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can you talk a little about the member of you group? like what do you think of them?


@crawleymade gal,,, my sunshine and tru love.   i havent known gal for that long but i cannot imagine ever writing with anyone else tbh.   as a person, shes just fantastic !   the one true meme lord and #roasted af but also,  shes kind and caring and has been there for me during hard times.   shes an amazing person and her writing blows me away !   i dont think i could ever write w/ another jacob as gal has spoiled me with her characterization 

@giveusdeath nasti piece of gross 0/10 hate u.   even if ely is always late when we go to the movies,  i love him.   i’ve known ely for like,,,, several years now ?   we live in the same town and used to go to the same high school and tbh,,, id probs die for him.   hes great and funny and fucking stupid and drives me places and drinks too much redbull but he’s my fave and i dont wanna imagine my life without him

@roismorts despite the rough start,, ilysm.   i love everything about airon.   his writing, his accent and is hair.   im just forever heart eyes @ airon whenever we talk tbh.   hes chill and p funny most of the time when he isnt cracking jokes about the Hoe Ass !   doesnt take away frm the fact im super glad to have airon in my life and he da real mvp 👌👌👌

@ardenlier lena  !   my actual Wife.   she’s a golden sunshine and a gift 2 this world and fandom okey….   i legit luv and live for both lena and her writing.   like im not always élise’s biggest fan but lena is that 🙏🏻. she’s a gift 2 this world and this fandom,  okey.   shes so damn talented and generally such an amazing person that my eggo words fail 2 capture how utterly fantastic she is okay

@roidecles [ sok voice ]  lets boot julie frm the squad,,,,   oky but 4 as much as i shit on sok and say she twerks 4 jesus,, i luv her so much holy shit like u cannot believe it.   ur the bomb diggity and noah fence,,, u da garbage qwueen and im ur garbage king   xox !   our ship is the One truuu even if louis luv marie more then evie i can live but nah folks,,,, sok is the mmMmm good shit here ya’ll she funny and kind

@glorydriven / @templarcrowned c RACKS UP DA ANGST MUSIC………  actual satan,,,, dadward,,, mi fave.   dadward and his many kids but nah ya’ll i love cam they’re so cool okay !    cam,, who yells @ the tv when playing ac and also threatened 2 unfollow me upon finding out i hadnt played black flag and idk how i could cope w/ out that awesome cam in my life okay !   ( even if u make me cry sometimes ily anyways )

@lightlived space mom w/ the Good Hair  !     i havent spoken 2 mills as much as i should hav but she still the coolest okay,,, i luv mother milk.   shes sper pretty and funny and literally one of the best and most well written ocs ive seen in a while ?  like pls follow her okay honestly,, i love tid(dy) and shes my space mom and ur my space mom 2 even if u grounded me xoxo  !   

@nativesoldier the Newest member 2 the nasti squad,,   u and ur dancing grandma emoji that started the Great Emoji War of 2k17 and wasted my data loading it,,,, u still cool okay. but nah 4 cereal, diana is gr8 even with the emojis ;;;   diana is some Ace and the dealo folks did u know

my writing has slowly become more memey as i go along lmfao but nah i luv my squad,, they so Good

  • <p> <b>Shepard:</b> ay babe.<p/><b>Garrus:</b> not right now.<p/><b></b> *next day*<p/><b>Shepard:</b> Garrussss-<p/><b>Garrus:</b> Maybe later?<p/><b></b> *the day after*<p/><b>Shepard:</b> *throws self over computer display* GARRUS.<p/><b>Garrus:</b> *screams*<p/><b>Shepard:</b> LOVE ME.<p/></p>

bi boys I luv u im here 4 u I support U, go n kiss whoever and know that a giant image of my face is nodding approvingly in the clouds about it


Gods be good, why would any man ever want to be king? […] I told myself, swore to myself, that I would be a good king, as honorable as Father, strong, just, loyal to my friends and brave when I faced my enemies … now I can’t even tell one from the other. How did it all get so confused?       [requested by vvexpyke ❤︎]