“Hey Anna, are your wings ever gonna get bigger?” Castiel asked. He sat up on his knees next to her on the dock and traced his index finger over his favorite feather; a caramel brown one with three heart shaped freckles the color of peaches. 

“Probably not,” Anna admitted. 

“How come? Ain’t they supposed to be bigger than your arms when you spread ‘em out?” Anna fluttered her wings under Castiel’s hand, making him giggle. 

“Every angel’s wings are different, Castiel." 

"But Michael’s are bigger than anyone’s, and Gabriel’s drag behind him and get all messy." 

"Well mine are small, and I like them very much. Don’t you?” She smiled at Castiel and he smiled back, nodding hard. 

“I love them,” he almost shouted. “Do you think mine will ever be as pretty as your guys’?" 

"Sweetie, yours are already beautiful." 

Cas made a face. "Mine are black like tar. They aren’t colorful like yours or Lucifer’s.”

“Black is so gorgeous, Castiel. Just look at space.” Anna pulled Castiel onto her lap and pointed toward the sky. “Space is as black as anything can be, but people fall in love with it just the same. There are entire worlds out there in its blackness; nothing but beauty all around it. Your wings are exactly the same. And someday someone will fall in love with them for the same reasons scientists launch rockets toward new planets.”

“Cause they think aliens live on them?" 

Anna laughed. "No, because you’re gonna give them a reason to wake up in the morning." 

Castiel smiled again and wondered if the reason Anna knew so much about these things is because she’d already found her own astronaut. 

"You think he’ll have green eyes?” Castiel asked after a moment. 

“Who will?" 

"My astronaut. The one who’s gonna love my wings." 

Anna wrapped her arms around Castiel and squeezed him tight. "I think he’ll have the greenest eyes in all the world.”

“Good,” Castiel said, turning to hug Anna back. “Because green is my favorite color ever." 

Fluffy Boyfriend Sweaters

“You promised Kevin you’d cut the crap!” Dean shouted, quickly following his brother back towards his bedroom. “Come on, Sam! Just let this go." 

Sam turned to face Dean and sighed, shaking his head quickly before hurrying into his room and shutting the door in his older brother’s face. He was in no way ready to talk to him yet. He was still wanting to be angry. 

"Sam!” Dean shouted, pounding at the door. He kept trying for another moment before finally giving up and walking back to his own room. With a sigh, the older Winchester grabbed his iPod off the bedside table and turned it on, waiting for the music to start before going to his closet and pulling out a large duffle bag. He brought it to his bed and unzipped it, extracting a pair of knitting needles and a large ball of blue yarn. Dean passingly thought that the color closely resembled Castiel’s eyes before kicking his shoes off and crawling up onto the mattress to get started. 

He had no idea what he was going to make when he first got started, but he needed to make something to burn off some of the anger he was holding in because of his brother. It was going to have to be a big project. 

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Sam was sitting on the couch flipping mindlessly flipping through t.v stations when he felt the familiar rush of wings.

“I thought you were gone for the day Gabe?” he asked, not straying from the mind numbingness of repeating channels.

Gabriel stood against the door frame watching the hunter with an amused expression.

“Meh, couldn’t stay away” he shrugged, pushing himself off the frame and walking forward. He jumped over the back of the couch and plopped down next to Sam. “you’re just too tempting” he added with his trademark eyebrow wiggle.

Sam rolled his eyes, a smirk playing on his lips. He continued flipping through tv stations, still not looking at the angel. Gabriel huffed and snatched the remote out of the hunters hand. Sam huffed and tried to get it back. He wrestled the shorter man, reaching with long arms, but he couldn’t get a grip. They continued to fight for the remote, Gabriel laughing as they rolled off the couch, pinning Sam beneath him. The angel smiled down at his hunter.

“I’ll give it back if you kiss me” he propositioned.

Sam laughed.

“You can keep it” the hunter replied.

Gabe shrugged and moved back onto the couch.

“Fine, I’ll just have to watch the new season of Game of Thrones by myself” he said reaching somewhere behind the couch and pulling out the DVDs. Sam openly gaped.

“That season doesn’t even start till next month” he stated moving to sit on his knees in front of the angel. Gabriel smirked.

