LuvSac Leaping with Kayleigh, Sami, and I. 

Have any of you guys ever fucking read the tag on a LuvSac?

  • ‘Improper use of this product may cause injury or death.’
  • 'Do not jump on the Sac, protecting oneself through open spaces inherently dangerous, may cause injury or death.’
  • 'Do not allow children to play unattended on the Sac, better yet, do not allow your children to play unattended at all.’
  • 'Do not eat the Sac foam, more importantly never inhale, may damage your political career.’
  • 'Do not allow people to play underneath the Sac, or anything else for that matter, may cause injury or death.’
  • 'Keep away from heaters, burning cigarettes, or open flame.’
  • 'Failure to keep your Sac fluffed may cause injury or death to your Sac.’
  • 'Failure to regularly wash your Sac is just gross, and may somehow lead to injury or death.’
  • 'Failure to share the love will only cause you to lose your friends, possibly resulting in injury or death.’