luv the both of you btw

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*le GASP* I'll Nevers hurt Traveler!Frisk !!! She's a cuttie that deserves the luv !!! BTW can I hug you both ?? It's been awhile since we haven't talked ^^

Nova: yeah, it has been awhile! How have you been? XD ^^

Traveler!frisk" e-eh?? C-cuttie!! *blushes*

Traveler!Sans: so cute.

*both of Traveler!frisk and traveler!Sans hugs you, well, traveler!frisk hugs your fingers*

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Hc for MerlinxReader? Maybe reader is upset/depressed and Merlin tried to cheat them up?? 💓luv ur work btw ur lit the bomb

oops this turned into a drabble !!!

He notices you’re a little out of sorts over dinner. 

You two had settled on microwave dinners (thanks to coming home late and both of you being genuinely so exhausted that cooking is so out of the question), and certainly wasn’t anything great. You’d been stressed beyond belief recently - the shift from agent to an interim intel-oriented leadership position had you stretched thin. You’re staring into space, pushing your chicken and pasta around with a fork. Merlin sets his drink down, watching you.

“Y’ alright, love?”

“Hm?” you raise your head, blinking before nodding, “Oh. Yeah. M’fine, Ham’. Just… tired.”

Merlin nods, chewing thoughtfully on the last bit of his dinner. “Y’sure y’re just tired? M’ here if you want t’ talk about anythin’, yea?”

You look up from your dinner and his worry hits you hard in the chest. It makes your nose prickle and soon you can feel tears threatening to spill over. It’s been a long week. You’ve been distant and cold and grumpy, but here he is, unwavering in his love and support and –oh, god, now you’re crying.

Merlin’s eyes widen and he stands quickly. “No, no, no, no. No tears. No, shh.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just so stressed out, Hamish.”

He sighs, crouched at one knee as he holds your hands and frowns. Swiping at a stray tear as you try to pull yourself together, Merlin presses a kiss to your knuckles as an idea springs to mind. “Here, why don’t y’ finish yer dinner, love. I’ll run th’ bath. Y’ can take a break from it all fer a bit.”

You love him. You do. So much.

He does just what he says. Long legs carry your better half through the kitchen and into your bedroom and the sound of running water coming from the other room is enough to calm you down already. When you finish your dinner, you ditch the microwave plate and fork into the trash and hobble into the bedroom. Merlin is perched on the edge of the tub, legs stretched out in front of him. His socks peek out from under his slacks and you notice they’re the ones you got him for his birthday. They have little German Pointers on them. Like Tessie.

His eyes soften when you cross the threshold of the bathroom. A hand extends and you knot your fingers with his happily. He tugs you between his legs, hands moving to rest on your waist as he looks up at you from his spot on the edge of the tub.

“You’re beautiful, y’ know tha’?” he mumbles, smiling a bit, “Yer gunna get in th’ tub an’ m’gunna get y’ a glass of wine and m’gunna sit here an’ yer gunna vent t’ me.”

A smile slips onto your face. It’s the first one all day.

“I don’t like seein’ y’ upset, love.”

You kiss his brow, hands brushing his jaw. “You make it all better, Hamish.”

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Hey, could u help me? So, I'm an 18 yrs person, born female, and since ur nb I thought u could help me w/ a thing. Most of times I feel like a girl, but sometimes I don't wanna have a gender at all. I keep thinking I do this just cuz I wanna be part of smt, so I pretend to myself I'm not cis. But I don't know what to think... what do u think? Is it possible to feel this or am I unconsciously pretending? Thx for reading, no need to answer if u don't want to =) luv u and ur art btw ♡

If you are an agender, you don’t feel like a girl or like a guy either. When you think of yourself, both “girl and boy” seems a bit off. For short, you don’t have any attachment towards either gender; you are okay being female, or would be okay being male, “neither” is your gender, so you’re fine using whichever one fits you most, even if you are female by default. Even if you enjoy female activities more than male activities or act/dress/refer to yourself as a female you still an agender.  If you feel both male and female, then you are an genderfluid/bigender. There’s nothing wrong about it, just be yourself.

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bless this. small danny boy is so important. can you let him know i love him? because i do. he's amazing.

