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✧ ☀ ☪✧          In truth, Nabooru pitied the man. A small part of her felt he deserved this pain. The suffering of watching his people die before his eyes as her people had. If his monarchs had listened to them, allowed them even enough land to farm on, perhaps it would not have come this far.

          And yet, another part of her empathized with him. A general herself, watching warriors fall in battle, especially with as little trouble as the Gerudo were having in crushing the Hylian defenses, was more painful than even the most vicious of wounds.

        “I will discuss this with Ganondorf, though I am not sure how he will wish to approach prisoners.” She chewed her lower lip, watching the enemy commander as if he might try to pull something. “Despite what many think, the Gerudo do believe in honor. I think I may be able to appeal to him that way.”

Compilation: BLEACH Fic Recs!

((Ichigo/Rukia, Byakuya/Hisana, Toshiro/Karin))

Note #1: A lot of these might be in-progress or abandoned altogether, so read at your own risk!

Note #2: I tend to like Bleach AU fics where none of the characters are shinigami. This is the case for for both the IchiRuki and HitsuKarin pairings, but not the ByaHisa pairing.

Note #3: Contains summaries for easier selection. Also, the ones marked with (❀❀❀) are a little “more” recommended no matter the completion status.

***P.S. If you like a story, check out the author. A lot of these authors have written other good Bleach fics that aren’t this list too! Also, my go-to author for HItsuKarin fics is Adobo-chan ( i-am-adobo-chan on tumblr) and for ByaHisa fics, it is Crimson-Bttrfly. Other people seem to really like tosca1390’s IchiRuki fics.

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Nowhere to go...


I guess it was to be expected. First I lose my job, and then I’m several months late on the rent for my apartment. It was only a matter of time before I got evicted. I just wish it hadn’t been durin’ the daytime…

He should’ve tried to rest, but he just couldn’t. Instead, he just sat on Ari’s couch, having let himself into her apartment with the extra key she’d given him, with a splitting headache. The effects of the sun had been incredibly painful, even though he had only been out for a short time and made sure to shield himself with his jacket. He felt so tired and sore, and no amount of rubbing his temples alleviated his headache.

What was even worse than the pain, though, was the thirst. He sat with his mouth open, breathing every now and then even though he didn’t have to, only because he could not get the dry urgency to leave his mouth and throat. His fangs had descended and remained so, as if telling him what he needed to do, but he could not hunt until sunset, which was still a few hours away.

Luther couldn’t control his senses anymore. Whether it was due to weakness or a lack of concentration, sights and sounds and sensations bombarded him from every angle now. He was at the mercy of it, only able to just sit on Ari’s couch and wait for sunset… and for her to find him there. More than anything he wanted to crawl into bed with her and just hold her, but he thought she might be worried to see him in such a state, and he didn’t want to disturb her rest.

He looked down at the dufflebags, one large and one a bit smaller, that held the whole of his life. Surely he couldn’t stay permanently with Ari. That would cramp her style, and he didn’t want to be a burden to her. But he’d have to find a new job somehow, and then search for a new place. Maybe she’d let him stay just for a couple weeks until he got back on his feet?

Closing his eyes and holding his head as he rested his elbows on his knees, Luther hunched over and tried to will his misfiring senses quiet.

Just a few hours… I can do this…