4 Confederate flags were found at an MLK historical site in Georgia 

Employees of Atlanta’s historically black Ebenezer Baptist Church arrived to a grim surprise Thursday morning: four Confederate battle flags placed around the grounds. The church sits within the city’s Matin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Police are investigating the possibility it was a hate crime.

Envy, jealousy, a lack of self-confidence, a feeling of insecurity, and a haunting sense of inferiority are all rooted in fear. We do not envy people and then fear them; first we fear them and subsequently we become jealous of them. Is there a cure for these annoying fears that pervert our personal lives? Yes, a deep and abiding commitment to the way of love.
—  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Not a single white person in America would sit idly by and let someone do to him what we black men have been letting others do to us. The white person would not remain passive, peaceful, and nonviolent. The day the black man in this country shows others that we are just as human as they in reaction to injustice, that we are willing to die just as quickly to protect our lives and property as whites have shown, only then will our people be recognized as human beings. It is inhuman, absolutely subhuman, for a man to let a dog bite him and not fight back. Let someone club him and let him not fight back, or let someone put water hoses on his women, his mother and daughter and babies and let him not fight back, then he’s subhuman. The day he becomes a human being he will react as other human beings have reacted, and nobody will hold it against him.


You don’t integrate with a sinking ship. You don’t do anything to further your stay on board a ship that you see is on its way down to the bottom of the ocean. Moses tried to separate his people from Pharaoh, and when he tried, the magicians tried to fool the people into staying with Pharaoh. And we look upon these other organizations that are trying to get Negroes to integrate with this doomed white man as nothing but modern-day magicians, and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the modern-day Moses who’s trying to separate us from the modern-day Pharaoh.

Clark: What do you feel Negroes should do in respect to obtaining even more effective protection from our federal government?

Malcolm X: You never will get protection from the federal government. That’s like, King is asking Kennedy to go to Alabama to stand in the doorway, put his body in the doorway. That’s like asking the fox to protect you from the wolf. And when black – now, the masses of black people can see this. And it is only the Negro leadership, the bourgeois, hand-picked handful of Negroes who think that they’re going to get some kind of respect, recognition, or protection from the government.

The government is responsible for what is happening to black people in this country. The president has power; you notice he didn’t send any troops into Birmingham to protect the Negroes when the dogs were biting the Negroes. The only time he sent troops into Birmingham was when the Negroes erupted, and then the president sent troops in there, not to protect the Negroes, but to protect them white people down there from those erupting Negroes.


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Selma (Ava DuVernay, 2014)

One struggle ends just to go right to the next, and the next. If you think of it that way,
it’s a hard road. But I don’t think of it that way. I think of these efforts as one effort. And that one effort is for our life. Our life as a community. Our life as a nation. For our lives. We can do this. We must do this!

Marking The Next Massacre? Confederate Flags Placed Around Black Church In Georgia By White Males (VIDEO)

Marking The Next Massacre? Confederate Flags Placed Around Black Church In Georgia By White Males (VIDEO)

Police in Atlanta are reporting that overnight, two white males placed several Confederate flags on the grounds of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. That church is where Martin Luther King, Jr. once preached. The incident occurred just weeks after nine worshippers were killed at the historically black Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. According to Atlanta TV station…

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Time has gone by way too fast….
And I’m everyday prouder to be a Kiyokian. Hayley deserves the world! She’s a talented person,with so much to share with us. 
I’m sure Stella Yamada would be forever proud of Hayley for standing up for what she believes in,never giving up on her dreams,and raising her voice for some millions of people :) 

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In the dark of night, Confederate flags placed around Atlanta's Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church
If this is your heritage, your heritage is hateful.

Early Thursday morning, at least four Confederate flags were placed around Atlanta’s Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, home of Dr. Martin Luther King and one of the most important monuments to the civil rights movement in the nation. Early reports are that two people have been seen on surveillance video.

Amnesty: Israel Committed War Crimes during Rafah ‘Carnage’: There is overwhelming evidence of war crimes commissioned and committed by the Israeli military in Rafah last August, a new report by Amnesty International has concluded.

In what the global human rights NGO has described as a “cutting edge investigation”, the Israeli army was found to have conducted “disproportionate, or otherwise indiscriminate, attacks which killed scores of civilians in their homes, on the streets and in vehicles and injured many more.”

Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International, described a “relentless and massive bombardment of residential areas of Rafah”, carried out “without distinction between civilians and military targets.”

The events in Rafah, so-called ‘Black Friday’, have attracted attention for the army’s application of the controversial ‘Hannibal Protocol’, a secretive doctrine designed to thwart the capture of an Israeli soldier by the application of overwhelming force.

On August 1, 2014, the Israeli military implemented the Protocol in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip when it was thought that Hamas fighters had captured a soldier, Hadar Goldin, alive. According to Amnesty, “the systematic and apparently deliberate nature of the air and ground attack on Rafah, which killed at least 135 civilians, may also amount to crimes against humanity.”

