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What You Don’t See Behind The Scenes

This is a recent entry that my boyfriend Dan LuVisi has written about his child, Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter, printed back in 2010. Since then, he (and others who know and love his work) has seen his work used in many formats without credit. The World Wide Web is a free-for-all environment where you can run into articles, comics, movies, games, etc. that lift ideas and designs from artists who work relentlessly and post online for others to enjoy. The latter is what art should be all about! That and supporting yourself (and loved ones) with your craft. Too often, artists will browse their favorite sites, then suddenly see their work plastered someone else’s work without any credit (yes, there’s being inspired by art and tributes, but then there’s straight up theft) Even worse, the artist sees this but has no clue how to approach the situation and feeling discouragement. If they do know, get a headache at the consideration of lawsuits and law fees against the larger corporations who commit the wrongdoing.

So I’m sharing this because this has happened constantly to Dan. In response to the nonsense, rather than start a witch hunt, he wrote this out so that he can share with others the rise and fall of his journey with LMS. Despite the stresses, naysayers and art thievery of the art industry, these should never deter aspiring creators to fight for themselves just as much as Dan has. I’ll do ahead and Dan do the rest of the talking. It’s a long read but well worth it:

“I was once told that someone felt I didn’t deserve the success of my book, LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter (2010). I spoke to my girlfriend Allison about the situation, because I couldn’t understand why since I had never met nor talked to this person before. I mean, not that everyone has to like each other, but why because of the success of LMS?

She explained that throughout my career, people would only bare witness to what I show and produce–but would never be able to experience the journey it took to get there, unless they went down it themselves.

Here’s the story of my journey.

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