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A Bridge To Greater Understanding Spread

A spread inspired by Wonder Woman

The Amazons were given to Mankind by Zues to act as a bridge to greater understanding, and to help them find peace among themselves. This spread is designed to help us achieve a greater understanding of ourselves, personally, so that we may be that bridge of greater understanding to others.

The world is full of evil, as evident by the daily news. But, this spread was made in hopes that it will help us better understand the world by understanding ourselves, and also remind us to stand in the gap when no one else will. 

This, to me, means being woke. You see the injustices, the inequalities, the racism and division of the peoples in this world…

People are deserving, even if we think they are not. We must look past all of the injustices, all of the evil we witness, to continue forward - to be like Diana and do what we can, when we can. 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

1. & 2. Bracelets of Submission

  • A reminder of an injustice you have endured, and how it has strengthened you. How can you reach a greater understanding from these experiences?

3. Lasso of Truth

  • A hard truth that you have hidden away from yourself that needs to be dealt with. Is there something holding you back from being courageous and keeping you from embracing your greater understanding?

4. Antiope’s Tiara

  • How to bear the burdens that come with greater understanding. Being woke isn’t a walk in the park. The more you understand, the more burdens you bear. How can you best deal with your greater understanding?

5. The Shield

  • How to do to shield yourself from negative influence. How can you keep all the negativity of the bad things happening in the world from throwing you in to despair?

6. The Sword

  • An action that can be taken to provide the peace you wish to see in the world. Where and how do you begin to do more than you are doing now? How can you be a bridge to greater understanding for others?

7. The God-Killer

  • A closer look at what it is you are truly fighting for. What are your convictions about peace and your greater understanding? Who would you be if you did not stand for what you believe in?

This spread is certainly not a call to arms, and by no means a call for violent acts. This spread is for shadow work and introspection. What you do with this spread is for your own musings and I do not take responsibility for any of your actions.

This is one of my original spreads. If you use this spread for any promotional services please credit me accordingly!

Supergirl and Season 2 Feminism

Supergirl, in its first season, received plenty praise for being a feminist show that tackled multiple women’s issues as well as providing a very hope-filled tone. It starred Kara Danvers aka Supergirl, her sister Alex Danvers, her love interest James Olson whose character was played by a black man, and Cat Grant, her boss, as well as other supporting characters. Its fantastic debut was met with a cancellation by the network. They were swiftly picked up by the CW and well, this is when things get messy. 

Season 2 was an absolute disaster. There’s very little other way to put it. They replaced James Olson as Kara’s love interest with a literal white slave owner, redirected the focus of Kara’s development on this new love interest, introduced new, more interesting characters than this new love interest that were ignored, and at the end of the day, his behavior was abusive and disgusting. 

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THIS IS NOT MY CATCH OR THEORY!!!  THAT WONDERFUL OBSERVATION BELONGS TO @red-is-the-new-blackington, who discovered that OUR red seems to be the driver of the town car in 4.17.


  • In her original post, she noticed that it looks like a young red driving the town car that Kate is in the back of… notice the sideburns and greenish eyes.  we also only see part of his face, as usual:

here’s now MORE evidence to back up her claim…

  • we see the car parked in front of the house several times throughout the show, including when the police are there after masha is kidnapped.
  • a man is then IMMEDIATELY seen inside the foyer, holding a framed photo of masha.  it appears to be a man’s hand by the look of the nails.  it also can’t be kate, as she’s obviously still approaching the house, or katerina, as she is upstairs packing in the bedroom.  kirk is not at the house at this time, and if it was an officer, why not simply show the man?
  • and remember, red said at the beginning of season 4 that he is familiar with the “summer palace.”
  • OUR red is also familiar with the apparent comings and goings of kirk, knowing exactly when he was at the “summer palace.”  red tells kirk, “she [masha] lived at your house, as your daughter, on and off for four years.  sometimes you were there, sometimes you weren’t.”  how would red know that, unless he was there as well?
  • this mysterious figure then walks away as kate is approaching the front entrance.  he takes the photo with him.  kate never sees him.
  • now we know by red’s own words to lizzie in “luther braxton part 2″ that he was there the night of the fire WITH katerina to retrieve the fulcrum.  
  • (and red obviously can’t be the real raymond reddington as he has already kidnapped masha and the fulcrum and gone to america).  
  • katerina tells kate that she knows raymond took masha to america, and now that’s where she’s going.  she says she’ll deal with it herself… but she probably took OUR red with her (who more than likely worked for her to spy on her).
  • we also learn in this episode that sam was the ONLY person who knew BOTH katerina and raymond reddington.  so if sam duped kate by introducing her to a doppleganger version of raymond (which i believe he did), kate would have no way of knowing OUR red wasn’t the original raymond reddington.  
  • this idea makes perfect sense when we look back at “general ludd” when sam is dying.  he tells red, “i need to tell lizzie.”  red replies, “no.”  sam argued, “i KNOW WHAT WE AGREED… but before i go, i have to tell her.”  red says, “i can’t let you do that.”  sam again argues, “she deserves to know the truth.”
  • so sam is definitely in on some kind of con with OUR red.  it is very possible that that con stem back to when he duped kate all those years ago about red’s real identity.
  • kate said she never met raymond in person before.  she even says as much to OUR red upon meeting him.
  • but here’s the kicker… red tells kate that she probably knows him better than she realizes.  (she probably just never paid close enough attention and didn’t recognize him).  if red was the family driver for katerina, kate probably saw him daily but never put two and two together.  he was right in front of her the whole time.
  • lastly, we may have been given an easter egg by tptb when katerina explains the job to kate.  she tells kate that when she is around, kate’s only job is to observe how things are done, (in order to keep consistency when katerina isn’t there).  
  • but what if this also means maybe OUR red was there undercover to observe and spy on katerina for the us?

