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Loot Desert - Iran 

This vast salt desert is the 25th largest desert in the world. It is one of the worlds hottest, and driest places, with surface temperatures measuring as hot as  70°C. It is often considered the hottest place on earth. 

My cute little centaur girls together! on ONE picture, jeah! And they received their awesome antlers from Sparrows shop <3 I’m over the moon and so happy.
They are finally finished (maybe I have to search for another wig for the pink one but that will work for now - and I need work in the future, haha XD) after .. 2 years? These poor cuties waited so long for their debut. Do you know that feeling when you finally finished something? I’m just happy ^____^

Which one is your favourite? :D
(I can’t choose, haha!)

*spread happiness*


My beautiful new girl, who joined my bjd family thanks to wonderful @buffdolls ! She’s a Luts Juri elf from 2006.  Buff rescued this head after a severe head injury (seriously, amazing mods) and offered her to whoever wanted to give her a body and a new home. I knew I had to take this opportunity to have an adorable elf join my crew, and here she is! She arrived super quiclkly, too! I gave her new eyelashes, earrings and hand-made eyes. The body is an old Delf body (from my Lishe), which is a perfect match. I still need to make a dress, but I decided not to wait and to take quick pics today :3 guess what’s my favourite colour this season? XD

She now needs a name - I’ll be glad to hear your suggestions!

Thank you again, Buff! I’m very happy - and I hope the doll is too!


So I got my centaur from Luts today! I didn’t realize that having them change his lips would make him look so sweet??? He’s so precious!! He doesn’t look at all like the vicious beast he is!

This is Kieran, he’s a kelpie of irish myth (for those that don’t know, those are the water horses who will lure people to ride them, and then drown them and eat them). 

Right now he needs new eyes and he needs to have a proper horsey tail with kelp bits in made for him, but boy do I love him!

And boy did it hurt getting him assembled! Seriously a pain in my ass lmao.