luvindowney replied to your post: Hey, so I bought the DVD for that film that I love…

I got my copy from itunes and nothing is edited ;)

I actually have that, too, but I would’ve liked an unedited hard copy since I collect his films on DVD and Blu-ray :(

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Now there are no movies with RDJ’s bare ass that’s a goddamn shame>_<

Well, we still have Fur but it’s not the same.

Sadly I don’t think we’re going to get any butt shots of ~*ginormous mega movie star*~ Robert Downey Jr. in the future.

One Universe Over

This is a commission for @luvindowney, which rolls in at about 5,000 words. They asked for a crossover between MCU and Avengers Assemble, and this was quite a lot of fun to write.

Once I think of a good summary, this is going up on AO3.


The Fantastic Four and the Avengers didn’t have many interactions, mainly because the four were usually off doing something in outer space while the Avengers took care of Earth. This was one of those rare times when something the Fantastic Four had done had to be cleaned up by the Avengers, and Tony didn’t even mind.


Because if there was one thing Tony enjoyed doing, it was poking fun at Reed Richards’s mistakes and inability to think ahead. And the fact that one of his satellites had started malfunctioning and needed to be fixed was nothing but funny and worthy of poking fun at Reed for.

Then there was the little fact that this was at most a two-person job, and as Sam was staying on Earth to monitor the repair efforts from a distant, Steve was coming with Tony. Thor and Hulk were too likely to break something, and Natasha and Clint didn’t have the strength for moving large things around even in zero gravity.

Though, admittedly, Tony had his own reasons for suggesting Steve as his partner on this mission.

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Granted, it wasn’t completely clean shaven, he probably just shaved in the morning and then not again before the show, and of course he looked great (I like him anyway of course), BUT: I do prefer some form of facial hair and had he kept that omg I would have completely died and not only just a little :D.

It’s just a personal preference, there’s no right or wrong here. I just like beard, always have, always will, and his silver spotted one is driving me completely nuts and would just have loved hq pics of that. One can dream.

(I definitely make too much Spidey / Deadpool edits at the moment…)
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So luvindowney is awesome and sent me the interview with Chris Evans & Scott Evans from the London premiere livestream.

It wouldn’t upload in a higher quality but here’s the interview for those who wanted to see it! And clips of Chris+Scarlett  & Chris+Rdj.
You should check out luvindowney ‘s blog (especially if you love Rdj & Chris).