“Angel….It may be a pain in the ass, but…Time Travel” He said sarcastically. Sam shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“Show off” he said leaning in and kissing his angel deeply.

“You wouldn’t have me any other way” Gabe replied when they broke apart. Sam shrugged and pulled Gabriel down to straddle his lap.

“Yeah, well I can think of better ways you can show off” he smirked, kissing along the angels jaw line. Gabriel hummed.

“Lannister first” he said. “Then I’ll do more than just show off” Gabe stated, kissing Sam passionately before shoving the DVDs into the the hunters chest. Sam laughed, shoving the angel off his lap and moving to put the show on. Gabriel crawled back on to the couch, patting the cushion next to him for Sam to sit. Sam instead stretched out on the couch, placing his head in the angels lap. Gabriel smiled completely content, and started running his fingers through dark hair as the opening scene started.

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can i jut add i think another reason why we have this is cuz Casis very awkward? socially awkward i mean. look at the…

I think I find it extra annoying though because that’s really only half of their characters’ personalities. I agree that it’s not stuff that’s taken out of thin air, but for a fandom that over-analyzes nearly everything there is a collective effort to ignore the fierce part of Cas and the weak part of Dean.

Cas is somewhat socially awkward around humans, but he’s really not around angels. He doesn’t tend to get subtle humor, but he makes jokes, he had the confidence to stand up to Raphael, and his confrontations with all angels bear that confidence too. Dean has this underlying vulnerability he covers with bluster that’s most likely the product of his upbringing. He cries the most out of any character and has the strongest emotions. He’s a geek; he likes Star Trek, Star Wars, LotR. He enjoyed the fuck out of LARPing. 

And what more frustrating is that I can’t understand why this pigeon-holing happens. Why would you want a wilting flower on one hand and a meathead on the other when their characters are really a complex formula.  It’s just lazy and truthfully an insult to the characters, in my opinion. It’s like people want Dean to be gay but heaven forbid he’s too gay! It’s a whole bunch of bad stereotypes that don’t apply to real people in broad stripes like that. :/

Kate sits in front of her computer staring confusedly at the screen when she hears a high pitched screech from down the hall. Katie comes running in.

“WHAT IS HAPPENING?’ she asks as she shakes Kate’s shoulders. "Ship? What ship? How? When? How? WHY?”

Kate falls out of her chair laughing. “No no, wait, this is great. We can fuck with people now! We can like pull some Kripke shit and they will eat it up!” she states excitedly. “We can so do this and be the next Destiel!” she adds sitting back in her chair.

Katie thinks about it for a minute. “Oh it is so on now” she smirks and runs back to her computer leaving Kate in the room giggling hysterically.

((fuck me, yes I did it!!! *dies laughing*))

“Dean, I’m going to be back in a couple minutes to help pat backs, okay?" 

"Wheh yah goen, Jo'ey?” Dean asked around his mouthful of food. 

“I have to talk to Missouri for a minute, but I need you to help Teacher Andy clean up and then put out all the mats. Can you do that?" 

Dean smiled and nodded his head vigorously. He took a drink of his milk and scooted his plate closer to his chest, loading his spoon and shoving more food into his mouth. 

"What about me?” Meg asked, standing up from her stool. 

Jody looked at her and quirked an eyebrow. Meg sat back down. “You were my helper this morning, Meg. It’s Dean’s turn now. You get to help with the mats on Friday, remember?”

“Is tomorrow Friday?” Lisa asked. 

“Today is Wednesday. So what’s tomorrow?”

Lisa counted on her fingers, singing the days of the week song softly, “Thursday!” she exclaimed. 

“That’s correct,” Jody said. 

“If Friday a home day for Bela?” Gabriel asked. 

“It is,” Jody nodded.

“Yeah, and it’s a home day for Charlie too,” Lisa said. “Hey Dean, guess what? I got a baby in my tummy. Hers name is Sammy." 

Dean swallowed and shook his head. "Nuh-uh! My brother is Sammy. Your baby is not my brother. Only I gots a Sammy!" 

"Hey, kiddo,” Andy spoke up. “Lots of people have the same names, you know. I used to know a girl named Sammy, just like Lisa’s baby." 

"But her baby can’t be a Sammy. Only my baby is Sammy!” Dean squeezed his tiny fist around the end of his spoon and scrunched up his face. 

