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My beautiful new girl, who joined my bjd family thanks to wonderful @buffdolls ! She’s a Luts Juri elf from 2006.  Buff rescued this head after a severe head injury (seriously, amazing mods) and offered her to whoever wanted to give her a body and a new home. I knew I had to take this opportunity to have an adorable elf join my crew, and here she is! She arrived super quiclkly, too! I gave her new eyelashes, earrings and hand-made eyes. The body is an old Delf body (from my Lishe), which is a perfect match. I still need to make a dress, but I decided not to wait and to take quick pics today :3 guess what’s my favourite colour this season? XD

She now needs a name - I’ll be glad to hear your suggestions!

Thank you again, Buff! I’m very happy - and I hope the doll is too!

Just because something bad happens to us doesn’t mean Allah is displeased with us. Or we are being punished. Yusuf AS, a prophet of Allah was in prison for many years. Lut lost his wife because she was among the people who went beyond their limits. Prophet Ayyub had a skin disease and his life was filled with calamities. These things happened not because Allah was displeased with them. But because there is wisdom behind the trials Allah puts us through. We should always remember what Allah told the angels when they questioned Him about Adam.

‘I know that which you do not know.’ - Quran 2:30


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Kendra von Roterwolkenvogel

Ahhhh, my Mom’s Christmas present arrived! A @seed-arts Wol head <3

She is Kendra, Goddess of Wisdom (cause you know, owlish features? /gets bricked) and this is not her wig. Cause I gave s.o the benefit of the doubt and now I run in circles trying to get one goddamn wig. Don’t do that people. Next time I just suck up that EMS fee myself and save me that hassle.

Anyway, doubt you will see her done soon, she has an unholy amount of parts that need to be painted (face. wings, cap, hunting horn, maybe the claws)

The ‘what is what’
Seed Dolls Wol/LUTS KDF body, Soom Dune wings, Soom Pel cap, wig from eclipse21, eyes from Taobao