Like Father, Like Son

Requested by @ryleeroseb4​ -Maybe having a little boy with Stiles that is always getting himself into trouble??
Here we were again, in the office of Ross’s kindergarten teacher. He seemed to be getting in trouble a lot, it’s usually little things like eating glue or eating his lunch when it’s nowhere near lunchtime but today was different. Ross’s teacher usually just tells Stiles or I when we pick him up after school but today was a sit-down type of thing, after school hours. Ross, Stiles and I were all sitting and waiting for Mrs.Lutch, both Stiles and Ross beginning to get impatient.
“Look at him (Y/N), who could ever be mad at that face?” Stiles asked causing me to look at Ross who was playing with his hands and looking back at us every few seconds with a small smile on his face. I just looked over at Stiles who looked away from me hiding a smile. Stiles was always protecting Ross, obviously because he was his son but also because he was exactly like Ross when he was little so he knows what it was like to be getting into trouble. Stiles also swears the teacher is out to get Ross, but I’m not 100% on that.
“Mr. and Mrs. Stilinski, hello.” Mrs. Lutch said as she walked in, shaking both of our hands and sitting down at her desk that was in front of us.
“Mommy, can I go play?” Ross asked pulling on my arm, I took his favorite toy out of my bag, handing it to him and smiling with a nod. He took it with a huge smile, sat on the floor and began to play.
“That is what I need to talk to you two about.” Mrs. Lutch said making both Stiles and I look at her with a confused look.
“You want to talk to us about letting our child play with his toy?” I asked causing her to sigh, Stiles taking my hand, reassuring me that it would be nothing, something small.
“I asked you two here to talk to you about discipline for your child. I’ve noticed that Ross tends to get his way a lot and that is not good for a child’s development especially if he is an only child. You both are young so you must have had Ross when you were about twenty so it’s understandable if you don’t know how to discipline a child properly.” She said causing me to getting beyond pissed off. I looked at Stile who was just shocked at her words, while I was beyond fuming.
“How dare you. How dare you say any of those things. When Ross does something bad, we tell him it was bad, he gets a time out and we show him the right thing to do. Has he stopped eating glue and eating his food when it’s not time?” I asked causing her to sigh and nod.
“Exactly so how dare you. Ross is an only child at the moment but we are planning on having more, and his behavior with other children was never a question.  I’m beginning to think my husband was right, I think you are out to get Ross. Maybe it’s because you are sixty and bitter than you can’t have kids anymore or maybe you just don’t like him, either way, it’s wrong. If you want to talk discipline, you should talk to my father in law, Ross’s grandfather, the sheriff. The one who is showing Ross, right from wrong on a daily basis.” I said standing up and looking over at Stile who was trying to hold back a laugh as I told the sixty-year-old woman, how it really was.
“We had Ross when I was twenty and Stiles was twenty-one because we were in love and married, which we still are. I’m saying this in front of my child so he knows I’m always going to stand up for him. You called us in here, for nothing. Ross thinks he did something wrong, because of you. We will be switching teachers, if not schools because of this, maybe find someone a little younger.” I said, grabbing my purse and grabbing Stiles’ hand.
“We are leaving, and the principal will be getting a call from me tomorrow about how unprofessional you are. Now if you excuse us, we are going to go buy our child ice cream for dealing with you.” I said causing Ross to laugh, get off the floor and hug my leg tightly, his toy already in hand. Now it was turn for her to be shocked and speechless.
“I think my wife said, all that was needed to be said.” Stiles said just before we left and began walking out of the school, my one hand holding Stiles’ and the other holding Ross’ hand. When we got in the car, Stiles got in the driver’s seat and I got Ross in his car seat.
“Mommy, are we really going to get ice cream?” Ross asked causing me and Stiles both to laugh.
“We sure are buddy.” Stiles answered making Ross giggle and clap his hands. I smiled back at the beaming boy before shutting the beat seat door and getting in the passenger seat. When I got in the car, Stiles grabbed my hand, looked at me and kissed my hand softly before starting up the car.
“I’ve never been prouder to call you my wife, than I was in there.” He said making me laugh.
“Just promise me that when Ross’ best friend is a were wolf and he needs help and he comes to us, that I get to freak out on the teacher that says he is unfocused.” He said as we headed towards our favorite little ice cream place.
“Deal.” I said playing with the bottom layer of his hair as he drove.
“Daddy, Mommy sounded like Grandpa in there.” Ross said, sending both Stiles and I into a frenzy of laughter. I couldn’t wait until my boys told the Sheriff about this.
“I love you Mommy and Daddy.” Stiles giggled out, laughing at the fact that we were laughing at what he had said. Truth is, Stiles and I were terrified to raise a child, what if we did it wrong? If tonight proved anything, it was that we raised a Stilinski.
“We love you too, Ross.” Stiles said smiling back at him in the rearview mirror. In this moment, I knew, I had an amazing little family that could only grow and get better.

cuddleroyu  asked:

This can be public: Who are your fave Horror and/or True Crime story Youtubers?

Well, I included quite a few of them in this list:

If we’re talking only about true stories (not creepypasta), I do quite enjoy Scare Theater and his fantastic debunking and analysis videos of urban legends and other Youtube channels.  ReignBotHorror was another fantastic channel for similar content, but she has sadly decided to end her channel (her videos will remain, but she will no longer be uploading).

Be Busta, Lazy Masquerade, Let’s Read!, and Corpse Husband are who I listen to the most often for scary true story narrations.

There are a lot of channels that have some great lists going over creepy territory, like Planet Dolan (they’ve become more focused on animation as of late, but they’ve made some great creepy lists in the past), Slapped Ham, Lutch Green, and Top10Archive.

Once you find one or two channels with good content, you’ll find more in Youtube’s recommendations.  I just hope that these channels don’t become as dramatically affected by Youtube’s changing policies as others.

title » I Love You (Too)

pairing » Natan

summary » Satan gets a little carried away tracing letters on Natalie’s back while she sleeps.

warnings » None tbh?

author’s note » Thank you all so so much for 50 followers ahhhh omfg!!!!!! I wrote this in celebration and I’m really sorry it’s kinda short but I hope you like it?

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