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“Hot chocolate?” Nico asks as Will shivers in the doorway, even after he closed the door. It was -20 or something degrees out, yet Will still insisted that he walk to Nico’s house so they could binge watch Christmas movies, like they planned to last week, when it was bright and sunshiny. It was Christmas eve now, and the weather was worse than it’s ever been before. 

Nico called Will, insisting that he stay home. They only lived a few houses away from each other, but still. The conditions where horrible, for walking and driving alike. But Will still came over.

Now he was standing in front of Nico’s door, still shivering, his nose running, and his pants wet. In fact, he was soaked, and the only thing that would help him was hot chocolate, fresh clothes, and a warm fire. 

“Y-y-yes,” Will says gratefully. “N-n-no marshmallows, please.”

“What?” Nico says, not quite processing what his boyfriend is saying. 

“I don’t r-really like m-m-marshmallows. I’ve never told you before….”

“OH MY GODS. YOU DON’T LIKE MARSHMALLOWS IN YOUR HOT CHOCOLATE??? WHY DO YOU HATE LOVE??” Nico outbursts. Will rolls his eyes and throws his arm around Nico’s shoulder. 

“Neeks don’t be like that. I just–”

“NOPE!” Nico says, shrugging off Will’s arm. “YOU HATE LOVE GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.” Will’s giggling and Nico’s trying to keep himself from grinning. 



“Don’t make hot chocolate then. I’ll just leave.” Nico grabs his arm and pulls him onto his living room couch. 

“Nope. You’re staying here and drinking my hot chocolate made with the salty bitterness of my soul.” Will snorts. 

“Please. You don’t have a bitter bone in your body. You’re as sweet as honey.” Nico sticks his tongue out at Will. 

“Shut up, Solace. Go get something warm on so you don’t freeze to death.” Will smirks and Nico walks into the kitchen, getting out the milk and hot coco mix. The hot coco, like Will predicted, was made with love instead of bitterness because Nico was weak. 

When he came out, holding two mugs of hot coco, one topped with marshmallows and the other with whipped cream (the topping for people with no soul), Will was wearing a pair of his ripped jeans and a band t-shirt (why did he always look better in Nico’s clothes than Nico looked in his own clothes? It made no sense considering they where his clothes.)

“Here’s your hot chocolate, you soulless freak.” 

“Thanks,” Will says, flashing a toothy grin. Nico rolls his eyes. 

“Now are we going to watch some Christmas movies or did you just come here to steal my hot coco?”

“The Christmas movies can wait,” Will says, setting his mug down and stepping closer to Nico.

“Oh come on! What kind of monster are you? First you say you hate marshmallows, then you reject the hot chocolate I tried so hard to make–”

“Nico you microwaved milk and then put a packet of chocolate powder in it.”

“–Theeenn you say I have to wait to watch Christmas movies,” Nico finishes, crossing his arms. 

“What kind of–oh.” Because Will kissed him. Gently, softly, lovingly. Will kissed him with his arms wrapped around Nico’s neck and their noses brushing against each other. 

“You still think I’m a monster?” Will whispers against Nico’s lips, a smirk plastered on them. 

“Just a seductive monster,” Nico whispers back, pulling Will closer. 

“Well it seems to be working, Death Boy.”

“Just shut up and kiss me.” It was cold, it was snowing, their hot chocolate became lukewarm, but they shared kisses and curled up on the couch together and enjoyed this magical Christmas eve, tangled with each other, their lips hungry for more. 

I’m a huge fan of Nico being adorkable and a big dork when he and Will have been dating for a while just leave me alone *sobs in a corner*

Christmas Prompts

Happy Holidays! I can never take stuff very seriously when it comes to these guys, I’m sorry ”(u д u) -Pepple

BWUHHHHH pepplemint THANK U FOR THIS KIND GIFT…… i can’t take them seriously either that’s why i love them. this is so lovely i’m so ;-; ;-; ;-; THANK U SO MUCH BUD HAPPY HOLIDAYS


Let’s Christmas! 🎄☃️

Inspired by @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure:

23.“You can’t spend Christmas alone!”

“I have no one to spend it with.”

“You have me.”

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Words: 911
Warnings: none

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@nykkur i loved latrice as well!! i esp loved that she didnt like, super lean on the ~fat comedy~ like all of the bigger queens in s3 did. phi phi is doing better than i expected/wanted her to but idk i just dont like her lol maybe its clouding my judgement. and in the same way i love chad but i think its more a personality thing bc he just seems like the loveliest person so maybe im thinking his ~looks~ are better than they are (i mean theyre def good but…u know what i mean. i hope)