Andy opened his mouth to try and counter whatever argument was forming in Dean’s mind, but just before the words came out Castiel rested his hand on Dean’s arm. “It’s okay, Dean,” he said quietly. “Lisa’s baby is a girl Sammy. Your brother is a boy." 

Dean smiled, suddenly, as if Cas had said some kind of magic word. "Yeah, my Sammy is a boy and he’s gonna get big and come to school with me and then your Sammy is gonna be little forever." 

"Hey!” Lisa shouted. 

“Dean,” Jody said. “We always talk kindly to our friends. Remember?" 

Dean nodded. 

"Good. Now I have to go and I’ll be back really soon, okay?" 

A chorus of okays and byes rang out and Jody couldn’t help but laugh. 

"THAT’S NOT WHERE IT GOES!” Dean screamed. 

“It is too!” Meg shouted back. 

“Hey, guys. Why don’t we –” Andy tried. 



Jody saw Meg’s tiny fist fly out toward Dean before Andy had a chance to stop her. Dean was even quicker; he tackled her to the ground and clawed his fingers into her cheek, growling with unadulterated rage only a three year old could muster.

Jody moved in and pulled Dean away. Andy held Meg.

Dean shook in Jody’s arms and then began to wail, tears falling fast. 

“It sounds to me like you really don’t want Meg to have her mat where your mat goes next to Castiel. Is that right?” Jody said calmly, keeping her arms wrapped around Dean’s tiny frame. 

“She doesn’t go there,” Dean cried. 

“I hear you,” Jody acknowledged. “That spot is for your mat and you don’t want to move, do you?" 


"Did you think that maybe Meg forgot where he mat is supposed to go?" 

"No. Sh-she’s just m-mean and wants to steal Cas.”

“I don’t think she’s mean. Meg is one of my very nice friends, did you know that?” Jody looked at Meg and smiled. “Just this morning Meg helped me to put all the books away when you and Castiel were playing with trucks. Do mean people do that?" 

Dean shook his head. "But she can’t sleep next to Cas. Only I can." 

"That is correct,” Jody agreed. “But you can remind her of that using gentle words instead of yelling at her, right?" 

"No.” Dean huffed. 

“Would you like me to help you?”

Dean grumbled and squirmed, crossing his arms over his chest. “Meg, you can’t sleep next to Cas, cause that’s where I sleep. Your mat goes over by Charlie and Bela." 

"I don’t want to sleep there. I want to sleep next to Castiel,” Meg argued. 

“I understand that you want to sleep next to Castiel, but your mat always goes between Bela and Charlie. But maybe when you wake up from your nap you can sit next to Castiel during snack. Does that sound okay?" 

Meg smiled. "Okay." 

"Good. Now let’s finish getting your blankets.” Jody and Andy let go of the two of them and watched them walk to their cubbies. Dean made quick work of getting his blanket and heading over to Castiel who was waiting for him patiently. Dean rested his head on Castiel’s shoulder while Andy switched Meg and Dean’s mats back to their rightful places. 

When everything was back in order (and Jody was sure neither Dean or Meg left any lasting mark on each other), Jody turned on the lullaby CD, covered everyone, and then sat between Gabriel and Lisa to rub their backs, while Andy sat between Meg and Bela. 

Ten minutes later, like clockwork, Dean and Cas were sound asleep, curled around each other across both of their mats. 

I drank too much last night and didn’t combine these two drabbles like they should have been…go me!  Inspired by my TumblrOTP….here they are in one post so you don’t have to go digging!!

*the drunken Sabriel drabble that sparked a Destiel sequel*

Gabriel grabs Sam by the hand. “Come, take a shower with me.” Sam raises a brow quizzically.

“Really Gabe?” Sam says worming his way out of Gabriel’s grasp. “I’ve got work to do. Dean’s in the other room. And I’m still clean from the shower I had not two hours ago.” he adds moving back towards his laptop.

Gabe huffs, “I’ll make it worth your while” the angel says teasingly, fingers trailing lightly down the hunter’s arm.

Sam rolls his eyes. “You are insatiable, You know that” he states with a small smirk playing on his lips.

Gabriel shrugs. “Yeah, well, you like it” he replies kissing Sam on the cheek.

Sam laughs and laces their hands together. “Fine, but it better be quick” he gives in standing up.

