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Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.
—  Mrs.Hughes watching Thomas and Jimmy laughing together a week after the fair.
Season 3 things in supergirl we need

No more Mon-El - he is the biggest supergirl problem. He literally hinders her room to grow as a person and has literally made Kara stuck for an entire season and that was proved in 2x18 and 2x19. When he wasn’t in that episode Kara got to grow. She got to figure out the whole lot of things in those episode. In 2x18 she got to figure out more of how she can fit in the world with a friends and not always be supergirl to actually do that. She figured out most of the things by just being Kara danvers the reporter. I mean he went to the dinner and jacks work with her but it was all Kara danvers that fuels the fire: in 2x19 she figured out how Maggie fits in with her life and that again Maggie is just as important to Alex as Kara. I think the last time we had any growth when she sat with Alex and the scene where Alex told her she wasn’t going anywhere. Kara has felt so insecure about not having a sister and that her sister isn’t around and that growth is a difficult step when that’s all you’ve had. She hasn’t really grow at all with mon-el and has basically just been his baby sitter all season. That isn’t growth.

More Danvers sisters moments - we have been robbed of SO MANY this season, and yes of course there is Maggie. However Maggie knows how important Kara is to Alex and if Alex wants To go to see Kara (which we have actually seen her to and Maggie be ok with it) then Maggie will let her go. So why are we not getting more moments and even moments of all three of them just hanging on the sofa like they used to? The sisterhood is so much the biggest heart on the show and The cw really have missed the mark on this, this season.

More Winn and James moments - it seems like we’ve been getting them to the end of the season but those two with Kara are some of the best moments on the show: her friends who know and accept she’s supergirl need to be happening more. We definitely need a lot more moments with them in.

J'onn literally being kickass J'onn - does J'onn literally now like live in the DEO now M'gann has gone back to her planet? Why is he not out they’re helping the team out? He can’t literally be squeezing budgets all day. Get him out of there.

Praying and hoping for Cat Grant and Lucy to be back for season 3 - she despite being Cat Grant was kara’s moral compass and she helped her to figure so much where she scene flalling all season. Bring her back. Lucy all so I don’t get why we haven’t had her all season; she knows there supergirl secret, she should be here. Totally down for her joining the DEO I mean those scenes where she helped J'onn and Alex escape with teaming up with supergirl. Boy do we miss this?!?!?

Kara being single - I mean I miss karaolsen and I think they should return but I think Kara being single and focusing on supergirl and her reporter stuff next year would give Kara time to grow in herself more. She doesn’t need a man. She’s fucking supergirl.

Addressing Alex and her feelings - ok she came out in season 2 which was the best thing since sliced cheese we all know it but to follow my point below, she doesn’t seem to have mentioned her dad lately and we have had like no scenes with her mum or anything to do with this. This needs sorting and maybe addressing her drinking problem. She is an emotional drinker which is literally a huge storyline in itself.

WHERE THE FUCK IS JEREMIAH AND WHY AFTER THAT MASSIVE EPISODE IS HE FORGOTTEN - they need to find him again and literally something has to happen wether he dies or gets locked up in the DEO. We need this whole Cadmus thing to come back because it seems extremely dead and buried in a hole somewhere.

Supergirl and Season 2 Feminism

Supergirl, in its first season, received plenty praise for being a feminist show that tackled multiple women’s issues as well as providing a very hope-filled tone. It starred Kara Danvers aka Supergirl, her sister Alex Danvers, her love interest James Olson whose character was played by a black man, and Cat Grant, her boss, as well as other supporting characters. Its fantastic debut was met with a cancellation by the network. They were swiftly picked up by the CW and well, this is when things get messy. 

Season 2 was an absolute disaster. There’s very little other way to put it. They replaced James Olson as Kara’s love interest with a literal white slave owner, redirected the focus of Kara’s development on this new love interest, introduced new, more interesting characters than this new love interest that were ignored, and at the end of the day, his behavior was abusive and disgusting. 

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1. Leonardo Taiwo (congrats on your Elite Stockholm signing!) IG // TUMBLR

2.  Leo Hoyte-Egan

3. Martin Luther King

3. Michael B. Jordan

4. Unknown

5. Sammy Davis Jr.

6. Dwayne Wade

7. Kanye West

8. Troy James  IG 

9. Kid Cudi


Happy Late Birthday to @elidoo!

If you ever wondered how I got into pavelyan hell - it’s all her fault. I remember how I’ve found Magent year ago. I haven’t played DA:I yet but I was preparing mentally. And I used to read chapter after chapter during breaks of my internship. Amzing story that made my cry like a baby. But the best part? Eli is now one of my best friends and you cannot belive how happy I am. You are a wonderful person and even better friend, Eli <3</p>

Anyway here is a little something for you. A comic made to the excerpt of Interloper, Magnet’s sequel. I simply can’t wait to read it ;D 

Ten Characters I Would Kiss

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1. Eric Northman (True Blood)

2.- Will Graham (Hannibal)

3.- John Luther (Luther)

4.- Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)

5.- Shadow Moon (American Gods)

6.- Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)

7.- Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)

8.- Mad Sweeney (American Gods)

9.- Rick Grimes (The walking dead)

10.- Han Solo (Star Wars)

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Forgiveness does not mean ignoring what has been done or putting a false label on an evil act. It means, rather, that the evil act no longer remains as a barrier to the relationship. Forgiveness is a catalyst creating the atmosphere necessary for a fresh start and a new beginning. It is the lifting of a burden or the canceling of a debt. The words  'I will forgive you, but I’ll never forget what you’ve done’ never explain the real nature of forgiveness. Certainly one can never forget, if that means erasing it totally from his mind. But when we forgive, we forget in the sense that the evil deed is no longer a mental block impeding a new relationship. Likewise, we can never say, ‘I will forgive you, but I won’t have anything further to do with you.’ Forgiveness means reconciliation, a coming together again. Without this, no man can love his enemies. The degree to which we are able to forgive determines the degree to which we are able to love our enemies.
—  Martin Luther King Jr. in “Loving Your Enemies” (Strength to Love, pp. 42-3)