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Oh my goodness people will never grow up about this. The show is suppose to be different and I am kinda glad it is. If they followed the books it would be kinda boring but that is me. I like having new stuff to wonder about.

I’m glad too, there is more development with the side characters, the entire show from Sookie’s POV would be boring, and the 20 pages in each book dedicated to Sookie's hygiene and clothing would have really made for shit TV.

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Well i watch it for Eric only at this point and because i kinda hope he’ll get back with Sookie. But the fact they weren’t able to follow the books like other amazing shows did sucks and it sucks that Bill is a main poorly written character.

Well, you know I disagree about Bill being a poorly written character. I totally understand if people who loved the books are disappointed that things didn’t work the same way as they did the books. But, after 5 seasons you think we’d stop hearing ‘that’s not what happens in the books.’ or 'OMG I’m going to stop watching they’ve just gone so far off the book plot.’ I wish people would get over it and start enjoying True Blood as a separate entity. 
 I get being disappointed, I really do, I can appreciate that. What I don’t get is holding the book characters and the show characters in the same light, they are different, obviously. I also don’t get when people throw around blatant personal attacks for anyone who doesn’t read the books or has a different opinion about the situation, you know? 

There is just a lot of anger in this fandom towards eachother and it makes me sad. I know so many people, myself included who go through such extreme love/hate relationships with the fandom because of all the hate and drama. Now I’m sad, come here and gimmie a hug! 

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it’s not an happy book. idk if you’ll end up liking it or not, i know i did like it very much but i totally get it why many might feel differently than me. I had time though, i got it since last week and let it sink for few days then re-read it.

oddly enough that actually makes me feel way better. I’ve seen some on my dash talking about it and I’m not sure whether to take what they say with a grain of salt or not. The sheer amount of Bill Compton is the Devil posts I’ve seen make me lean towards the former.

I’m not against angst, not by any means. Angst is, to me, a form of conflict, so I’m usually fine with it - as long as it has justification. So when you say you liked it a lot, do you think it was good, so to speak? Like, did what happen make sense considering the other books? Because that’s really what worries me the most. I absolutely hate it when a series this long becomes inconsistent. (or a series of any length for that matter)

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