haven’t been to, YOU ARE SLIGHTLY CRAZY. I love having options, so when Luxe Vain Boutique reached out to me I got super excited to come across new trendy plus size clothing! #Fullfigured ladies, check it out! You may just become a #LuxeLady !!👌#plussize #plussizeclothing #fatshion #fullfigured #fatshionista #fashionblogger #luxevain #luxelady #flawsofcouture #foc #flawscouture #curvy #voluptuous FOLLOW @shopluxevain for everything LUXE! (at

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