luv u boo!!!!!!!!!!!

friendly reminder that @thewillfulones is so fantastically amazing and talented and beautiful and wonderful and she my ho and i luv her…. she is my angel… my boo… and im so thankful to have her in my life and my tumblr life and.. i just luv her so much ok… she is wonderful and if u don’t follow her u ARE MISSING OUT ON EVERYTHING!! SHE IS CREATIVE AND BETTER THAN SHAKESPEARE….. BYE

anonymous asked:

tbh i havent seen ur nsfw blog that everyone keeps talking about but all i have to say is damn let the babe live her life ugh keep doin u boo luv u

you cute as hell boo thanks for that love ima be real it was lit af but i had to kinkshame myself every time someone looked at it lmao

illuminatialien  asked:

Heyyyyy ❤

stephen. we have been best friends since the beginning of time and like our friendship is probably scientific evidence that our atoms came from the same supernova at the dawn of time. i would reference one of our inside jokes from kindergarten (i’m gonna do it anyway, “velociraptor czk czk steve” with dinosaur claw hand motion) but i kno better. i know you’ve forgotten them all smh, you’ve forgotten velociraptor steve. hope i can visit you and ur lovely family (mia + irene + victoria) again soon. if only so i can get drunk, hit on your partners, and come out to your cat again. honestly, tho you mean the world to me, and i’m so grateful everyday that if there’s anyone whose life i’m inextricably tied to in this world, it’s you and yours. looking forward to being your best friend until the inevitable heat death of the universe. luv u boo

– Mutuals send me a ❤️ & I’ll compliment you.

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I'm sorry you get tons of hate messages! Believe me I understand how disheartening and frustrating it is. You're doing great and ily ❤ ~b-love

luv u too, thanks boo💕