Luv(sic) part 4
  • Luv(sic) part 4
  • Nujabes ft. Shing02

Snow flakes in January,
Heart warm like February,
I wouldn’t ordinarily
March to the drum, play a fool like April
May the best sing in a June recital
Power of the will, Julius and Augustus
Aw you know, it’s just us
In a new semester, back in September
Boy, I wonder if you still remember…

R.I.P Nujabes. You are missed

Nujabes featuring Shing02 
remix by Uyama Hiroto

produced by nujabes
written by Shing02
edit by Uyama Hiroto 
scratches by djkou
harp by Rebekah Raff

mix and mastered by Uyama Hiroto 
A&R : Takumi Koizumi 
cover artwork & design by FJD

I met a metaphorical girl in a metaphysical world
now you got me day dreaming, sleeping in a curl 
her name on my tongue, a fresh flavor, yup 
whenever she popped up, put a swirl on my cone 
i used to rap like i had some marbles in my mouth 
but the stones turned precious when they all came out 
on a string of deep thought that could never be bought
body rock don’t stop, be bop to hip hop 
cold as ice so I stared as it thawed to the floor,
what was left a shoestring budget on call 
then these new styles came along 
some on to the next on some other hit, their own trip 
colors faded on airbrushed centerfolds, dated 
make you feel old and jaded 
the point was to make it and we made it but
we didn’t know how to keep it
like nice kicks. that wouldn’t fit 
only way was to box it up and duct tape it up 
store it underneath the bed and open it up
once in a blue moon, 
think about a cool ending
to a story that ended too soon 
gotta bring back the feeling 
I’ll do anything not to be stuck on fiending 
a pen can be sharper than a scalpel to a patient 
to an open heart, it’s a daily operation 

after six come seven and eight 
access code to the pearly gates 
they say heaven can wait 
and you speak of fate
a finale to a play for my mate
I see the angels draw the drapes
over the earthscape 
where the wine is the spirit of grapes 
gotta finish what we started, so I cut the tape 
as our records will stay on rotate

you say a circle is a flawless shape
every part equi-distance from the center
on the arc without a start or a finish
a line on a loop carries weight
a freight train runs unabated
views vanish from my point vantage,
passages come in and out
the way I recall your antics (how I remember your antics)
still alive ‘cause I said it
a life of its own unless we dead it
till they see our name in credits
a labor of love you mean slavery
surely, it’s been quite savory
crepe on the balcony, verbal alchemy
pure magic when she touches me
I read that love is kind but it’s also blind of any style
you profess, would you be my guest (you could be my guest)
happiness is a hot potato that you can’t possess for long
just pass it on like asong
and I might look calm and collected at a glance 
but I taste the void when I’m not connected
to the world kinetic, as opposed to static
idle hands a workshop of a digital addict (a modern-day addict)
on a hot streak for inspiration is key to feed
the mind in need of stimulation
elevator music to the space station
penthouse of stars a-blazing

after six come seven and eight
access code to the pearly gates
they say heaven can wait
and you speak of fate
a finale to a play for my mate
I see the angels draw the drapes
over the earthscape
where the wine is the spirit of grapes
gotta finish what we started, so I cut this tape
as our records will stay on rotate

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 Luv(Sic) Pt 5
  • Luv(Sic) Pt 5
  • Nujabes

Nujabes (ft Shing02)- Luv(Sic) Pt 5

Written by Shing02
All instruments by Uyama Hiroto
Scratches by DJ A-1
Mix and mastered by Uyama Hiroto

Label and Copyright: Hydeout / Tribe

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