gonna change grimm’s past again and with past i mean this time his human life. Apparently watched today the doku Die Deutschen II  and well, found a far better time around 1490-1530, well 1490 shows where he was born and around 1525 he probably lost his life when the Deutscher Bauernkrieg  happened or in english: German Peasants’ War. Around that time lived also Luther, and part of the peasant’s demands in the war included the twelve articles, which were considered the first draft of human rights in Europe.

Anyway yeah, … found it more suitable and kinda perfect, though on which side was grimm now. he was probably one of the soldiers going against the peasants, because the payment was nice but in the end, the whole time he had to admit that the peasants were right and he was pretty much fighting for the wrong thing, - after all he was once poor too and could see how hard life could be in this position but yeah … another time gonna think more about it, at least i am glad that he becomes after the ten years finally the king of hueco mundo, well headcanon but anyway in the end he does a rather good job as leader there, with harribel though. def, have to think more about it again and make it more logical, not today though as i finally wanna get to drafts and get stuff done.

Luther just came over and gave me a lap dance without any reason to, before leaving to go buy a milkshake. Am I missing something? Did I do something? I’m having a midlife crisis, someone please explain to me what just happened–

harvestgf  asked:

okay but,, Luther,, where's the cute punk/goth boys in MYYYYY AREA like WHERE YOU BE @ THO // I only have country boys here whyyyyy kms

same my dude. why am i dating a tweaker? fuckin boys are so hard to find


Nigerian artist uses the symbol of the Afro Comb to celebrate activists jailed fighting for freedom and fairness.

Afro combs were very popular in the 70’s in America among Black youth who protested against repression. They represented both cultural and religious beliefs despite the fact that it was quite fashionable. The artist Fred Martins chose an orange color for showing association with prison. Five African leaders were chosen for their struggle for freedom, social justice, and fairness.

Fred Martins previous collection of art was dedicated to the serious issue of climate change. He is an artist who tries to draw attention to crucial problems of the humanity.