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I remember I saw a comic with a dogo very similar and I didnt stop thinking about it, but couldn’t find it anywhere, please let me know if someone sees it or if I just dream about it OTL


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For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock; everywhere, yes. 

Easter Pranks

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Summary: Twin!Sister and Ethan have had a prank war every Easter for as long as they can remember. This year, things take a turn for the scandalous.

A/N: Hello all! Hoppy Easter! Here’s an extra Easter themed (kinda) fic! Hope you guys enjoy it! Don’t worry, I have another batch of requests I’ll be working on this week so I’ll get to those soon! Just had this idea while I was in the shower, so I decided to write it :) As always, italics signify the inner monologue, or in this case the little angel and demon on their shoulder, of a character. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 720, smol blurb

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“Ethan!” Your scream was heard throughout your apartment as you screamed at the top of your lungs.

“You snooze you lose sis, set an alarm next Easter yeah?” Ethan laughed as he ran out of your room and down the stairs.

You sat in your bed, drenched in ice cold water, fuming. It was like this every year. You’re not sure when it started, maybe in the womb, but Easter Sunday was a free-for-all prank war between you two. One year you put bleach in his hair gel and he had to go to Easter mass blonde. Another year, Ethan hid a raw egg among all the Easter eggs and when you found it and cracked it on your head expecting a burst of confetti and candy you were instead met with a sore spot and egg yolk in your hair.

This year you’d gotten a rude wake up call, it’s not your fault your boyfriend had kept you up all night doing… stuff.

Your boyfriend came in, he’d been in your en suite hiding from Ethan, laughing as you shivered in bed, “Aw, Ethan got you already?”

“Yes! I overslept because of you so he woke me up with a bucket of ice water,” you said with a pout on your lips.

“Guess it’s time for a nice, warm shower,” he said, leaning down to place a soft kiss on your freezing lips. “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” you giggled as he lifted you out of bed and carried you to the shower.


Ethan was downstairs eating all your cereal when he heard the water turn on. What a fool, he thought to himself, so vulnerable! It was almost too easy.

He snickered as he made his way to your water heater. Wait! The little angel on his shoulder said. You know the rules! You can’t prank twice in a row! You said so in the pact of ‘06!

Ethan shrugged, you have a point.

Who cares? The little devil on his shoulder argued. If you prank twice in a row, the prank war is called off till next year. This way, you’ll get off clean and unscathed until next year!

Ah yes, that’s an even better point. Ethan smirked as he turned the heater off, expecting another high pitched scream to ring throughout the apartment.


That was certainly not his twin sisters voice.

He ran up the stairs, who-was that-in the shower-whAT? He couldn’t even keep a steady train of thought as he flew up the stairs and tore open the bathroom door.


“Dude shut up he’ll hear you!” You whispered as your boyfriend shivered in the cold water spewing from the shower head.

“Easy for you to say you’re not in the cold water,” his teeth chattered as he tried to move out of the stream of water.

“Do you even remember how I was woken up??” You yelled in a hushed whisper.

“What the fuck?” You two heard Ethan yell outside the curtain.

“Ethan get out!” You cried, hiding behind your secret boyfriend as Ethan pulled the shower curtain back.

“Mark what the fuck are you doing?!” Ethan yelled, whoever he expected to be behind the curtain it definitely wasn’t his boss.

“Uh, you know. Conserving water? The droughts not over you know,” Mark said nervously, a blush covering his cheeks, as he held a shampoo bottle at his groin.

“Ethan! Out!” You screamed, chucking a bar of soap at him. “The war’s off! You know the rules!” You cried, mortified, as he backed away from the curtain.

“You could’ve told me you know,” Ethan yelled, still in the bathroom but at least he was covering his eyes now. “You have my blessing Mark, just don’t do… this while I’m here,” he said as he backed out of the bathroom.

“Hey buddy? Best friend of mine? Will you turn the heater back on?” Mark asked with a laugh as goosebumps rose all over his skin.

“I suddenly have no idea how to work the heater!” Ethan yelled up the stairs. “I’ll be at the office bleaching my eyes if you guys need me.”

“Ethan!” Your scream melted into Mark’s laugh and rang throughout the now empty apartment.

What an eventful Easter morning.

A/N 2.0 There you go peeps. Hope you enjoyed this one! It was really fun to write this, hope you guys got a kick out of imagining Ethan’s reaction to seeing a naked Mark in the shower with his sister! 😂

Thanks to @ myself for requesting this fic. I’ve been wanting to write something besides romantic ethan x readers hehe (not to say I don’t love writing ethan x readers! I love the smol blu boi! just wanted a little break is all)

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I’m not tricked people!😂 (at least i think) I really think pennies are cute so..

But DO NOT see this movie when you’re not interested at all of this IT things and didn’t know about anything but you saw my IT fanart and like “hmm this is pretty nice, I should see this movie” LMAO

Cuz all of my IT stuffs are fake.. real fake.. yeah.. (I myself luv clown but most people… well 🤔) you should know, IT is horror movie! 😂 


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