a lutescent horizon
kisses the crevice
between two mountains
while the silhouette of a
blue heron slowly
walks across from me.

the songs of the
Pacific are questioning
my existence,
asking why I haven’t
come back home yet.

- love is calling me home but I’m afraid of drowning.

Hair Color Descriptors (For Writers)

Tired of using the same two words for a hair color? I have the masterpost for you!

All non-italicized terms are adjectives or actual color names. All italicized terms are nouns with comparable traits.

Brown (from light to dark)

  • nutmeg
  • bister (brown, strong yellow undertones)
  • filemot (color of dead leaves)
  • mousy (grey brown)
  • earthy (grey brown or light brown)
  • fawn

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I saw a bunch of people doing this yesterday so I figured why not

listed below are the sexiest people I know.  I love you guys with all of my heart.  Almost as much as I love Jennifer Lawrence.

(faves are bolded)

abc: abedsnadirs, accioalife, alaskadiesyoung, anniecrestah, anniescubes, bowtiesarecool, brookeeverdeen, caesarflickerwoman, calypsos-island, capitol-crazy, clato, crimson-11

def: darcyflails, deanwhorechester, dellycartwright, didyoujustcallmealady, edskennedy, entractes, evordeen, finnickofpanem, flyingskybison, frayland, fredweesley,

ghi: ginnyweasley, goldenfleeces, hitlersmenorah, hufflepuffly, hungercatchingjay, hungryforth3gam3s, immodestmusic, itsdauntlessbitch

jkl: jelanies, josheeta, lacieliz95, ladyavox, lanoshea, lifes-little-obsessions, lostliveson4eva, lutesce

mno: madeyemoody, maggiestryder, melainestrydr, mellarking, mid2000snatalieportman, mrs-fuhrman, mutedlikesunset, nightlockandarrows, nightlock-rebel, notquitesmoker, odairia, odairsheart, odairsweasley, olympains

pqrs: paife, panemmania, panemsrebellion, paperasstowns, peetascanvas, percymofojackson, percyz, prettylittleprior, sunsetorangepeeta, quarterlyquell, rupindah, slutandthefalcon, spodermen, storykind, sunsetorangepeeta

tuv: thespngames, tinks-attitude, trisproir, turtlerollingdownhill, unflinchingclarity, unsinkableanchor, vividlyvisceral, vohldemort,

wxyz: wanderersian, wdya, wizardeen, xeverdeen, xhaymitch, xhazlegrace,

if I forgot you, it’s because I’m stupid, so message me