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As always, Sofia was surprised to see the young woman. She came and went so strangely, it was difficult for her to plan ahead. Were she another woman, she’d have glanced at her reflection in a nearby display case– but Sofia Lamb’s confidence transcended the physical. 

She walked slowly up next to the woman, admiring the piece at her side. This was the kind of art that nature intended. The base, human art that disturbed and upset. Sofia did not like it, but she had a great respect for such a style. The hand that painted it felt something so raw, so passionate. If only she could hold not the paintbrush, but the hand.

Finally, she spoke, not looking over at the physicist. She had no need to. 
                                                            “I didn’t know you were interested in art.”

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Happy Halloween

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Sofia sighed. Traditions such as these, though valuable from an anthropological standpoint, could be so dull for those who didn’t necessarily participate in the festivities. 

“Okay, but hear me out:” she said suddenly, a wicked glimmer in her eyes, “we buy the candy, turn all the lights off so it looks like we’re not home, and then eat all the candy alone in the dark and forget about the trick-or-treaters. And then maybe we make out a little, too; you know, since we’ll be alone in the dark and everything anyway.” The last part, she just threw in as a joke. Er… so long as Rosalind thought it was one. She glanced up through her eyelashes to gauge the other woman’s response.