just now, when i was yelling about the bastardization of unionizing by content creators (sry i don’t think youtube creators need to band together to ventilate the mines and end child labor practices, calm down and get a real job), my girlfriend said to me, “you know, i pay the electric and internet bills, and we’re in love, and i fell in love with you at least in part because i read your tumblr, so you….. kind of monetized your blog” 

teens!! listen to me!!! never doubt that with a little hard work & a little charm & a lot of shitposting you, too, can really have it all!!!!

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#'s 17 and 18 for the YOI asks! ^^

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17. Do you have a favourite piece of meta? Give us a link!

Honestly the meta in this fandom has been top-notch ever since episode 3, but a recent favourite of mine is @thatshamelessyaoishipper‘s analysis of the parallels between Michele and Sara’s relationship with Victor and Yuuri’s. It feels like the general consensus in the fandom is “eww incest” to the point where the valid points made through the portrayal of the siblings gets shoved aside. Guys, we’ve already seen YoI handle a wide range of themes with maturity and tact, surely you can accept that they’re not putting this in for some sort of siscon kink? Sibling pairs and their unusual dynamics have always been present in figure skating, please don’t dismiss that representation just because most animes play the incest card as a fetish.

18. Have you made any new friends because of YoI?

Interestingly most of the people I interact with were in Haikyuu!!, Free! or even Joker Game, haha. I did get to know about @drawverylittle thanks to YoI though, and I can’t wait to see them at Comic Fiesta! 

Yuri!!! On Ice Asks!

Some Random Jack Headcanons

(that nobody asked for)

  • Jack doesn’t remember his biological mom bc she was never around. Bc she was out of the picture by the time he was put into foster care, he isn’t even entirely sure if she’s still alive.
  • His dad got arrested for a bunch of stuff and that’s why he was put in care
  • he was really bitter and angry as a kid because he wanted to be a normal kid and didn’t understand why he couldn’t just go back to living with his dad
  • because of that he caused a lot of problems and did his best to not stay in one place for long
  • he was in a group home for a few months before he got placed with Medda, and that’s where he and Crutchie adopt Rosie and Kenzie from
  • Medda was pretty much his last chance before a detention center because he was starting fights and stealing things and causing trouble in families no matter how they treated him
  • Medda owns the community theatre in her town and her house is connected to it on the back so you have to walk through backstage to get there.
  • Jack had been drawing and stuff before getting placed with Medda but that was it, and he never had high-quality supplies before her
  • Medda was the first person to really encourage Jack’s art
  • He’s that kid who’s good at everything but it’s really hard to hate him because he’s genuinely super nice and sweet
  • the boy is a dork. he loves star wars and he loves musicals and he sings all the time
  • he does well in school but he spends most of him time in the art hallway
  • I cannot stress enough that he is a little ray of sunshine on the outside
  • he’s always smiling and laughing and telling jokes to people and he loves making people happy
  • but he’s really a tight little ball of anxiety
  • he stress paints and sometimes he ends up staying up all night to finish a painting he started 
  • he wears a hat when he paints to keep the paint from getting in his hair and his gray beanie is ridiculously stained
  • sometimes he forgets to wash his face and he comes to school to paint streaks
  • he always has a sketchbook and pencil on him in case of ARTISTIC EMERGENCY
  • (there was and ARTISTIC EMERGENCY the first time he saw a certain Crutchie Morris)
  • he has a set of those cool watercolor pencils and he uses them mostly for emphasis on pencil sketches (his favorite one is a drawing of Crutchie that’s black and white except for Crutchie’s eye and it looks really cool)
  • one time he fell off the stage during a chorus concert and it was fabulous
  • pebbles and chalk is an inside joke that he won’t explain to anyone but it has something to do with his best friend from high school whom he only refers to as Kiwi
  • He would do just about anything for his friends
  • the first time he kissed Crutchie he smiled so much that Crutchie kissed his teeth
  • he wrote Crutchie a song for their first anniversary (this one is sung by Jeremy Jordan and it’s the one Jack wrote bye) and every year he changes the lyrics (it’s never where I thought I’d be just shy of a year ago, just shy of two years ago, just shy of three years ago)
  • he’s a really cute boyfriend
  • You think Jack Zimmermann has the heart eyes? Jack Kelly  has heart eyes that could but Zimmermann to shame. 
  • if his eyes turned into literal hearts it wouldn’t be any more obvious
  • he’s OBLIVIOUS to romantic feelings. the boy’s emotional IQ is very high with the exception of romantic feelings. somebody could say to his face that they were in love with him and he wouldn’t get it until they kissed him
  • SIDE NOTE: Crutchie is very similar in that way and the beginning of their relationship was a mess because of that
  • he’s such a tactile person it’s kind of ridiculous
  • he hugs people and puts his arm around their shoulders and kisses people on the cheek and that made things even harder for Crutchie because he couldn’t tell if Jack meant something more or if he was just being his usual self
  • he painted the ceiling of his room at home with an accurate picture of the night sky and all the stars are in glow in the dark paint
  • it took him weeks to plan it and it’s absolutely gorgeous
  • his senior year drawing and painting final is still in it’s spot on the wall of his old high school when he goes for his reunion and it makes him really happy because usually the mural get painted over every few years to make room for new ones and his hasn’t been
  • he loves his friends
  • he’s the one who started the group chat and sometimes he regrets that choice
  • like when it gets renamed “The Spicy Boi Takes Manhatten” and “memefuckers anonymous” and “will succ for boyfriend”
  • but most of the time it’s the hub of entertainment and news and it’s great
  • except the times when somebody sends pictures meant for a personal chat to the group chat (it’s usually Race) (it’s always Race)
  • Jack is the dad friend who makes bad jokes and wears ugly clothes and it’s great
  • he’s really good at listening but horrible at advice and that’s why he and Crutchie become a power couple because they listen and Crutchie is good at advice and Jack is good at convincing people to follow the advice
  • Jack is romantic at heart and he loves taking Crutchie out on cliche dates and buying him flowers and singing for him
  • he has a gorgeous voice and plays guitar and often writes his own music
  • it’s really sweet