Just because you’re a female that plays something that’s not support doesn’t mean you should be treated like a goddess. If you’re good at your role then great and you should get complimented, but don’t go around expecting people to bow to you because you play something that’s not support. Show people you’re good and then one up them by saying you’re a girl. And also if you’re a girl that plays something that’s not support just to put down girls who play support, you’re just as bad if not worse than the men.

Artwork by nyami-desu


Bathing With A View - Ocean Front

Enjoying a sweeping view while taking a relaxing bath seems like a dream for those of us who live in the city and value their privacy. But when the location allows it, such a configuration can be magnificent. There is nothing more beautiful and relaxing to me than the sound of the distant waves lapping on the shore. Here’s a selection of the best of the best baths with a view you would never get sick of.


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stayin’ up with you || wonho

You can’t sleep, and to him, that’s a problem.

“Are you up?”

Hoseok lazily blinked his tired eyes open. It had been a long, stressful day, and sleepy couldn’t even describe how he felt right now. Coming home, he was greeted by your face and a warm smile that had him feeling happier to finally be next to you, your accepting body with your arms around his waist.

“I am now.” He replied, rubbing his eyes a little, still facing the wall. “What’s wrong?”

There was silence for a while, and he almost thought you didn’t hear him. “Can’t sleep.”

Hoseok turned to face you in the warmth of the mattress. You looked tired, eyes droopy and a frown planted on your lips. The sight worried him a little and he started to sit up, until your hands planted themselves on his chest, pushing him right back down.

“No, no, nevermind. I shouldn’t have woken you up. Go back to sleep.”

“I can’t now,” he let out a breath, sitting right back up and immediately, his strong arms were around your body, bringing you closer to him. “What’s wrong?”

“I just haven’t been able to sleep lately. Been thinking too much, about too much stuff.” You explained smoothly, smiling just a little when his thumbs stroked your cheeks, silently telling you to continue. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you about it, but, when you come home you always look tired, like you wanna pass out. I don’t wanna be a bother.”

You always had problems sleeping, Hoseok remembered. My mind is always all over the place, was what you would use as an excuse. He remembered that it started when you were younger, around toddler age. When you were at school, and your teacher would read to you every hour, your mind would turn those words into a wonderland at night, since that was the only time you had to yourself. No, you wouldn’t write or draw like the normal kids, you’d just lie in your bed under your fuzzy blanket, stare at the ceiling, and let your mind do its thing.

Hoseok wasn’t weirded out when you confessed to him, like you thought he would be. He just laughed a little, made some perverted joke about what else your mind imagined and brushed it off. Until it started to become more serious.

Now, nights like these happened often, more often than he thought it would. Where you would just sit and stare at the wall or the ceiling and think. Sometimes, sometimes he thought you were crazy, but that didn’t stop him from waking up and holding you until your eyes fluttered shut.

“You’re never bothering me.” He pouted, placing his chin on the top of your head. “I like hearing what you think about. Even if its weird, sometimes.”

You laughed, just a little, placing your own arms around his waist and he pulled you even closer, looking down at you. “Tell me what you’re thinking about, I’ll make it go away. Then we can both get some well deserved rest.”

You looked up at him, eyebrows raised. “Promise?”

He grinned, the action quickly turning into a small smile. “Promise.”

cramps || kyungsoo

period cramps suck.

the sound of the front door opening was the only relief you would get this afternoon. of course, your period decided to sneak up on you earlier than expected and of course, you sent your boyfriend who was eating chips and vacuuming the bedroom to get you pads.

”i got them,” he announced once he walked into the bedroom, holding a translucent bag filled with packets of the colorful things. “only the ones with the wings, like you asked.”

“thank you.” you forced a small smile, since your stomach was currently trying to kill you. after putting the packets of pads on the bed, he walked beside you, handing you two blue pills and a bottle of water.

“you take that. do you want a warm bath? or a shower, maybe?” he asked while going back to the bag, taking out various things like candies, chocolate, and even a bright pink heat pad.

“a bath would be fine… how many things did you get?” amusement was in your voice and his cheeks tinted pink.

