... :D

All of you are nerds, you know that, right.

My most favorite kind of nerds, aside from the crunchy lemonade ones.

I see y’all asking yourself :  “Why did you go away, you were obviously the superior one, I was afraid you got kidnapped and died or died and then got kidnapped” 

All I can tell you is that I’m on a super secret mission. Can’t tell you much more, since my target ain’t very fond of Inklings, especially agents. It’s the stealthiest kind of mission, and it’s totally like, James Pond-like. 

So remember

1) You rule

2) Nox drool

3) But even if he drools, you gotta listen to him while he’s here. 

4) What is that

5) And how come nobody bought me one for my birthday?

Now, gotta go. My target is on the move, and I gotta be as stealthy as a Maws to put my tentacles on them.

Peace out, fresh nerds.