Creepy night photo, but I’m hopelessly in love with this little guy. If I don’t feel like dragging the big guys out of my closet, Garma is my default desk buddy. Always. I can’t thank the lovely @revilis enough for trading him to me. #bjd #doll #nighttime #luts #kiddelfduri #kiddelf #kdf #kdfduri #duri #garmazabi #garma #msd #msdboy #instadoll #dollstagram


5th Atelier Tutorial: No-Pattern Dolman-Sleeved Sweater

I feel inordinately proud of myself for remembering to take pictures as I go along, so I could make this little tutorial. XDDD

This works for all sizes, and I used this same technique for doing sdFrei’s Dolman Sweater (which looked much better than this one, TBH “orz).

I wonder if people would actually need this though… 


5th Atelier Tutorial: No-Pattern Square Drape Dress

Haaaa… haven’t been posting any doll spam lately, so here’s a tutorial to make up for that! ^_^

I’ve been thinking about this particular design the entire week, and wondered if it would work. Luckily, it does! So I’d like to share it, for anyone who doesn’t mind something a little ridiculous in their wardrobe. XDDD


97/365 -

More spring feels with my little Bluefairy girl! I haven’t really bonded with her yet, but I hope to repaint her and fix the stains on her forehead.

Doll is a Shiny Fairy Benjamin Girl from Bluefairy
- Faceup: Bluefairy
- Wig: Licht
- Eyes: Bluefairy
- Jumper: LUTS
- Flower Crown: beansproutmomo

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I might post some concert pictures later along with my concert story, but right now, I just want to call attention to this. After the show there was a huge crowd by the bus waiting for Darren to come out and the venue crew had to put out barricades. We waited for probably an hour and then we were told by one of the staff that Darren was going to walk right past us and into the bus but wouldn’t be signing because he was too tired. But sure enough, when Darren came out he gave a little speech (which I couldn’t hear because I was too far away) and started to sign things for people. This man signed and signed and went down the barricades until there was no one left. I have so much respect for this guy. He didn’t have to do that at ALL, and he did it anyway. He truly, genuinely loves his fans and anyone who tells me otherwise can suck my dick.


Mademoiselle Silverblade

Is the moniker the Madame goes among the elite circle of swordsmanship enthusiasts. Pitting different styles and different blades against each other, the Madame champions the school of classical fencing, in particular the Dardi school, with the distinction of using a heavier and longer blade.

To date, the Madame has only lost a sparring once: to her master, the former champion of the fencing style.

(So yeah, I should’ve been preparing for my booth this Saturday, but the rapier arrived from plating and I just had to make the Madame a fencing set so I could do a photoshoot. One thing led to another, as usual. XDDD)