//look im sorry i dont have time to draw anything better asgfhg but u r like super sweet n we luv u

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Yo, Senpai ❤️ May I ask for some funny/fluffy HCs for Sabo, Zoro, Coby and Ace with an s/o who was pretty reserved at first, but months later opens up & turns out to be a total dork? For example: surprise cuddle attacks, challenges them to mock-battles daily, pretends to be a wrestling champ, pranks them. (What was this, I'm so sorry, this is so weird I put too much thought into this) I feel like Coby's reaction would be the most amusing tbh. Too specific??? I'm sorry T_T Thank u. I luv u <3

DAWWWWWW YOU ANGEL YOU, of course I’ll do it, I LOVE U TOO! btw did I just spot BOTH Sabo AND Coby? *swoons*


  • yeah sure he’s perplexed and wonders if everything is alright with his s/o
  • because a change in personality can catch him off guard a little
  • but then he would LOVE it, like just enjoy all the cuddle attacks and pranks and whatever
  • He’s a prankster after all so they might as well prepare for some battles of life and death


  • you’re wrong there honey
  • Zolo’s reaction is the funniest
  • watch this man get completely perplexed at his s/o doing these kind of Luffy/Usopp/Chopper antics
  • lol Zoro you actually thought you could get it with someone mature and quiet right?
  • After a while he will just settle with this and accept his fate


  • this will surprise him so much lmao
  • like he would blush like mad and not funtion properly
  • every excentric thing his s/o pulls would make him get flustered so badly
  • I mean he’s the blush master after all
  • but they would also make his heart skip a beat, he just thinks they’re the funniest and most adorable person in the world


  • Awww his reaction is so adorable
  • because he held back all his affections when he saw his s/o’s initial shyness and now he can be the big dork that he always is
  • I mean he already thought his s/o is hella enchanting before but this boosts everything
  • Also prank battles, a lot of them

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Hiya! I'd like to request a Pidge imagine pls? Reader is a mysterious figure that helps the Paladins fight Zarkon but doesn't really talk to them or join them but Pidge sees them without their mask & sees they're just a kid & manages to persuade them to live with the team & ends up being their first friend in years? Thank u!🎉

Helloooo I’d like to request a Pidge fic where she wakes up after being in a healing pod but doesn’t remember what happened. You’re there to calm down & comfort her only later realising you’re the one who saved her on a mission when one of the others tells her? Kisses & hugs & cute things for the curious green bby :) luv the blog btw x

“You don’t have to keep away. We won’t hurt you. You’ve helped us, you’ve earned our trust.” Pidge said, holding her hands in a non-defensive manner.

Pidge sighed, holding her head in her hands.

You slipped a finger between the chink in your mask, letting the compressed air out of the metal cover. Pidge let out a small squeak at the sight of your face.

You were so young. You still were so young. You both were. Pidge groaned in frustration and stood up, keeping an eye on the pod you rested in.

“Wake up soon, honey,” Pidge said to no one in particular. “Please.”

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SITS guys having to take care of sick mc :3? or u can do it the other way around or even both. btw, luv u n ur writings<3!

Kyohei: Concerned. He would clear his whole schedule, making sure you were not alone until you were 110% better and on your feet. He would make you his special fried rice and hold your hand until you feel asleep.

Iori: Irritated. “How the hell did you get sick?” He whispered to himself, brushing back your bangs to wipe away the sweat that had accumulated on your forehead. He couldn’t believe you were making him take care of you, not that he would leave you alone of course. 

Kota: Confused. After Nagito assured him that all you needed was a good nights sleep, Kota wasted no time picking you up bridal style and carrying you to his room, putting you in his bed and climbing in with you, “Just go to sleep,” He said, nuzzling your backside, “And feel better.”  

Nagito: Loving. “Do you want to eat? Maybe a bath?” He asked, making sure you were comfortable in his bed as he ran his fingers gently through your hair. “Food sounds good.” You said, and he wasted no time rushing to make you something. The sound of clattering pans and pots filled you with love. 

Takashi: Rational. “Here.” He said, holding out a spoonful of medicine. Sadly, you leaned forward and took the horrible medicine, coughing a bit after. Takashi held out a glass of water for you before sitting next to the bed, leaning over so his head rested on you pillow. “What are you doing?” You asked. “Go to sleep, you need your energy.” And with that he hummed you your very own bedtime lullaby. 

Ryo: Careful. “Is it to hot?” He asked as you ate the porridge he made for you. “It’s fine, thanks.” You said, struggling to bring the spoon to your mouth. “Here let me,” He said, reaching to take the spoon and carefully bringing it to your lips.

Joe Sugg-Can We Keep This a Secret? (FLUFF)

