luxe effect

anonymous asked:

Looking for false eyelashes I can wear to school everyday I want eyelashes that look flare out to outer corner of my eyes like wing effect and like for almond eyes shapes it hard to describe it

Here’s some of my personal favourites in the style you’re looking for:

  • Eylure Luxe Collection Mink Effect in style ‘Cameo’ (here)
  • Superdrug Natural Edition in style ‘14’ (here)
  • Kiss Natural Lashes in style ‘Iconic’ (here
  • KIKO Natural false eyelashes (here)
  • Kiss Blooming false lashes in style ‘Lily’ (here)
  • Rosie Bea x Eylure in style ‘Kitty’ (here)
  • Eylure Enchanted false lashes in style ‘Rose’ (here)
  • Ardell Wispies in style ‘120’ black (here)

Winter Polish

15 festive nail polishes for the holiday season

Here at Wantering, we’ve covered the season’s best holiday dresses and accessories, but let’s not forget about the last detail of any look - nail polish. When seasons change, so do polish colors, and while we’ll always love the basics, the holiday season allows us the chance to switch up our go-to lacquers. From red and royal hues to metallic and sparkle glazes, scroll down to see our picks of the prettiest nail polishes that you can wear all season long!

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