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“Love…For Better Or Worse” …Pt. 4

I’m in the studio spending some time with the family. I didn’t plan on coming down here today, since we just got in from Bridgeport late last night, but my little “brothers” begged me and I couldn’t say no. It’s been a while since I’ve hung out with them and I’m starting to feel like I need to be in their lives more. Shit, they look up to me. With them being teenagers and my uncle not being the easiest person to talk to, they definitely need someone else they can get advice from. We’ve been here all day, goofin around, grilling them about shit they have no business doing, and showing them the basics of how to make beats. Mitchell, as expected, was more interested in learning. He’s always had a good head on his shoulders and stays out of trouble. We didn’t find out about him until he was around nine and since he lives with his mother and step-father, he’s not tainted by this rich ass lifestyle. Micah, on the other hand, is spoiled as hell, worse than I was. His grades are good, but he has that “zero fucks given” type of attitude. I feel like he needs the most attention, so I’m definitely going to be around more. Since he decided that texting his little girlfriend was more important than learning the business, I decided to fuck with him in true older brother fashion. Just as I was going through his phone, teasing him about the emojis they send each other, the last person on earth I wanted to be around came storming through the door with security following behind. With the drama that Levi caused, quickly shut down, I figured that anybody who wanted to benefit off that shit would eventually come out the wood works. It’s no shocker that my Ex is standing in front of me. She’s always tried to slide her way back into my life when it seems like my relationship is having issues, so I know exactly why the fuck she’s here.

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Tamoure Hully Gully (du film “Les Tontons Flingueurs”) | Les Cappuccino | Album: Ultra Kitsch (de luxe) Vol. 1

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Damon,Caroline,Bonnie and Stefan on a night Out who's most likely too Get stopped by the bouncers: Lose a shoe: End up dancing on a table: Let their standards drop and regret the next morning: Offer to buy everyone a round of drinks: Do body shots: Dance awkwardly: Lose there phone and cry about it: Be kicked out: Fall asleep at the bar: Able to fake being sober to get another drink: Kiss the same sex: Constantly looking at the time: Have to be carried out of the club: Go home early:

Get stopped by the bouncers: Stefan, because he’s in a plaid shirt and loafers and looks like he’d rather die than pay a thirty dollar cover to get into a luxe lounge called some monosyllabic buzzword like ‘Vibe’.

Lose a shoe: Bonnie, because she’s going to wear super high heels against literally everyone’s advice and then end up complaining and taking them off.

End up dancing on a table: Damon. If there’s a stage, he’ll end up there, too.

Let their standards drop and regret it the next morning: Stefan, because Damon’s going to pump him with drinks to make him stop ranting about capitalism and drunk Stefan is a loosey goosey sassy little thing.

Offer to buy everyone a round of drinks: Caroline with Damon’s credit card.

Do body shots: I feel like this is one of the things drunk!Stefan would regret.

Dance awkwardly: sober!Stefan.

Lose their phone and cry about it: Caroline, and she’d call Bonnie on her phone to frantically tell her she can’t find her phone.

Be kicked out: if there’s tequila involved, Bonnie. Otherwise, Damon tends to take over DJ booths uninvited, so probably him.

Fall asleep at the bar: Bonnie. Unceremoniously. From tearin’ up the dance floor to out like a light in the blink of an eye.

Fake sobriety to get another drink: Caroline. Scary good at it. A little concerning.

Kiss the same sex: Damon.

Constantly looking at the time: sober!Stefan.

Have to be carried out of the bar: drunk!Stefan.

Go home early: Bonnie, when she jolts awake at a bass drop and drunkenly declares she needs sleep. It’s hard out there for a Peds resident. 

Life as we know it: Part 2

Three years later.

“Harry, will you stop moving.” I seethe down at the shirtless guy who keeps moving around in his chair.

He doesn’t stop moving when I ask him to and I lock my fingers into his hair that I’m attempting to style, pulling his head back so he is looking me in the eye. He stops moving when I do that and it’s replaced with his small cries of pain.

“Stop. Before I shave it all off in your sleep.” He smiles up at me and as much as it pisses me off I can’t help but lean down over the top of him and press my lips to his.

He continues to smile even after I pull back away from him and push his head forward and continue with his hair. All the other boys are laughing behind us and telling us to get a room while they wait for their turn.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Harry continues as he slips a chocolate from the counter in front of him into his mouth. “What would you hold onto as I slip my…”

“Harry.” I yell, stopping his sentence before he can finish it. “Piss off.” I continue, pushing him from the chair, finally finished with his hair.

As soon as he’s up out of his seat, Lux who has been leaning against the back of my legs completely absorbed in a game on my phone, runs to jump into his arms. He sits her on his lap as he sits down on one of the couches as Zayn walks over to sit down in front of me.

“You’re not going to get your rings stuck in my hair again are you?” he asks with a laugh, referring to the engagement and wedding ring I got from Harry.

Harry and I got married four months ago. We eloped which caused a massive disturbance with the fans and paparazzi. It was the two of us, Lux, the boys and our immediate families. I was the best day of my life and I never expected that it would be Harry standing across from me, giving me one of the sweetest and loving looks ever, but I was happy that it was.

“You ever think Lou planned all this?” he asks quieter now, keeping the conversation between the two of us, knowing that it was still a rough topic to be discussed. “She always said that you two would be perfect together.”

“I don’t think she would have gone that far.” I sigh, my hands beginning to work on his hair with some small touches to makeup.

“You have lost Lou (Y/N), but you got Harry out of it. I mean you two had each other before and absolutely hated it each other but you two are perfect for each other.”

Shaking my head I continue to work on his hair still not a hundred percent comfortable with the topic myself. Once I’m finished Paul walks in telling then that its five minutes before the boys have to go onstage. They all leave when he does, except for Harry. He hangs around walking towards me after he sits Lux down on the lounge.

“Are you okay?” he asks softly his hands coming up to cup my face, the attitude he had before completely gone.

“I’m fine.” I whisper back, looking up to meet his eyes. “I just miss her.”

Harry presses a small kiss to my lips before he pulls back. “We all do baby. You just need to relax.” He whispers again.

His hands slide down to rest on the defined three and a half month baby bump, the soft touch immediately bringing a smile to my face, as he gently massages the tightening and stretching skin.

“The doctor said stress wasn’t good for you or her.” he bends down lifting up my shirt kissing just above my belly button.

“I reckon it’s a boy.” I say as my fingers lock into the curls at the nape of his neck.

“Ha, you are so wrong. It’s a girl.” He gives me another kiss before he runs out the door avoiding my comeback.

“Asshole.” I yell after him, picking up Lux as I follow after him to watch the show from the crowd.

“You love me.” he yells back with a wink.

I roll my eyes looking down at Lux. I love the guy way too much, he knows it and enjoys using it against me much like the way I use his love for me against his. Nobody ever wins.

“That’s a bad word Lux.” I say down to the little girl who is breaking out in a giggling fit. “Never ever use it. Except with Harry” I laugh along with her.