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No games, listen. I did what I did to Henry Madsen because I wanted to help you. I put my liberty at risk because I couldn’t bear to see you hurt. So, what I did I did for wholly unselfish reasons […] The universe isn’t evil, John, it’s just indifferent. That hasn’t changed. It can’t. But what I did for you, proved something to me. Something I hadn’t believed until that moment. 


Lads if u ever want to check out neils years as a cop I highly recommend luther

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Sherlock, Luther and DSI Gibson team-up - Pure Drama: Trailer - BBC

Dream team!

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Is it really possible to ever make a show that's diverse enough to "make everyone happy"? How many different kinds of characters would you have to cast? What would your ideal show/cast be for the ultimate diversity squad?

No one TV show will ever be able to make every single human being happy, but the reality is that the majority of TV (and movies) doesn’t even attempt to be totally for white people by white people…

However, we do have an increasing number of shows that are inclusive (I’ve discovered that I prefer this term to “Diverse”, so I’m trying to use it more).

English TV does inclusion much more effortlessly and believably, IMHO. Maybe because of the slightly different history and current cosmopolitan situation over there?

Shows like Luther, Humans, Class (a Doctor Who spin off) and even the classic fantasy/sci-fi series Merlin are all inclusive in different but interesting ways.

Luther features Idris Elba as an exceptional police detective who solves cases like a bull in a china shop, but never falls into the stereotypical “angry dangerous black man from the ghetto who used to be a thug” trope. And the rest of the cast is beautifully diverse in a believable way for modern Britain.

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Class and Merlin both take liberties by writing diverse characters into main roles that are far from stereotypes. 

The male high school football hero and heartthrob in Class is an Indian sikh kid named Raj, who doesn’t speak with an accent or wear a turban, for instance. Also the smartest kid (pretty much genius level) is a Nigerian black girl, and there’s a Prince from another galaxy who’s unreservedly gay and has a Polish earthling boyfriend whose parents don’t approve of his sexuality.

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In BBC’s now-classic Merlin series, they cast Lady Guinevere as a beautiful black girl (played flawlessly by actress Angel Coulby). They totally didn’t have to, but they did and it totally works, given Gwen’s literary backstory of being a non-noble that winds up marrying King Arthur and helping him run Camelot.

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Several other important members of Arthur’s court (including Gwen’s brother, who becomes the knight Sir Elyan) are from various non-white backgrounds. And people who use magic are treated like minorities as well in that universe, making for a thoughtful metaphor.

On American TV, one of my faves is How To Get Away With murder, which is inclusive in too many ways to count, and yet never ever stereotypical - even aside from the fascinatingly multi-layered lead character, Analiese (a role for which actress Viola Davis has won two Best Actress Emmys and counting).

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And of course more and more shows like Black-ish, Fresh Off The Boat, Luke Cage, Timeless, The Get Down, The People Vs OJ Simpson and classics like The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Oz, and The Wire show us that inclusion is not only needed and interesting, but lots of people actually enjoy watching it - so everybody wins!

TV - like all art - is subjective so it’s hard for one show to be everything to all people. Nor should one show try to be that, tbh.

It’s just nice when a show at least makes an attempt to not be exclusive or just plain old racist.

Thanks so much for the question @notyourlonewolf! I really enjoyed figuring out the answer as I wrote. Stay beautiful! 😘

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