luu triplets



1. Most of the production team and actors spent so much time in front of green screens and tiny pieces of sets– what was it like to finally see everything to come together? To see what the Shatterdome or the Jaegers actually looked like and the atmosphere they created? - Question by Anonymous

Luu Triplets: To be able to see our work on the big screen is truly amazing. When working in front of the green screen, you just have these sorts of ideas and visions in your head on how the scenes would be like in the movie. You can’t have a full grasp of the scenes until you see the ideas come out alive on the big screen. What surprised us was the shatterdome. The atmosphere created in the movie was absolutely unbelievable as you can see how everything was finely tuned in the movie.

2. If you were a Jaeger pilot, which Jaeger would you choose and who would you want as your co-pilot? - Question by Gabriëlle

Luu Triplets: We would definitely choose crimson typhoon as our Jaeger and we have certainly distinguished that in the movie, Wei tang triplets as the co-pilots. Crimson typhoon’s fighting style consists of martial arts. It also has the unique feature of having 3 arms which allows for greater mobility and range in battle. Also, the ability to move in synchronicity with one another will be advantageous towards battling the Kaijus.

3. With the film focusing so much on human communication and co-operation, to what extent do you think the existence of drifting, of truly being able to walk in another’s shoes, impacted your work on the film? - Question by Nicola M

Luu Triplets: It definitely felt like a stronger bond, knowing your pilots day in and day out and seeing them everyday on set was truly inevitable that you will learn much more about yourself and the other person. I am sure this question can be definitely answered better by the other actors/actresses since us brothers already do have a special unique bond since birth.

4. Did you keep anything as a souvenir from the shoot or if you didn’t, what would you want to keep? - Question by Libertinem

Luu Triplets: No, we didn’t keep anything as a souvenir. Certainly we would have liked to have the crimson typhoon costumes as a display, but just as display ha-ha….getting in those horrible uncomfortable suits for days was not pleasant at all. I am sure you heard some of the stories from the other actors such as Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba. They looked spectacular but we actually weren’t in the suits as long as the other stars were, so that was a benefit!

5. If you could play any other character in the movie, who would you play and why? - Question by Eveleen Chung

Luu Triplets: We would play the character of Raleigh Becket. His character did a lot in terms of saving humanity, closing the breach and defeating the Kaiju creatures with the help of gypsy danger. His character totally kicked ass in the movie.

6. What made you decide that this was a film you wanted to be a part of? - Question by Ineedabaitandeyeliner

Luu Triplets: The main reason we wanted to be a part of the film was because it was a Guillermo Del Toro film, who wouldn’t accept that? The CEO of legendary pictures Thomas Tull actually vouched for us & having him behind your back as well, just made the decision much easier. We were always into action movies. We grew up watching superheroes in action, robots and monsters in battle. When we heard the news that we were going to be part of Pacific Rim, we were truly blessed and excited for the opportunity. It does feel like a dream come true.

7. What, for you, was the best or most memorable off-screen moment while you were working on the film? - Question by Star

Luu Triplets: The memorable off-screen moment would be having the opportunity to work with the greatest cast/crew- professional actors/actresses as well as film producer/director. We learned a lot simply by observing how the professional actors/actresses worked on the set. We had individuals acted as our mentors as well which is great in developing and improving our acting skills.

8. I’ve heard actors talk about a ‘click’ moment on a production, where their character moves from being theoretical on the page to a real, breathing person. What was that 'click’ moment for you on Pacific Rim? - Question by Ardatli

Luu Triplets: Our “click” moment would probably be when we reached the stage of our final scene- the final wrap up of the set or the last day of shooting and then to patiently wait for the movie release kind of gave it a final stamp. We are known as Crimson Typhoons pilots now, or should I say Wei Tang Triplets.

9. So many reviews and commentaries have pointed out how Pacific Rim sparks a Saturday morning cartoon-flavored glee. Do any of you have favorite childhood shows, stories, or movies that this experience reminded you of? - Question by ThisNewDevilry

Luu Triplets: Pacific Rim reminds us of our childhood memories where, as kids, we were big fans of the gundam wing series. It was every kid’s dream to step into a robot and pilot one and to try to save humanity. I think it speaks volumes itself as Pacific Rim has taken over international box offices and setting records. In Asia we grew up watching this stuff, we wanted to live it & breathe it.

10. What do you think it is about Pacific Rim that made it gain such a dedicated fan base in such a short amount of time, instead of simply fading away like so many other blockbusters do after their initial release? - Question by nerdy-newton

Luu Triplets: Aside from the action you see in Pacific Rim, it had other great entertainment. It incorporated components of humour which captured the audience. It also had evolving relationships and heartfelt moments such as the relationship between Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori as well as the relationship between Mako Mori and Stacker Pentecost. Overall, Pacific Rim had a great storyline which had a complete impact on the audience. Like I said as well, our generation grew up watching this stuff & it was every child’s dream to finally see a movie like this. Many of us can relate to this movie as well & it just brings back all our childhood memories.

Thank you so much to Mark, Charles & Lance Luu (Jin, Cheung & Hu Wei Tang) for answering our questions!