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Why I like them
Oh Laito. You’re so complicated to describe. I do like Laito, as much as I dislike his actions, I just can’t NOT like him. He’s written too well, too interesting, engaging. I always sit up and pay attention whenever he has a scene. He’s tragic and twisted but also always the one who tries to get his brothers together. He’s one of those characters that you could write an essay on, his mentality and philosophies are so striking and memorable. I harbour a lot of hope for him to be happy and to understand love the way it’s meant to be understood, but among all the characters he’s the one that struggles the most with getting there because of his mentality. Despite his flaws and messed up personality, I don’t think the franchise would be quite as memorable to me without him. I think a lot of people were first pulled into the series by seeing that church scene on you tube.

Why I don’t
He rapes Yui and breaks her mentally to the point that she wants to die. Unfortunately it’s something he regularly does with Brides. I sympathise with him because of the sexual abuse he endured at the hands of Cordelia but at the same time it doesn’t excuse him repeating that cycle with Yui. It is a line of thinking I can understand, as it’s something that a lot of abuse victims do, and Laito has a thing where he must ALWAYS remain in control. Even when he’s playing the fool or acting like a masochist, he always turns it around to humiliate his prey. He’s a complicated character, so I suppose it’s natural to have complicated feelings on him.

Favorite episode (scene if movie)


Manga: Laito’s vulnerable moments kill me

This panel below is my favourite, though I don’t know why. 

Favorite season/movie

More Blood, but again, I havent read Dark Fate translations

Favorite line : All of Bloody Sabbath

Favorite outfit:

Hm, well I don’t really ‘ship’ Yui with him, but HDB aside, they have made good progress. I really like his More Blood route for that reason, and though they’re a dark pair, a lot of interesting themes can be explored with them. 

It’s not a healthy romance but more a dark, passionate, messy, emotionally complex oh-my-God-why-am-I-doing-this kind of love, and sometimes that’s just a guilty pleasure to read and write. I know that their dynamic has changed and progressed now with newer games though x

Ayato and Laito. They for the most part seem to understand the way the other one thinks, even if they have things that separate them, I still like to think of them sharing a bond deep down, underneath all the circumstances. They kind of have a twin connection to me, despite being Triplets with Kanato.

Head Canon
I think that Laito gravitated to the piano on his own. Kanato could sing for Cordelia and Ayato was being pushed to be the best, so Laito had the ‘luxury’ to choose what he wanted to learn. Playing piano is one of the few rare times his emotions sometimes come through raw and honest. 

Unpopular opinion
I know it sounds ridiculous but I don’t see Laito as the absolute hound dog that the fandom paints him as. Now hear me out; Yes he’s perverted and yes he forces Yui to have sex, but they way the fandom writes him sometimes, it’s like he has sex on the brain 24/7, when Laito himself says that his greatest pleasure is humiliating his prey. To me, he uses sex as a means to control, just like when he says 'I love you’ to Yui. I think at times he exaggerates his pervertedness to shock and horrify Yui because he knows it’ll get a big reaction from her, and that’s exactly what he wants. To stay in control. Sex is a tool he uses to do that, and yes he feels good from it, but I think his underlying intent is often missed and mistaken for shallow fulfilment. 

A wish
I’m pretty sure this happens in Lost Eden anyway - For the Triplets to reconnect.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen
For Laito to revert back to HDB Laito. Like yes, dark content is what some people like from the first game, but I wouldn’t want his gradual character development over the games to be forgotten.

5 words to best describe them
Complex, Sexy, Beautiful Hair (it counts as one XD), Terrifying, Sadistic

My nickname for them: Philosophical Fedora Perv

hii taylor!! im tiffany, im 13 - turning 14 in january! and im from singapore. i love you 😍 so mucch amd have been in love with your music since i first heard You Belong With Me sometime in 2010. im so happy that i managed to see you on the 1989 tour in singapore on 8/11/15 and i would soooo love to see u live again sometime soon (if you do perform in sg) anyways, i really love the reputation album ! its literally a masterpiece AND ive seen ur recent performances @ the jingleball and poptopia etc. and you look and sound soo gooooddd ! im so happy for all those who got to/get to see u live this era! you probably won’t see this and no one will bc i have like 6 followers and my posts rarely get any notes. hopefully you’ll notice me and i get to see u live and that i get to meet you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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