I wanna date a dancer so we can have cute sessions like this and he can let me dance on his leg. :)

Lindsay’s working hard on her coronation solo. And then there’s me… taking pictures when I should be teaching.

I love being in the studio. :)

My boss gave me a key to the studio.

That means I get to go in there whenever I want as long as there are no classes going on and dance my little heart out.

She loves me. :)

Any takers for a contemporary dance partner?

Successful show today! My makeup is still intact and my hair is still in semi lioness mode.

I haven’t unpacked yet and I don’t plan on unpacking because we have the same lineup next weekend but I’m scared that my skirts are gonna get wrinkled.

Ended my day with $32 worth of stripper money.

Longest dance and drive day. Ever.

From Paradise Hills, to Chula Vista, to La Mesa, to La Jolla, to Imperial Beach, back to Chula Vista, and back to Paradise Hills. I’ve never driven so much in one day.