Look at DIS! >~<

OK, so I’ve had this for a while, but I thought I’d share eventually xD You see, my friend, Dani~chan, LOOOOVVVVEEEEESSSS Tsubasa: Chronicles :D So I got her a Mokona Hat >~< (beyond kawaii) It’s gonna be shipped to her on Saturday <3333

Here’s a pic:

Also I got myself some stuff along the way :3 I got a NEW wallet based on Usa-chan from Ouran HighSchool Host Club! TOO CUTE! >~< I also got a notebook of Sebastian 8D The demon symbol is on the pages <3

and as a side-note, here’s my FABULOUS new desktop I made :DDDD Madoka Magica FTW!

Anyhow, Goodnight everyone! Have a history test 2morrow -.- Wish me luck </3