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IH bitch about IR making all Ichigo moments "into IR moments", "ignoring Ichigo's character development", "trying to take Ichigo's character development away for shipping, etc but then Ichigo and Renji have a bro moment and IH suddenly goes: OMGAZ IH is zoe canonz REnjo zipz izhihimiz and Ai-chi-goo chipz renzrukeyz, OMZ wat a zhippy momenz. cubo luves us zoe mush he gibes us super dupper shippzy momunt. schippy schippy rr/ih momunts no bro momunt but schippy canonz momunt.

Yeah it sucks that people try and make IR’s feel bad or guilty about everything we do – criminalizing us for bs reasons, but we’ll do what we’ve always done – be our “bitchy” selves and no one can moderate us or our ideas.