Ibanez JS 10th Anniversary

Luthite, Maple, Rosewood

Since the opening of its Custom shop in 1988, Ibanez gained popularity among heavy metal players with endorsements from numerous Speed legends. The Ibanez JS 10th Anniversary guitar, reasonably nicknamed ‘Chromeboy’, marked a decade of fruitful collaboration with Joe Satriani.

Unlike other JS which were made of basswood (with a chrome coating), the body of the JS 10th is built out of a composite synthetic material with unique tonal properties called Luthite. DiMarzio humbuckers, double locking vibrato, scalloped back, good sustain and harmonics, melting hot tone, this guitar is designed for complex, speedy solos with mandatory tapping and dive bombs. Hear it blast. A total of 507 Chromeboys were made.

Photo by Red&die