WESTWORLD | 1.10 | Felix & Maeve

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WESTWORLD | 1.10 | Felix & Maeve

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2p!axis as roommates??



  • He thrives a bit on the messier side of things, and will leave dirty dishes lying around a lot. It’s not that he wants things to be dirty; he’d just rather wait until he has a large pile of things to clean than keep at it every day. 
  • He has “a chair” where he stores clothes he’s worn once or twice, but still aren’t quite dirty enough to wash yet.
  • He’s that roommate that will leave CDs of obscure bands you’ve never heard of on your desk, expecting you to listen that night so he can ask what you thought.
  • Somehow, he is illegally keeping and raising a Maine Coone in his room. The litter box is the only thing he does clean daily.
  • If you had a hard day, he is absolutely going to shove you on the couch for ice cream, wine, cuddles, and Gilmore Girls. With the cat. Who’s probably named Pretzel.


  • He jokingly flirts with everyone you bring into the apartment, from your grandmother to your actual s/o.
  • He makes you flip a coin to decide who’s cooking supper tomorrow night.
  • Often, he wears a blanket around the flat, using it much like a cape, and calls himself “King of the Cul-de-sac.”
  • Though he has his own room, he has a bunk bed. He claims that the bottom bunk is his “cave,” and the top is his “perch, from where I can judge lowly bugs like you from high above.”
  • You often wonder if he even has a social life, because he rarely has anyone else over, and he seems to think 3 am trips with you to the grocery store are heroic quests to save the kingdom from certain peril.
  • Seriously, this boy has no life. Please take him out more. He’s getting like no Vitamin D.


  • The annoying mom-friend who always remembers your doctors’ appointments.
  • Thinks that if he violins loudly enough, he can win the argument about why he put extra money into his share of the rent this month.
  • The rest of the flat can be a war-zone, but if his kitchen is not spotless, you will hear about it for months on end.
  • He spends almost $200 on cheeses every fortnight, and yet he wonders why you never touch it for your toasties.
  • He’s the roommate who will come into the bathroom while you’re in the shower and sit on the toilet lid so he can rant about his brothers.
  • He’s walked in on you while you were changing once, and didn’t even look away. He’s was too busy already reading a news-story to you about a recent diplomatic movement that could only end “horribly, in the worst way possible. Why are you standing there with your mouth open? Are you even listening to me?”
Something Borrowed, Something Red

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by bibliomaniac

Kenjirou Minami is feeling incredibly #blessed.

(basically just a ton of fluff about yuuri and victor’s wedding, as seen through the eyes of a hopeless fanboy who has Entirely Too Many Emotions about this event. written as a holiday gift for my dear friend pixelized!)

Words: 1552, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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What is the weirdest moment in your life, Allen and Lutz?

Allen: I have to choose? Well here’s one on the top of my head, I walked into Matt’s house to see what he was doing and I saw him with his head in Kuma’s mouth and Zao recording, I never got an answer why either

Lutz: weirdest huh? Probably the day I walked in on Luci letting Flavio dye his hair blonde for a little while, same as Allen, I never knew why, but I’m guessing he lost a bet


Glorious Biology GIFs Visualize The Secrets To Animal Flight

Seattle-based artist and recent University of Washington graduate Eleanor Lutz has decided to spend a year combining her two passions: design and biology. To bring the two seemingly disparate fields together, she started her own infographic design project, a science illustration blog chock full of GIF deconstructions of human and animal behavior. Combining Photoshop, Illustrator, and a Wacom drawing tablet, Lutz has so far completed four installments of her animated infographic series, and shared them on Tabletop Whale, her project blog.

Lutz’s first blog post, entitled “A Visual Compendium of Glowing Creatures”, was published on July 21st of this year. 200 sources and a 468 page textbook later, Lutz’s final product, a poster of bioluminescent organisms, glows with detailed illustrations and biological profiles of each organism. This past month, Lutz followed up her debut with 25 GIF infographic, “A User’s Guide to the Human Body: The Muscle Edition”, and an animated chart of 42 North American butterflies. It’s a glorious marriage of science and art, and we can’t wait to see what Lutz will illustrate next.

Tbh I’m slightly perplexed by Yuuri’s parents when it comes to skating. Their son is arguably the top Japanese skater. And his room looks like this:

So how does Toshiya not recognize Victor??? (even if he’s more into soccer)

Meanwhile, Hiroko jumped straight to Vicchan within hours of meeting him.

That is really informal for a guest at the inn.

UNLESS Hiroko has had to put up with years of Yuuri hero-worshipping Victor, giving him pocket money to buy posters and magazines of Victor, cleaning his room and going “Oh, look, Yuuri has put up another poster of Victor”, dealing with his sudden desire for a poodle (because come on, parents are usually the ones who actually take care of pets), smiling along as Yuuri gets all excited and shiny-eyed watching Victor skate on TV, listening bemusedly as Yuuri rambles on and on about Victor’s skating “first he did a quad loop, then he did a lutz, then…” while having no clue what her son is saying but only that he is happy.

Which will explain her expression after The KissTM

She may know nothing about skating but she knows her son. And she knows what makes him happy. 

#best mom ever