The online, interactive report, ‘Black Friday’: Carnage in Rafah during 2014 Israel/Gaza Conflict, is the result of a collaboration between Amnesty and Forensic Architecture, a research team based at Goldsmiths, University of London. The pair have previously worked together to map out Israel’s attacks on Gaza in a unique online tool unveiled earlier this month.

Experts analysed eyewitness testimonies, together with “hundreds of photos and videos taken from various sources and multiple locations, as well as new high resolution satellite imagery obtained by Amnesty International.” The “advanced techniques used to analyse evidence” included “studying shadows and smoke plumes in multiple videos to determine time and location of an attack.”

“The massive amount of evidence collected was presented to military and other experts, and then pieced together in chronological order to create a detailed account of events from 1 August, when the Israeli military implemented the controversial and secretive ‘Hannibal’ procedure following the capture of Lieutenant Hadar Goldin.”

The Amnesty report details “an intensive use of firepower” by the Israeli army, that lasted four days and killed “scores of civilians (reports range from at least 135 to over 200), injured many more and destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes and other civilian structures, mostly on 1 August.”

Amnesty cited evidence that Israeli forces “directly fired at and killed civilians, including people fleeing”, with eyewitnesses describing “horrifying scenes of chaos and panic as an inferno of fire from F-16 jets, drones, helicopters and artillery rained down on the streets.”

Evidence analysed by the researchers indicate that “hospitals and ambulances were attacked repeatedly during the assault on Rafah, in violation of international law.” These attacks included a drone-fired missile strike on an ambulance carrying a wounded old man, a woman and three children, “setting it alight and burning everyone inside including medical workers to death.”

With regards to the question of the Hannibal Protocol, the report notes that Israel’s attacks “may even have been intended to kill [Goldin]”, given the indiscriminate nature of the bombardment. Either way, according to Luther, “scores of Palestinian civilian lives were sacrificed” for the “single aim” of preventing “the capture alive of one soldier.”

In addition, Amnesty notes the “public statements by Israeli army commanders and soldiers after the conflict” that the organisations says “provide compelling reasons to conclude that some attacks that killed civilians and destroyed homes and property were intentionally carried out and motivated by a desire for revenge – to teach a lesson to, or punish, the population of Rafah.”

One of the most striking elements of Amnesty’s latest Gaza report is its commentary on the absence of a credible internal investigation procedure within the Israeli military. Amnesty notes that following Operation Protective Edge, military prosecutors have so far “indicted only three soldiers for one incident of looting.”

“Israeli army commanders and officers can operate in confidence that they are unlikely to be held accountable for violations of international law due to the pervasive climate of impunity that has existed for decades. This is due, in large part, to the lack of independent, impartial and effective investigations.”

Israeli authorities have “failed to conduct genuine, effective, and prompt investigations into any of the allegations of serious violations of international humanitarian law documented in this report, let alone to prosecute individuals, including commanders and civilian superiors, suspected of committing or ordering related crimes under international law.”

In what is perhaps the strongest worded indictment yet by a leading human rights NGO of Israel’s internal investigation mechanisms, including the role of the Military Advocate General, the report states that “Amnesty International’s view is that no official body capable of conducting such [credible] investigations currently exists in Israel.”

The clear implication, as the report itself states, is that the “the ongoing preliminary examination by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court into the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories” should receive the cooperation of the Israeli authorities, as should “any future investigations or prosecutions.”


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This prompt screamed Kennett to me. Loudly. It’s from a prompt list somewhere out in the tumblr ether. I have another Kennett prompt that ieatyourchildren sent me that will be a sequel to this. 

Also, Kol is a serious dick in this. Don’t be a Kol.

Prompt: I take my grades very seriously and you’re the lazy asshole who asks a ton of off-topic questions to distract the professor and I might be a foot shorter than you but I swear to god I’ll fight you AU

“—So, Martin Luther began to spread the word of the corruption within the Catholic Church, which incited—Yes, Mr. Mikaelson?”

“Sorry to interrupt, Professor Davis. I’m just wondering what the technology used to disseminate information was, and how it influenced the future of Central Europe?”

Bonnie’s eye twitched as Professor Davis, a stooped elderly man who taught History of Central Europe, wore pink polka-dot ties, and had warned them when they went over the syllabus at the beginning of the semester that it “contained spoilers” about who won World War II, gave Kol an indulgent smile.

“Well, Luther used the new technology of printing presses, which…”

Bonnie resisted the urge to throw her pen down in frustration. College was serious business, and she had worked really hard to get her scholarship to Yale, and she wasn’t going to let this asshole, whose parents donated a library wing to ensure that Kol and his siblings were guaranteed to attend, ruin her learning environment.

Kol Mikaelson was the bane of her existence.

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