INKTOBER 2016 • Lux from League of Legends
Croquil pen nib | Kolinsky Brush | Higgins Black Magic | Higgins India Ink

Here is a requested character for INKTOBER! Lux! From League of Legends! Disclaimer: I have not played this game nor am I familiar with the character, but she’s reeeeeally cute. Hehe~

Each piece is available for sale [unless specified otherwise~]
You can grab an original illustration on my Storenvy!
Also read the details about my INKTOBER 2016 process here!
[I will take requests up until the 20th and Commissions to the 31st]

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A fun little scene with some new friends! Keldorin posing as a knight named Dogsbane, named by Phi ( @tinycatteandfriends ) posing as Oleander. First time getting to RP with Lux ( @rootstorm ) and Ma’sae ( @masaepohju ) Blast meeting you both and getting to have the characters interact while all under their guises!

Bonus picture of Kelly giving his surrogate daughter a big hug on their walk back to The Goblet.

Gentleman’s accessories: handcrafted pocket square made with Como silk and hand rolled edges and 100% Como silk knitted tie. •••
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