“As you wish” Gabe says as he sweeps Sam away to the bathroom. 

Dean was on his way to his room as the bathroom door shuts. He hears giggling, cringes and walks back the way he came.

The obnoxious giggling grew louder in Dean’s ears. All he could hear was Gabriel’s voice and it was scarring him. He hurried to find the portable radio they kept and turned it on and up as loud as it would go. 

Castiel walked into the room curiously, seeing Dean’s head bowed toward the small radio, hands white knuckled on the shelf it was sitting on. Cas raised a brow as he walked slowly to him.

“If your brother doesn’t die of too much sex I swear to whoever the hell is still up there I’ll kill him myself” Dean states, knowing Cas is staring at him.

Cas places a hand on his shoulder. “You let the little things get to you Dean.” He said soothingly.

Dean’s head shot up. “Little things? They’re having sex…very loudly…in MY shower” he replies, trying not to shout. “My shower, I’m going to have to disinfect the entire bathroom…again” he adds with a huff.

Cas smiles at him and pulls him up, wrapping his arms around the hunters waist. “We could always give them as you say a run for their money” the angel smirks.

Deans eyes light up. “Oh really?” He asks raising a brow.

Cas nods. “Computer room?” Cas suggests. Dean smirks evilly and drags the angel off to Sam’s sanctuary.

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ur lucky man. honestly you seriously are. I follow so many people that stuff like this happens all the time but its TOO MUCH and I just…uhh. but thank you. hopefully you miss all the wanky stuff!

That’s exactly it, it's too fucking much

I get that you want your pairing to be canon, don’t we all, but there’s a line, a line of fuckin' ri-di-cu-le 

Not everything has to be a source for wank, sit the fuck down bro you’re going way too far with one

…all of this just baffles the fuck out of me, how do you stand it?

*hugs u ‘cause u sound so done omfg im so sorry *

Christopher looks up at the top shelf, eyeing the Oreos like he’s waiting for them to do a trick. Dean sneaks a glance at him as he grabs a box of Ritz. He’s waiting for the inevitable, the moment when the seven year old decides that he needs them or he’ll die. It comes much quicker than Dean had planned.

Christopher tugs hard at the elbow of Dean’s jacket. Dean shakes his head before he even looks down at the kid, but Christopher doesn’t see the gesture. Instead he’s pointing at the cookies and pulling his best puppy dog look that Dean swears could rival Sam’s. Christopher drags an open palm down the front of his shirt.

Please? He asks.

No, Dean signs pointedly. We already have enough at home.

But we don’t have those, Christopher signs back. 

We have chocolate chip, peanut butter, and those ones covered in green diabetes with sprinkles. You have enough.

Dean knows what’s going to happen the minute Christopher stiffens his arms at his sides and sticks out his bottom lip. He’s pouting so hard and forcing his eyes to water like it’s going to make Dean give in to his demands. It’s a show that Dean doesn’t care to be a part of.

I want them, Christopher signs, his hands are tight, angry. Dean would almost find it adorable if the kid wasn’t being a complete brat right now.

Too bad, Dean signs back. I said no.

Dean grabs the cart and starts pushing it down the aisle, fully aware that Christopher hasn’t moved to follow him. He looks back and the kid is sitting on the floor. Arms and legs wrapped around his body like he’s trying to fold himself into some intricate origami figurine. Dean huffs a sigh. 

He spins the cart around and back-tracks toward the boy. He kneels down until he is right in Christopher’s face, so he knows the kid can see him.

Get up, Dean signs.

Christopher scrunches his face and hugs himself tighter, ignoring Dean completely.

Get up or I will pick you up.

Dean captures Christopher’s attention. The boy stares at him with narrowed eyes, like he doesn’t believe Dean will do it.

Liar, he accuses.

You really wanna test me?

Christopher stares at Dean for a moment longer then untwists himself and stands. He isn’t happy.

He looks up at Dean and wears his “I hate you!” expression. It’s part of the seven year old’s secret arsenal; Dean’s only ever seen it twice before now.

Apple juice? Christopher asks. Apparently over the lack of Oreos added to their groceries.

Dean starts pushing the cart towards the cheeses. Maybe, he finally signs.

He misses the small smile that plays on Christopher’s lips.