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my julien,

our second vacation… well, first as a couple, is going much better than the first. no one’s been punched yet. knock on wood.
it’s been a month since we first kissed. it was actually our third kiss, but that’s not important, right? since then I’ve fallen in love with you more each day over the last 30 days. I wasn’t sure that was even possible. I was in love with you, julien, the first time we met. when I kissed you that day in the locker room, I thought, ‘oh my god, I never want to kiss anyone else but him.’ scary stuff when you’re only seventeen. so I pushed you away. bleached my hair. edgy, right? I watched you love somebody else. I found someone else, but he didn’t compare. you know he didn’t. you told me he was wrong for me, I didn’t believe you. but you’re always right, because you know everything about me, and I know everything about you. you are my best friend. 



this is tristen ok and i have a story for her and i’ll take more pictures of her and post that okee but she’s still a wip but i’m loving her so far and i can’t think because i’m sick and my head hurts and she just looks really good in this dress


a very happy fucking 18th BIRTHDAY to my forever girl, my gemini twin (literally), my moonchild, my meshi <3 i love you to the stars and back my mooshi, all our complaining about senior year, machine gun kelly being our husband, and even chatting about our day and calling each other every name in the book. now you go out there and party it up in oregon ok, and enjoy your time out of oklahoma you butt cuz’ hell knows i would. love you ya lil’ punk