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These are some designs I made to celebrate Black history and significant figures who I’ve always really appreciated. I plan on coming back to these and expand as much as I can. These were really fun to work on and even my Frederick Douglass design was hung up and mounted at my college’s gallery.

The purpose of these pieces were to convey black figures in a simple form that also had a detailed summary of them, I’ve noticed in history books the history of any minority whether it be Black history or Womens history is greatly undetailed about the struggles and other leaders that are looked over. so I took it into my own hands and thought it was a nice way to honor these figures.

Stay Tuned.

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Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Charlton Heston, James Baldwin, Marlon Brando, Sammy Davis Jr., and Burt Lancaster at the Civil Rights March in Washington, DC on August 28, 1963.   


Bass Players

James Jamerson, the groove of Motown Sound
Bootsy Collins “Player Of The Year”
Larry Graham with SLY STONE
Bernard Edwards, the groove of CHIC ORGANIZATION
Louis Johnson of The BROTHERS JOHNSON
Stanley Clarke, funk, jazz

anonymous asked:

Could a Pro-capitalist be an Anti-Facist? Would you support the idea of a Capitalist Antifa group? Do you think that the formation of a Capitalist Antifa group would benefit or harm your movement?

On one hand, our collective/this tumblr is a non-partisan anti-fascist one.  We’re not too concerned what economic system you personally believe is the best, so long as you are against fascism.

On the other hand, a capitalist antifa is going to have to contend with a lot of contradictions.  Like the historical fact that racism was created by capitalist colonial expansion.  Or arguing against people like Angela Davis, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, and Fred Hampton - all of whom believed that capitalism & racism go hand-in-hand.  Or having to take a good, hard look at the racist implications of capitalism in a country like the U.S. in these times.

Fascism has always had a twisting and complicated relationship to capitalism - sometimes opposing it, sometimes embracing it.  Many people identify fascism itself as a form of capitalism - albeit the most violent, extreme form.  

It may be possible to be anti-fascist and pro-capitalist but it seems that there will be many contradictions to navigate by attempting to hold both positions.  


Doors (Doctor Who based one-shot)- Second Place Winner In Oneshot Contest!!

(Based on this imagine. Can be continued by whomever is inspired.)

Empire Of Americo, 3016 AD

The cameras focused on the accused as the verdict was read.

“You have been found guilty of the crime of not contributing to our Empire’s society by refusing to work your assigned job as a breeder. More than that you have purposely gained over 45 kilograms putting yourself in the morbidly obese category in order to repulse your assign mates, and had an illegal hysterectomy performed. You are 40 years old and have been deemed useless. You will now choose a door to lead to your fated death.”

“No I won’t.” The bleached blonde said. Technically it wasn’t illegal to bleach one’s hair - though it likely would be after today - but dark hair was seen as the epitome of beauty. Blonde, red, or any shade other than dark brown was ugly and of course any color that could not occur in nature, such as the neon purple highlights she had added before this “trial” were seen as hideous. “The laws of the empire are stupid and wrong.” The way she said “empire” suggested the lower case e, that hint of sarcasm that showed nothing by contempt. “I was born to be a singer, not a breeder. I do not want kids and should not be forced to have them - especially with men I did not love or even find attractive.”

"Our Empire does not need singers. Entertainment is a waste of resources." 

There was five of these people - if they were people. Wearing hooded robes and stark white masks that disguised their faces and voices, no one could tell if they were really people or machines. 

"Every society needs entertainers! Singers, actors, clowns, mimes, dancers, writers - they are necessary to keep us happy!” She roared. “What happened to us? This used to be America, home of the free, land of the brave! This place we’re standing used to be Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world! We used to be a country where anyone could be anything they wanted so long as they were willing to work for it and educate themselves. Where people weren’t killed because they were old, or gay, or believe in God, or whatever your lousy excuse is! Where’s our real heroes? Abraham Lincoln? Martin Luther King Jr? Sammy Davis Jr? Buddy Holly?!”

ENOUGH!“ One of the judges roared. "It seems besides denying your assigned job you have also illegally learned to read and have been indulging in seditious materials. I suppose next you’ll admit to reading the Bible.”

“The Torah, actually, I’m Jewish. And they’re called history books, you putz!”

There was a collective gasp, not just in the room, but all over the Empire, for no one would ever admit to a religion nor were breeders allowed to learn to read. Cursing wasn’t allowed either. All over people were riveted, some waiting for the criminal to die, others secretly thinking she was right. Somewhere, a male breeder looked at the floor where under the boards he had hidden books. Just simple ones for he was only learning to read - The Carrot Seed, The Cat In The Hat…. and perhaps there were other breeders who also had hidden books. 

