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Character © Jovioski
Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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Lorca Romieux - for @apicturepaintsakajillionwords

So this one has been a very long time coming! (sorry!) Lorca is a bard from a pretty obscure (I had to dig pretty deep into the Pathfinder wiki to find any info on this race!) race of vaguely angelic winged humanoids.  Lorca’s are reminiscent of a monarch butterfly’s so I started with those colours as a basis for his whole look.  @apicturepaintsakajillionwords said that Lorca keeps his wings hidden with a special harness (which is not visible - I feel like if you could see that it would kind of defeat the purpose).  I did a little research on how insects typically are able to fold their wings and it is usually pretty limited (especially in butterflies).  So, instead of having the wings completely hidden, I figured they’d only be folded along the downward lines and disguised further by the interior pattern of his cloak.

Lorca avoids physical confrontation whenever possible and tries to use his charm and arts instead.  He plays a mandola (although what I’ve painted is more akin to a lute) and fights with a rapier and crossbow.  His lute (or similar) is decorated with vaguely arcane images on the sound holes as a nod to the fact that bards cast magic using their music.  He typically associates with aristocracy so I wanted to have that reflected in his costuming (lots of gold, embroidery - all things associated with wealth). 

(I chose not to include the crossbow as I think it would have really complicated the image.) 

Anyway, he was a fun challenge to design and draw! I’m always on the lookout for more character suggestions so please keep them coming! (although it might take me a while to get them finished!) 




Date:14th–16th century
Medium:Carved wood, skin, gesso, gilding
Dimensions:Height: 42 15/16 in. (109 cm)
Credit Line:Purchase, Clara Mertens Bequest, in memory of André Mertens, 1989Accession Number:1989.55
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Images and description from The Metropolitan Museum of Art:  “The ancient “silk route”, running from the Mediterranean to Sian in east central China, made Central Asia a meeting place of many cultures. This lute, an extraordinary example of musical exchange between East and West, is similar to instruments played by angels depicted in seventh-century Buddhist cave paintings. It offers some insight into the development of the modern sgra-snyan. The body, with two skin-covered chambers, is a rare example of an archaic transitional form that seems to point to the Afghan robab, and various Himalayan lute types. Decorative elements, such as green-colored skins, like those of the damarn, and the portraits of Buddha and musicians, rendered on painted ivory with gold leaf, are typical of fifteenth-century Tibet. The back, fingerboard, and pegbox reveal cartouches and palmettes reminiscent of seventeenth-century Persia. Tin leafing shows through as a silvery underlayer in a worn section of the instrument. Painted gesso adheres to the surface, the result of an ancient gilding process known as adoratura. Originally, there were six strings attached to this instrument, but the pegbox was shortened to accommodate five, with a possible sixth string attached to a side peg. Despite the appearance of Buddha and his musicians, the sgra-snyan was not used in religious settings, but accompanied secular song.”  

The lovely human bard: Apollo Erion :D!

Apollo’s pretty much defined from his past - ran away from neglectful parents as a kid, was an urchin for a while, but then got picked up from the streets by a lady’s troop of entertainers and was pretty much everyone’s baby brother from then on, so he acts like it. He loves making people laugh, smile, or maybe sometimes annoy them despite knowing deep down they love him, from the troop’s annoyed manager to the newest bewildered member. 

However, in spite of his childish and amusing ways, he’s deeply in love with stories and their ideals, as he became not just a lute player, but an actor in the troop’s plays. Several members of his troop were soldiers, acolytes of a war god in the citadel they live in, or in some way have had some combat in their pasts - trying to find some purpose in peace, through music. So he aspires to be a hero just like them.’ Some great background information thanx to Fate Motif!

Character belongs to and was commissioned by Fate Motif!