Request by anon: can u write a joe sugg imagine where the two of you start hookin up at playlist live but r keepin it a secret from ur friends? fluff or lite smut, up 2 u. i luv ur writing btw. lolz xD
Y/N’s P.O.V.
You snuck out of Joe’s hotel room in the morning after an amazing, but wild night. It was the first time you had hooked up, and you both weren’t sure what to make of it this morning, whether it was just influenced by the alcohol or something deeper so you both swore to not tell anyone about it. The plan quickly began to fall apart though as you soon as you walked into the door.
“Where were you?” your roommate, who also happened to be your best friend and had made it big on YouTube the same you did.
“Doesn’t matter where I was other then I’m fine and not injured at all,” you said as you walked across the room past her to dig in your luggage for fresh clothes.
“You could have called, or even texted me! Where were you?”
“Want to know the truth?”
“Of course!”
“I had a sleepover with Zoe and Tanya, that’s all.”
“Why wasn’t I invited?”
“I don’t know.”
“I’m friends with them too but whatever. Is there going to be a vlog about this at all?”
“No, we didn’t have any of our cameras on.”
Silence filled the room for a few minutes as you rummaged through the your luggage to look busy, hopefully she would drop it and walk away. But she didn’t, standing behind you until she finally spoke again.
“No seriously though; you had me so worried. Where were you? Please just tell me the truth,” she asked again, this time sounding more harsh. You thought about your response for awhile, not knowing what to say but you know you had to tell the truth; she was your best friend after all. You turned around to face her.
“Okay fine, I’ll come clean and tell you everything.”
Joe’s P.O.V.
I had an entire room to myself last night so I figured I should have Y/N over. We didn’t expect it to go any further than just two friends talking but boy did it. We had both promised to keep it a secret, for now, from our friends because the more people who would know about it, the more chance of it getting out there to the subscribers. We weren’t sure if we wanted that yet.
“Just one step at a time,” I told myself, which is quite ironic considering what happened last night. I heard my phone buzz which got me out of my thinking.
“Hey,” Marcus texted. “Want to meet us down here for breakfast?” I figured to not act suspicious I should agree to meet up with him.
“Yeah, be down in 5,” I texted back. Now to find my clothes and get down there.
I got down to the lobby and Marcus was waiting for me in the lobby.
“Hello,” he said as he approached me to give me a hug. With him being so much bigger than me, I knew he would try to squeeze me to death, so I quickly stepped back away.
“Hey. So are we the only ones eating together? Where’s Niomi?” I asked.
“I let her sleep in. We had a good night last night if you know what I mean,” he said, punching me on the shoulder.
“Yeah me too,” I said, nonchalantly and not thinking about what I was saying.
“Wait? With who? You slept with someone last night,” Marcus said, quite loudly. Oh, great what have I done now. I was trying to think of a response as my phone vibrated.
“I think I may have just given away the secret,” Y/N texted. All I could do was reply back honestly,
“I think I might of too.”

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Can I get a ship please? I’m a curvy bisexual girl and my best quality is my sense of humour. I’m really sensitive and I have depression. My favourite things to do are talk to my friends, write, nap, and cuddle. I love dogs and cats. Thanks so much!

Of course luv💞
He loves that your curvy and bi btw He loves how you are so proud of it as well,and he absolutely always try to fight you with who is funnier when it came to bring funny honest:’),when it came to having depression he tries his hardest to get you to smile as many times as possible or laugh and you both know it’s a lot harder then that but the littlest things can help and you love him for that:’),He loves to sit with you while your writing and just read your work and admire it while cuddling Tessa and you omg 😭😭💞❤️❤️

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Are there any gifs of Jungkook doing skinships to Taehyung? :) I love your blog❤️

As i mentioned before…we are missing a lot of VKook moments through fancameras.. A LOT.. and that includes skinship of both sides among other things! ..i don’t know when that reality will change but there has been improvement about that so i keep my hopes up!!xD 

..I usually put together lots of moments in each post,even when the quality of the video is bad,so take a tour on the 1rst tag,although it’s a mix of anything they do! ..but i still haven’t fill up this tag of my gifs on everything they have done,cause others post too and i reblog VKook gifs too,so for everything,you would have to go to the 2nd tag cause beside pics/gifs/videos,there are also mentions of their moments that we haven’t even seen in pics yet!



To sum it up though…what kind of KookV skinship you want to see?!

He pretty much has touch ..every part of him!

..somehow i end up posting 40 gifs..for more though,check the tags above!xD

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HIIII CAN I HAVE A SHIP PLS 💕 Mah name is Charis. I’m Asian, 5’7, have black hair and brown eyes. I’m rather introverted. I like reading, writing, SLEEPING, photography and sports. I love heart to heart talks. I like small casual hang outs like board game nights, not big social events. I dislike parties. I like being alone sometimes to relax and have time for myself. I love thinking and asking the weirdest questions about everything. In general I’m a weird hooman being. BTW LOVE YA 😘💕🙆🏼

HIIII of course you can luv ilyt 💞😘🌹,
You guys love to read together like you in his lap and him just brushing your hair,and when he is finished with the page he would just like gently tap your head or kiss your head as a signal to tune the page when both of you were done:’),Your the one who’s ALWAYS taking those museum worthy pics on Insta honestly:’),He loves to read your writing and just stay sleeping all day on his days offs with you like aweee,You guys have movie and board game nights like ever Friday night with haz,harry,Zendaya,and the whole gang just like yess yesss,And you guys would play 20 questions where you guys would ask the weirdest stuff ever and seriously the weirdest :’)😂💞😭😭

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Who do you like drawing the most gz papy or sans ?? ;3~ luv u btw

both xD

Ganz is because the floof and the ANGST

Pap is because..uh.. idk. but i like to draw him >_>