luv madness


“I  w a s  a  k i n g  o n c e…”

a prayer for mad sweeney.

i’m going to be giving myself a little breather from other work and do some incredibly self-indulgent character portrait paintings from @americangods !

i have quite a few planned, but i had to get my fav angry leprechaun, Mad Sweeney, out of the way

mr. nancy should be next!

😚💖🌈🍒💌💝✨💕🌈💖🍒✨💌💞🌹💖⭐️💕😚🌈✨🌹🍒🌻😚⭐️💓💌💞👑💖😚🍒💌👑🍒✨💖😚👑🌹💌😚☀️💖✨🍒🌈💕💌💞💖🍒🌈😚😚💖🌈🍒💌💝✨💕🌈💖🍒✨💌💞🌹💖⭐️💕😚🌈✨🌹🍒🌻🍒😚jaehyun 💌💞👑💖😚🍒💌👑🍒✨💖👑🌹💌😚☀️💖✨🍒🌈💕💌💞💖🍒🌈😚😚💖🌈🍒💌💝✨💕🌈💖🍒✨💌💞🌹💖⭐️💕😚🌈✨🌹🍒🌻😚⭐️💓💌💞👑💖😚🍒💌👑🍒✨💖😚👑🌹💌😚☀️💖✨🍒🌈💕💌💞💖🍒🌈

just had a memory of when i tried to run a femslash feburary writing contest (it got cancelled bc no one entered) years back. i used a piece of art for the header and when i first posted it, i forgot to post a source link, and a bunch of the artist’s friends yelled at me in my asks while i quickly tried to fix it

years later i have found the art again and it turns out the artist was my now-girlfriend @robindaydream

life is weird!!!!!!!