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Fargo Season 2 Themed Valentine’s Day Cards
Fargo’s Craziest Episode Is One We Really Should Have Seen Coming
The FX series drafts a Season 1 star to help deliver its most ambitious hour yet.
By Joanna Robinson

Then Season 1 star Martin Freeman narrates (in his native British accent) the remainder of the episode as if he were reading from the chapter on Luverne, Minnesota, covering the Massacre at Sioux Falls. It’s a brilliant and quirky bit of frame narrative that not only brings back Freeman and delivers on Hawley’s overall concept for a Fargo anthology, but also sets up a truly audacious ending.

Those of you who follow my blog, know that I just got back from vacation–a 2,000 mile loop of Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.  Since I’m a terrible photographer, I’m just going to point you to toward this flickr stream, a midwesterner who has dilegently recorded my home state’s elegant decay.  In marked contrast to that, the place is booming with the oil and brother is it causing problems.  Truck grooves in the road six-inches deep in some places.  Road construction done by out of state firms who clearly are just letting random people operate heavy machinery, and with the flood and the oil boom there are thousands of people in western and central North Dakota living in RVs year round.  RVs are not designed for a North Dakota winter.  My hometown looks like post-Katrina New Orleans now.  It’s grim.  But that is always how it’s been out there–boom and bust. 

Here’s a picture of a movie theater in Luverne, Minnesota, that somehow still manages to show movies.  The town is otherwise adorable, and thanks to The Palace,  it is on my retirement shortlist.