"You will choose a door.” Another said.

“Okay, I choose the exit behind me.” She said with a snarky grin. 

“You may only choose a door in front of you. Or you will be shot down where you stand. The law is clear, choose your door.”

There was silence for a split second, then she spat at the floor and glared. Guns were leveled at her.

There was a sound. A strange “whoomp whoomp” noise. Something kept fading in and out, a box, blue in color, with a white light. A door with a sign. A sign that read “Police Telephone Free For Use Of Public. Advice & Assistance Obtainable Immediately. Officers & Cars Respond To All Calls. Pull To Open.”

“Okay, I choose this door.” Darting forward faster that one would expect a fat woman to do, she pulled the blue door open and ran inside.

The man inside turned to her in shock. “Who are you and what are you doing in my TARDIS?” He was a tall, thin man with grey hair and eyebrows that looked like they could jump off his face and kill.

She didn’t get a chance to answer for the door began to shake as someone pulled roughly on it. He now strolled past the woman and opened the door.

“Would you stop yanking on my door? I just had it repainted. And put that gun down.”

The guards backed off. Someone muttering about “Grey hair and wrinkles” and “how disgusting.” Another said, “At least he’s thin.”

“Send out the criminal to face execution.” One of the judges said, “And we will not kill you for invading our tribunal.”

“Criminal?” He turned back to the strange woman. “What crime did you commit?”

“I’m 40 and refused to have children, also I know how to read. So they want me dead.”

“That is the stupidest thing I ever heard of.” He said before slamming the door in the guards’ faces. Then he turned to the woman before strolling past her to the TARDIS controls. “I’m the Doctor, and you are?”

“Miriam.” The woman said. It wasn’t her government assigned name but one she chose herself. 

“Well, Miriam, welcome to my TARDIS. Mind telling me what this nonsense is all about while I get us out of here?" 

So Miriam explained. How America fell after an alien invasion. How a new leader arose, someone who claimed to be immortal, but no one was even sure they were a person or maybe a machine. The laws that declared anyone who was “a drain on natural resources” needed to be killed. This included but was not limited to those with “low IQs,” people who were not heterosexual, assexuals, the fat, the old, etc. How people were given assigned jobs as children - she had been assigned to be a breeder, to pop out a child a year after hitting puberty. Breeders were not allowed to know how to read or aspire to anything else. 

She broke all those laws. She was asexual, she didn’t want children, she was fat, she knew how to read, she believed there were things science could not explain, maybe even a God, or maybe not, but it was fun to watch the fear on peoples’ faces when she claimed she did. How she illegally learned old music and how to sing. Music being her passion. Her heroes were people like Barry Manilow and Ella Fitzgerald. 

"By the way, how is this place bigger inside than out? Does it exist in multiple dimensions at once?”

“Good guess. TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. So, we have all of time and space to explore. Where would you like to start?” The Doctor asked, his Scottish accent so pleasing to Miriam’s ears. 

“Hm - it’s a bit of a toss up. We could go see Billie Holiday - or we could over throw a corrupt government and usher in a new era.” Miriam said with a smile. 

“Why not both?” The Doctor said with an answering grin as he threw a switch….

So, lemme see if I got this right: a lady forcing her religious beliefs on an entire community by refusing to do her job reminds you of (Martin Luther) King’s 7,000-word meditation on non-violence and racism in the church.  Oh God, I’ve never seen someone miss the point so dramatically since they made Robert DeNiro the intern in The Intern.

… And just to clarify, for the Kim Davis supporters who think (she’s) a Dr. King: in his letter from a Birmingham city jail, King actually condemned the contemporary church’s ‘weak, ineffectual voice,’ and said 'Far from being disturbed by the presence of the church, the power structure of the average community is consoled by the church’s silent–and often even vocal–sanction of things as they are.’  Martin Luther King was actually in opposition to the church’s unwillingness to support the oppressed.  Kim Davis, on the other hand, is using her church to oppress the opposition even more.

Going to jail for what you believe in does not necessarily put you on par with Martin Luther King.  Jeffrey Dahmer was in jail because he believed in  eating people.  That doesn’t make him a freedom fighter!

And frankly, if you’re gonna compare Kim Davis to someone from the 1960’s civil rights movement, it should be… Alabama governor and Dippity-Do poster boy George Wallace, who famously stood in the doorway at the University of Alabama in defiance of the Supreme Court order to de-segregate.

…That’s what Kim Davis sounds like: less like a 'Letter from a Birmingham Jail,’ and more like an Alabama bigot.

—  Responding to those comparing homophobic bigot and conservative / Republican hero Kim Davis to Martin Luther King, Jr., The Nightly Show’s LARRY WILMORE