Sketch reward for Jovioski from last month’s Patreon raffle.

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Character © Jovioski
Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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The lovely human bard: Apollo Erion :D!

Apollo’s pretty much defined from his past - ran away from neglectful parents as a kid, was an urchin for a while, but then got picked up from the streets by a lady’s troop of entertainers and was pretty much everyone’s baby brother from then on, so he acts like it. He loves making people laugh, smile, or maybe sometimes annoy them despite knowing deep down they love him, from the troop’s annoyed manager to the newest bewildered member. 

However, in spite of his childish and amusing ways, he’s deeply in love with stories and their ideals, as he became not just a lute player, but an actor in the troop’s plays. Several members of his troop were soldiers, acolytes of a war god in the citadel they live in, or in some way have had some combat in their pasts - trying to find some purpose in peace, through music. So he aspires to be a hero just like them.’ Some great background information thanx to Fate Motif!

Character belongs to and was commissioned by Fate Motif!