lutino pearl



(The park being the green square on the map.)

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While getting ready to walk home, I heard the distinctive cry of a cockatiel, and spotted this little bird flying into a tree. Sadly, despite staying there for an hour, i was unable to catch them, and ultimately lost sight of them when they flew to the other side of the park.

For that reason i can’t guarantee they’re still there. However, if someone in the Las Vegas area, especially someone in the north-eastern part of town, has lost their cockatiel, it may be worth a try to look here or in the area… Some notes:

  • I did attempt to call animal control and was told that they couldn’t do much about a bird that was still loose and flying.
  • I can’t be 100% certain of the coloration as i couldn’t get close enough, but the bird seemed to have a normal grey body. The face also had a lot of grey, and if i remember right there were bars under their tail. Please do not rely on this account 100%; i can only say that they were not a highly visible variation like Lutino, Pearled, or heavy Pied.
  • They are fully flighted and strong enough to fly from one side of the park to another, staying in the trees. Bringing along some method of reaching them is recommended. EDIT: On second examination of the photo, I’m not sure if their wings might have been previously clipped. At any rate, the bird was able to fly back and forth through the park, even without noticeable wind.
  • When they fly, they make that one-note, distinctive cockatiel screech-call. They also seem to chirp at other cockatiel sounds, like from videos. (I could not track them down this way once they reached the other side of the park as there was too much ground to cover.)
  • Yes, they blended in easily among the tree branches.
  • There are a lot of trees in the park, and on the adjacent school grounds. Multiple searchers is highly recommended. I have not contacted the schools (I think there are three in total), nor do i know if they would even do anything.
  • The bird seemed to be in good health and was not easily startled, but would not leave the trees or approach any humans.
  • At the time of this post (10 AM PDT), it’s been over an hour since I last saw the cockatiel; upon checking various photo/phone logs I saw the bird from 7:40 AM to 8:40 AM. Again, I can’t guarantee that they haven’t relocated elsewhere completely.

Again, I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to contain the bird; they spent most of their time in the trees that I had no way to climb, and even if I caught them the only thing I could have done was put them in a backpack. I’m just shouting into the void right now, but if there’s even a slim chance I can get this bird to a safe place, or even to their original family, I’ll take it.

(To come, if the video uploader cooperates: a couple of videos of the bird, though the images are not very clear.)

Tumblr video uploader is a butt, here are two Youtube links, one for appearance and one for the chirping.

So my mother just sent me this pic and I couldn’t be more excited! The baby is growing up!

I’m not experienced, so if anyone knows about genetics please correct me. I believe it’s gonna be a pearly pearl just like Alice or, for my surprise, Jules carries a Lutino mutation, so this baby could be a Lutino-Pearl. I’ve never seen a pearl baby nor am I sure that this could be a lutino, in any way, I’m excited af!


I told myself I was only gonna do one rescue story for @pepperandpals, but I have to share this beeb.
Hello, birblr! Meet Lemon, my pearl lutino cockatiel hen. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now, and boy has life with her been interesting!
After some mild heartbreak over a bird adoption that wasn’t going to work out, I began casually looking under birds on petfinder. My boyfriend would always beam over the idea of having a cockatiel, so I primarily focused there. One day by chance a cockatiel showed up at the same shelter I got my doves at (see my previous second feathers story) with no picture, listed as male and yellow, and named Lemon. I wanted to see “him” first, of course, but I prepared instantly to take “him” home.
It was love at first sight. Lemon was apparently found wandering in the bushes of a shopping complex parking lot……poor child! Because of this there was no age, history….anything. This bird was a mystery. “His” red eyes got me as soon as I saw “him” (my budgie is a creamino with those adorable red eyes, too, and was what instantly drew me to her as well).
Lemon was nervous but lovely. “He” wanted out of the cage early on and was willing to step up for me. If I had to catch “him” up, “he” didn’t bite down hard. It was only after several months and the exhibiting of a mating dance that lead me to realize Lemon was actually a female bird. The very faint pearling pattern on her wings strongly indicated that as well.
Now Lemon is even more of a cuddlebug. She loves to lay with me on the sofa-bed when I’m online. In fact her favorite spot it right up against my face! She likes kisses and some nuzzling, but no scritches allowed! She also likes to perch on my boyfriend’s arm or shoulder while he plays games…..gamer bird??? I semi-recently got a year old white-winged parakeet male, and the two of them are quite close. He absolutely adores her while she would prefer to just be friends :) I often wonder where Lemon came from, how she got loose, and if there’s a family somewhere out there wondering what happened to their tiel. Regardless she will always have a forever home with me.