“there was traffic… i was on the phone, looking up how i could make you feel better.” he leaned over to press his plump lips against your forehead. “you were almost crying when i left, y/n. it hurts, seeing you like that.”

you smiled up at him and he smiled right back, patting your thigh. “now, go and put that pad on, i’ll make the bed more comfortable for you.”

you nodded. you left, and once you came back, the pillows were rearranged completely, the candy and chocolate was set up neatly next to the pills and water bottle beside you, and kyungsoo was trying to warm up the heat pad.

hearing you walk out, he patted the spot in the bed. “lie down, and raise up your shirt.”

you raised an eyebrow but he sent a pleading look, so you did as told. you raised up your shirt just below your chest and he placed the heat pad directly on your stomach. you shivered, letting out a soft, relieved sigh as your head crashed against the pillow, and he had a proud look in his eyes.

“sleep.” he told you softly, kissing your forehead once again. “hopefully, when you wake up, food will be ready. your favorite~”

and so you slept peacefully, the taste of whatever he would be making on the tip of your tongue.


when you woke up, a ping of sharp pain directly went to your stomach but disappeared underneath the warmth of the heat pad. kyungsoo was nowhere to be seen and the bedroom door was closed, so you assumed he just left you to privacy.

walking in the bathroom to change your pad, once you came out, a small table of food was right by your side of the bed, your favorite drink and another one of those blue pills right beside it. kyungsoo was looking straight at you, smiling, warming up the heat pad once more. “i told you food would be ready.”

you let out a long sigh, sitting behind the tale of food, leaning over to kiss his already pink cheek. “i love you, a lot, you know?”

he cheekily grinned at you, picking up some of the food with the chopsticks, blowing on it before pressing it to your own lips. “i know.”

the right things to say || changkyun

when your roommates are irritating you more than usual, changkyun is there to cheer you up.

genre ; fluff

A/N: this was posted by a new admin of this blog ^^ my name is lux, and i’ll probably be posting an about me page if you’re curious lol


“they’re seriously starting to piss me off,” you murmured, but your words were bitter. “they keep bringing random boys over the house. and i would be okay with it, if i didn’t find them fucking in my bed!”

changkyun laughed, but pressed his lips together tightly when you glared at him. still, he couldn’t help but smile just a little. “sorry, i can’t help it. that’s just funny.”

you sighed loudly, falling back into the small bed of his room. both of you were in college, you had been friends since middle school and lovers since high school. you were his weight, you kept him steady when everything in the world seemed to turn against him and he did the same for you. yes, he was sometimes very annoying, but you only adored him more for that.

“it’s not!” you whined, hands over your eyes. you lived with two other girls in an apartment just a little way down from the college. the rent wasn’t too much, despite how nice the apartment truly was and it cost less than a crummy dorm at the college anyways. so, your friends hooked up with their friends and at first, they seemed nice, kind, sweet. that was until night time struck, and alcohol bottles were all over their rooms while they were all over some guy’s laps.

it sucked, it really did. but how else were you going to live?

so, you dealt with it. for months it became normal, with you sometimes having to tell the boys to leave and throw trash away from the night’s before. and over time, it became normal. until last night, when you caught one of the girls pinned down under another guy on your fucking bedsheets.

after you kicked them out, then locked up your bedroom and shoved the key deep in your pocket, you headed over to changkyun’s dorm. you had never been over and you didn’t intend to stay long, just for a breather. for you to cool down.

so here he was, holding your body to his chest with his chin on the top of your head. “it’ll be okay.” he told you soothingly, his own hands reaching down to grab yours, entangling your fingers together. actions like these always made your heart flutter, but if you admitted that to him, you wouldn’t hear the end of it.

“will it really?” you pressed back. “what if they bring the wrong guy over? what if he steals or stuff? or worse, what if something bad happens to them? i wouldn’t be able to live with myself, changkyun. i wouldn’t be able to live at all.”

“hey, hey, look at me.” he moved his hand and grasped your chin, gently raising your head so your eyes met his. he pressed a kiss to your nose, “it. will. be. okay. trust me. just talk to them. if that doesn’t work, i’ll help you find a place to stay. you can even stay with me… if you’d want to, of course.” you could see his cheeks starting to turn pink and again, your heart was fluttering.

“thank you.” you said softly, leaning up to peck his lips, smiling wide. he smiled back, cupping your face sweetly as you finished, “you always know the right things to say.”