luv letters


Goth town girls all know how to act
I’m so handsome cuz I workout to the max
#Gothboiclique in the club in the back
Bodies in the basement while we’re counting up stacks
Three computers and I’m on the internet
I felt your heart one time
You still call me your man
I saw you looking so good

Bloody tears falling down on my sweater
You never wrote back to my luv letters
And the rain won’t make me feel better
Now it’s winter forever
Ice age in my heart
Life lived in the dark
Out here on my own
Why’d you leave me alone
If only you knew
How much I needed you
Then you’d still be here
But you’ve dissapeared

🎓 master list of sweet sorority graduation photo poses! 🎓

Celebrate your graduating sisters with a senior photo shoot. These are some cute & classic greek grad poses! Remember your senior sisters forever….


The Sororifetti: 

The Uncorked:

The Balloon Bliss:

The Cap Toss:

The Stole Spotlight: 

The Senior Sparkle:

The Crafty Cap:

The Shy Seniors:

The Fountain Frolic:

The Final Throw What You Know:

The Class Cap Collection:

The Stadium Stack:

The Grads in White:

The Casual Stroll:

The Stairway to the Future:

The Sit-In:

The Cap Side:

The Letter Luv:

The Journey Begins:

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Nostalgia Intra:  a collection of piano tracks I find personally nostalgic

001. Nujabes – Reflection Eternal  //  002. DJ Okawari – Luv Letter  //  003. User-999 – Nujabes from Above  //  004. Nujabes – Just Forget  //  005. Sealab2012 – Porco Rosso  //  006. Nujabes – Who’s Theme  //  007. DJ Okawari – Bluebird Story  //  008. Nujabes – Kumomi  //  009. Joe Hisaishi – Legend of Ashitaka  //  010. Joe Hisaishi – It’s Love Isn’t It (Howl’s Moving Castle)  //  011. Joe Hisaishi – One Summer’s Day (Spirited Away)  //  012. Unknown Artist – Grief and Sorrow (Naruto Soundtrack)



anonymous asked:

Kadghar, ever thought of using a navigational spell to send the, uh.. *ahem*.. 'un-wanted' letters elsewhere, luv? Throw the letters in the Molten puts of Blackrock?

“That is….almost tempting, but also feels a bit rude.”

BUT do you ever just stop, think and realise that the person who 

  • at the young age of 14 (when most of us are just starting to find out who we are) knew that making music was what she wanted to do 
  • bravely decide to reject a development deal by RCA Records because she wanted to be writing her own music
  • writes/co-writes all of her songs thus showing her talent and hardwork
  • released her first album when she was just 16 (a remarkable age)
  • baked cookies for radio stations who played her music (she is still doing this even after all this while)
  • used myspace because she wanted to connect to her fans and thank them for listening to her music (i would say tumblr is the new myspace)
  • wrote Our Song by herself which made her the first person to write and sing a no.1 country song by herself
  • Fearless debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Album Chart
  • the youngest ever to win Album of the Year at the Grammys for Fearless
  • wrote Speak Now (the album) all by herself
  • “there’s really no feeling quite like writing a song about someone who is really mean to you, someone who completely hates you, and makes your life miserable and winning a Grammy for it” for the song Mean
  • wrote We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together which became her first number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart
  • wrote Red which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 1.21 million, the highest opening sales in a decade 
  • her first official pop album, 1989 sold 1.287 million copies in its first week , debuting at number one on the Billboard 200, making her the only person to release three albums that sold more than one million copies in a week
  • had all positive reviews for 1989
  • removed her songs from spotify (which garnered a lot of support from fellow musicians) because it was not giving due credit to artists
  • is now the biggest digital act identified by the Recording Industry Association of America with 77 million certified singles
  • is the most popular recording artist across music downloads, streaming and physical format sales worldwide in 2014

is also the same person who

  • follows you on tumblr
  • likes  your posts and selfies on tumblr
  • likes and comments on your instagram posts
  • sends gifts to fans just beacause she wants to
  • invited fans to pre-album release listening sessions
  • tags reblogs with tags such as “#shirts are hard, #the cats are worried, #fangirl life is the only life, #how am i allowed out in public” 
  • completely blurs the line between fans and friends

which makes you realise that, taylor, despite the success and fame that she experiences on a day to day basis, is still the same person when she first started writing music and whom we fell in love with; and is basically like us, one that we all look up to because she is able to channel all the pressure that she gets in a way that benefits her growth both as an artist and as a person

Good luck to those receiving their college acceptance letters in the upcoming days!!! Just remember that a lot of these schools cant holistically analyze who you are by a couple of essays and numbers you submit. Even if you don’t get accepted into the schools you want, this isn’t the end for you!!!