what better way to observe katerina than by being a driver/bodyguard/etc for the family?

the best part?  are the comments on the show in the past about people never having seen red drive before.  talk about ironic, lol.

UPDATED: 5/6/17 

@red-is-the-new-blackington also caught this little nugget in ‘Cape May’ when Katerina and Red are loading the body into the back of the Range Rover… Red immediately offers up, “I’ll drive.”

with @red-is-the-new-blackington‘s permission, i’m going to add this to my “imposter red theory post” with credit because there is absolutely NO WAY this isn’t correct imo.  

i’m so excited that more people are now jumping on that theory!!!

My “Red Is An Imposter” Theory: (warning, it only opens in a browser, either phone or computer… tumblr phone app will make it crash)

Also, check out this theory submission wondering if the car in ‘Requiem’ is the same one that was in ‘The Kenyon Family’


So I took a break from working on commissions to do this and it snowballed. I thought it would be cool to do a piece of Anders’ Manifesto (thank you everyone who replied! <3) - also a good prop for my casual anders cosplay since I definitely don’t have time to make a good mage staff in 11 days (or shouldn’t anyway). So I’ll probably be carrying a pile of these at any cons I wear it to (so for sure, Dragon Con).

Ended up having to sift through all of the available Anders dialogue in the dragon age wiki (as well as some of the hawke/anders dialogue clips on youtube) to come up with material, so it was a fun design challenge (though now i want to make mage revolution shirts with the fireball fist on them…someone stop me)…

Also, then I got the idea in my head of Anders wandering Kirkwall at night, nailing  his Manifesto to every single surface he could, all Martin Luther style (though really Martin Luther style through the filter of Eddie Izzard. and hopefully now you’re imagining anders going up to chantry folk going “HANG ON A MINUTE”). So of course, had to draw that too.

they’ll probably both end up available in the shop if anyone is interested.


A room is a still a room
Even when there’s nothin’ there but gloom
But a room is not a house
And a house is not a home
When the two of us are far apart
And one of us has a broken heart.

-A House is Not a Home: Dionne Warwick (1964) / Luther Vandross (1981)

This October, here and around the world, Evangelical and mainstream Protestant churches (and even the Catholic Church) will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on the 31st of October 2017. 

This momentous event that happened five hundred years ago at that church door in Wittenberg, Germany, radically transformed how people perceived spirituality, church life, culture, politics and scientific innovation. Propelled by social upheavals and with birth pains of radical social transformation, all historians agree that the Reformation was a necessary catalyst for the Modern World to be born.

For the followers and regular readers of this blog, I have written extensively on this part of world history. See the following posts:

Events before the Reformation

1. Crusades and Famine

2. “Holy Office” of the Inquisition: You get killed by not being Catholic.

3. Corruption of the clergy

4. An Englishman translated the Bible into his own language. (John Wycliffe). The first one since the Bible was translated from original Hebrew and Greek, into Latin.

5. A Bohemian, inspired by the Englishman, taught the Bible, and was burned at the stake for it. (Jan Huss)

6. A generation after, another Englishman translated the Bible in his own vernacular and was killed for it. (William Tyndale)

Events of the Reformation/s

1. A German Augustinian monk rediscovered the Scriptures, read the Book of Romans and eureka! (Martin Luther)

2. Martin Luther, the Augustinian monk who ignited the Reformation (A BBC Documentary)

3. Martin Luther’s showdown with the leaders of the Catholic Church

4. The Catholic Church’s attempt to erase Luther from human memory.

5. A Frenchman followed the footsteps of the German Reformer (John Calvin)

6. Geneva, Switzerland: The Protestant Rome

7. Catholic Church reacted by initiating the Counter-Reformation

8. Persecution of Protestants and massacres

The Battlecry of the Reformation

1. Justification by faith alone, priesthood of all believers, authority of the Bible over the church, the right of every Christian to read the Bible for himself.

2. The 5 Solas: The Reformation Declarations of Freedom


Why the Reformation is still relevant

Evangelical History

In a predominantly Catholic country, I have written these to present a Filipino perspective from the fringes, strange as it might seem to the majority of the readers here. I am a Filipino Protestant, and I’m proud of this heritage of faith that I have. This worldview of mine has, if you have noticed, undoubtedly influenced me in my perspective of Philippine history, culture and society.

This month of the 500th year of the Reformation, I will do something special. 

I am launching a blog series of events when Protestantism and Philippine history met. You’d be surprised at how unusual these circumstances were. From an unknown renegade friar in the Philippines turned Protestant pastor, to a national hero’s search for an alternative to an oppressive dogmatic religion he grew up with, to a Filipino priest who decided to break away from the Catholic Church and establish his own, I invite you, dear reader, to look back into Philippine history and see it as never before, in Reformation eyes.

Post tenebras lux!

*Banner above from Ligonier.Org. 

Anyone else stressing out about how Supergirl has changed in 2A? I don’t know if it’s because of the move to the CW but I feel like Kara’s not as badass now than in season 1. And even though I know Calista didn’t want to come back for season 2, I still miss Cat so much she made me laugh so hard with her interactions with Kara and the whole CatCo storyline. I loved Kara and James together as well I enjoyed the massive build up all through the first season and now it’s just not happened like it’s been erased and she’s already moved on to Mon-El. Where did Lucy go as well? All these characters that have left without a proper explanation makes me really sad. I hope being on the CW doesn’t mean the show will focus more on the romantic relationships between characters (including sanvers) because I freaking loved all of the fights and DEO scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I love sanvers but I don’t want it to take over the show as I fear it could do (I can already feel myself getting so attached to them oops). I don’t know if it’s just me but I just think Supergirl isn’t the same as season 1 and I’m praying the show doesn’t go downhill because god I love this show.

Netflix Suggestions? Or just binge worthy shows?

Here’s my watched or watching list. If I haven’t finished up the show, its because it got boring to me or I’m coming back to it. I really really like detective like shows or crime. 

Alphas (S1-2)*
American Horror Story (S1-3)
Arrow (S1)
Attack on Titan (S1)
Better Call Saul (S1)
Black Butler (S1-2)
Blacklist (S1-2)
Bob’s Burgers (S1-5)
Bones (S1-10)
Breaking Bad (S1-5)*
Breakout Kings (S1-2)*
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S1)
Burn Notice (S1-7)*
Case Closed (Collection 1)
Chuck (S1-3)
Death in Paradise (S1-4)*
Dexter (S1-3)
Doctor Who (S1-whenever the 11th doctor turned into 12th doctor)
Drop Dead Diva (S1-2)
Durarara!! (S1)
Flash (S1)
House (S1-5)
How to Get Away With Murder (S1)
iZombie (S1)
Leverage (S1-6)*
Lie to Me (S1-3)*
Life (S1-2)*
Luther (S1)
Mysteries of Laura (S1)
Nana (S1)
NCIS (S1-12)
New Girl (S1-3)
Nikita (S1-4)*
Numb3rs (S1-6)*
Nurse Jackie (S1- in the middle of it)
Orange is the New Black (S1)
Ouran High School Host Club (S1)*
Parks and Rec (S1- almost done with last season)
Pretty Little Liars (S1-2)
Prison Break (S1-4)*
Psych (S1-8)*
Raising Hope (S1-6)*
Royal Pains (S1-6)
Scrubs (S1-2)
Sherlock (S1)
Supernatural (S1- ep 13
Sword Art Online (S1-2)
Taxi Brooklyn (S1)*
The 100 (S1)
The Finder (S1)*
Torchwood (S1-4)*
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S1-2)
Vampire Diaries (S1)
Weeds (S1-5)
White Collar (S1-6)*
Young and Hungry (S1-2)

* = canceled or finished 

bold = currently watching